Sunday, April 20, 2014

fall into the wrong hands

The secrets in handphones
Everyone keeps a record
The walking sound in the mind
Fall into a wrong hands....

This is the thing
The secrets never run
The days of dark clouds
In the minds so to speak

The passages flow
The owners will cry silently
Of the things they have done
It will not be a secret..

The mystery at one time
Now it never says it will
The secrets never run
The thunder roll in the mind

the mirror of old

The mirror of old
It isn't a magic
You don't see a new
The years have passed

The stories of history
Once it was about tales
The bravery of men
In pursuit of dreams

Some died trying
Others disappeared
Leaving no trace
Only the stories

The aged old institution
It will be gone in time
It serves no purpose
In the age of the borderless world

The aged of old
The stories of aggressions
The conquering of land and seas
Now it is people who would make the difference

The whirring of change
It will come in our times
We have to put a stop to the clowns
We can't be the punching bags all the times

the ground getting the drumbeats

The leaves dance
In the evening sky
Of clouds turning dark
The sign of rain falling

The strong wind laugh
Thrashing the branches and leaves
The whirring sound as it makes its way
The potted plants fall

The birds are silent
As if knowing something big
As the wind loudly claiming its territory
The leaves seem to bow to its presence

The window panes rattling
Refusing to accept the wind
The howling switches in
Do you accept the power of the wind?”

Then the sky turns dark
The thunder rolling in
The rain finally falling
The ground getting the drumbeats

let a new party come in

Bee Anne can't change
The old will teach the new
The master and students relationships
It is hard to break the cycle

The backbone has gone
Bee Anne is facing the fall
The partners never realize it
They are busy collecting points

The years of Tunku Abdul Rahman
The people lived in unity
Sharing together without colour or religion
Respect given to the elderly and Royalty

Then it was changed
Alliance to Bee Anne
The road meandered into collision
Of races and religions

The satanic frogs came
The little napoleons spread wings
They forget who pay their wages
The working population through taxes

Bee Anne has grown too fat
It can't walk properly; it can't change
Even surgery will not bring it back
It has to go into the bin

Let a new party knock our doors
Let the change take root in our lives
The country badly needs a change of perspective
Let us bury Bee Anne in the bin

Saturday, April 19, 2014

the wettest town turns dry

The wettest town
It still has water rationing
Inspite of days of rain
Taiping still feeling the blue

In Selangor Amno wants to protest
In decades when the party held power
What had been done in Selangor?
The cronies benefitted

Now in Pakatan Rakyat
Amno wants to make the blame
Water rationing a fact of life
When massive developments came

In the same token Amno should protest
In Bee Anne ruling state like in Perak
Why the silence over it?
It tells us the double standard

Perak Bee Anne
Study the situation don't blame on Nature
There must be reasons why Taiping turns dry
The wettest town in the country

the cat came

The orange and white cat came
Jumping over the concrete wall
Into the garden of shades and green
The cat knew what is Eden

The paradise the cat saw
The silence among the green
A good quiet place to relax
A good view to urine and poo

The main gate out of bound
The concrete wall just jumping over
So the volunteer cat came
Thinking it was easy to come in

When the owner returned
The panicky cat tried to run
The ears stood high
The cat lost its way

The direction of flight
The cat couldn't see for a while
The adrenalin pushing high
Finally the cat found its focus

The hide and seek game
The cats will play instead
Over the wall and escape

Showing the staring faces

we have to change direction

The satanic frogs
The words that flow
It never sounds good
The country will be a let down
The government leaders never take action
These leaders encouraged it by the funding
The public funds to create disharmony
The multi-racial and religious communities
And there within the framework
There are the little napoleons
They carry out orders with different attitude
They forget who pay their salaries and overtime
The fabric of our unity is tested to its limit
Listening to the satanic frogs growling
It never sounds good
The road of unity will take a while
With these characters around
With the men in blue taking sides
The imbalance will create friction
Until we change our direction
With our rights by voting a new party
Put our house in order and stability
Once and all bury the satanic frogs
And the handlers hiding behind the walls

the village years

The village years
The sound of bicycles bell
Ringing in the early morning light
Sometimes the sound of Honda cubs

The weather was cool
The fresh air and cool light
Trees standing tall
The children's playground

The early sound of morning exchanges
Some got up early to walk to the bus stop
Some cycled to work in group or single
Days of cool weather the birds tweeting

The sound of early years
The carefree running chasing kites
The playground in the mind
Evening sunset the crows cackling wide

The village years
The time had changed
The years rolled away
It was just in memory

Friday, April 18, 2014

the chair

The chair once it was
Full of warmth and flow
The people came to seek counsel
Sometimes free for the poor

The chair turned old
Paint frayed and lines
Like the owner in the light
The spider's crawl on the face

The chair had its days
The moments of glory and disarray
The missing years in prison
It was for a worthwhile cause

The principles stayed
Through his life he lived by it
The never changed attitude
It brought him fame and fortune

He saw the years
Passing through in his mind
The chair still stayed true
Faded colours glowing reflection

He took his bow
Grateful for the years
Slowly the image gone
The chair stayed empty

handphones for the bad

Handphones for the bad
The pain in the eyes
When things go wrong
When lusts turn out empty

Women and men
The game they play
Sharing intimate streaming video
Keeping it for history

If only it lasts
If only love survives
If only it isn't lust
The eyes don't have to cry

Handphones just a click
The hours of streaming video
On the lust trail thinking it is love
If only it lasts

When dark clouds crossing over
The tears flow thinking of the lost dignity
The blackmail and the greed of others suffering
So don't play the game love isn't blind

the stray cats

The main gate for years
The cats come in and make home
Doing the morning and night businesses
Leaving trails behind in the garden

The owner has to clean up
The cats poo and urine
While the cat owner takes it easy
Rearing cats with no responsibility

The years gone
Neighbours across the road
Even flower pots the cats urine and poo
Some got fed up already

The open field the cats never go
The wide field nobody will mind it
But the cats want to play games
Looking for a nice place to do business

Now the main gate
Put up the simple aluminium netting
Hooked it up on the poles of the gate
It closes up the easy passage way

Don't expect the cats will not come in
There is still the walled fence to jump over
At least now there is no direct passage
The cats have to think twice before walking through

the open burning

The open burning
It's singing out loud in the sky
The smoke raising to the clouds
The choking effect on the people

Rain or shine the culprits don't care
They light the fire on the dry leaves
Some put together plastics and rubber
The chemical smell and thick smoke

They know it is wrong
The culprits just don't care
Reading it newspapers and televisions
Then habits take control...

The police will not take action
As usual it isn't its responsibility
It is under DOE and so that's the way
But where is the DOE officers?

We don't see them around
We have the bloated civil servants
But we don't see any action on open burning
This is the way of a weak government

The open burning
The hazards of life
Don't wait for tragedy to happen
Patrol and catch and shame