Sunday, November 23, 2014

too much sugar

Sugar sugar
The manufacturers mix
The cooks jump on it
The people queue up

The ingredients change
The food and drinks we intake
Down the hatch” the drinkers say
In time the web of diseases clogged it

The hospitals public and private
The doctors are kept busy
The chart keep topping up
The DJ hands get tired

But do the people care?
The minority will go on the crusade
Telling about sugar its effects in the bodies
The majority still swallows up gleefully!

let's hear it out

Let's hear it out
In the court of law
How our public funding go
In the shadows of corridor

When hard answers can't arrive
Using letters of demand to buy time
Keeping the opponents at bay
Until the court hears the case

The buying time
The gravy train goes unhitched
The green light all the way
Until the court hears the case

Do we still stay with this government?
It is time we wake up and realize
Our nation's wealth will be gone
We will fall from grace if we don't change it

road bullies

Road bullies
They shouldn't be punished with fines
They should be in jail or forced community services
They have to be told in severe punishments

The fines on road bullies
They will smile walk out of the court
They may not learn their lessons
On the road they may come again

Punishing them is a better way
Road bullies must learn to behave
On the road follow the traffic law
Follow the dignity to be human

We must be better than chimpanzees
We have the brains to cool it
If drivers can't take the heat on the road
They shouldn't drive at all

do you stand by me?

Do you stand by me?
When you know the chips are down
You know I have nothing to show
When the final tally is on?

Do you run away?
Leaving me to get my feet back on the ground?
Do you hang around to watch me?
Falling to pieces in my mind....

When a man is down
He has no home no family
Lost his home to his son's folly
He lost his memory

Do you stand by me?
The man in the old folks' home
Passing his time in lost memory
Friends he can't remember

When they come a visit
Does he remember his friends?
He opens his newspaper
Pondering on the events in print

It all depends
Do you stand by me?
When I am down and out
Passing my time in old folks' home”

This is a man I met
Cycling around town enjoying his meals
Now he lost everything
His dignity, his home and family and friends

He lost his memory
He just didn't want to come back
He withdrawn himself away from it all
Living in his own little world

Saturday, November 22, 2014

the japanese black widow

borrowed kakehi 67

The black widow
Once satisfied the prey dies
The next one will be hunted
The process will begin again

The latest black widow
An old Japanese woman glow
She allegedly killed her husbands
She got the millions

Now the latest victim
The Japanese black widow strikes
The husband number 7 died
The police went into action

Now she is in custody
The Japanese police will investigate
The crimes of the black widow
Crimes never pay in the end

cameron highlands

Cameron Highlands
The old landscape had gone
I only remember her in memories
The cold air and shivering night

Those were the years
I stayed a few nights
Though I did return
The atmosphere had gone

Now I could wear T-shirt
Walked around Tanah Rata and Brinchang
It wasn't cold in the night
Unless it was raining

How could Cameron Highlands gone?
The tourists came to relax and enjoy
Now what is the difference?
With any city or town in the nation?

Cameron Highlands massive developments
It has destroyed her natural setting and beauty
The yellow river flowing downwards
The pristine conditons have gone

Cameron Highlands I remember
The natural beauty once I knew
The cool air and quiet hill
Now it has all gone


Najib's baby
And its crying loud
Suing Tony Pua
The baby cries louder

It's so cloudy
With the rainy season
We don't get to see it
The baby walks on the steps
Unsteady to be the top

Najib holds the baby
Trying to stop it from crying
The milk powder on the table
He doesn't know how to do it
So he stands cooing his songs

The court of wigs
It's time we hear
The story of the baby
How it got into debts of billions!

Tony Pua shall say
I'll see you in court!”
Now Najib can't run
Maybe his advisors make a blunder
The hidden agenda hitting back

The baby unsteady steps
Into debts running billions
The public needs to know
In court we shall hear

*1 Malaysia development fund

the last chapter

The wagon rolling on
Rolling gravel stones
The beating on the stone road
The sad and tired faces

The men on the wheels
In their showmanship they do
Telling their kind how they suffer
They hide behind their facade of faces

They leave behind the luxuries
They have the phobia of losing
The ground they walk have rejected them
They know the withering bloom

This is the last chapter
It is going downhill all the way
The wheel of cycle has to go in
The change has to come

The lies and pretending
Going through back doors
Let the dirty work to the farm boys
It just never works anymore

Friday, November 21, 2014

the cycle of change

Amno baru Malays
It is time to wake up to reason
The days are numbered
You have your share and time

Now it should be the time
Enjoy your wealth and power game
For it will not last forever
The reason of change has arrived

On the wings we see
PKR Malays,, DAP Malays and Pas Malays
They too want to change
They know it is their turn to taste the honey

The cycle of wheel of fortune
The clouds will be cleared
The songs will be changed
The work ethics will be different

The majority of Non-Malays
They will stand by the road
In solidarity with the change
This is the chapter the nation will prosper

we dance on the fire

We dance on the fire
The charcoal burning
The long stretch of the road
The drumbeats hit the note

The gathering of souls
They watch with eyes full of envy
They think why can't they do it too?
They want to dance on the fire

It is test of faith
Of how one looks at event
There is nothing peculiar about it
Summon will a belief one can do it

We dance on the fire
The smoking clouds red heat
It is test of faith
Nothing special or peculiar of it

start a new chapter

Run with the pack
Do you think you have a choice?
Living with them for ages
Knowing the habits as well

You have a choice
You must know what is good and bad
You can't gallop blindly
In the open field

You have to stop
Think it through and reevaluate the cause
How it is beneficial to self and group?
Will it bring peace and harmony to all?

The decades on the mix
The creation of fear and division
It is time we banished it away
Start a new chapter new outlook!

the wheel of season

The wheel of season
Once you are once you were
There it writes the fortune
In the stars and the books

Once it turns
It can't be stopped
It has to reach its circle
Before the circle is changed

The wheel of season
The wealth you have
The wealth will be gone
Nothing is permanent

Once you are poor
You will live the nightmare
Begging for assistance
Living on the street

The wheel of season
You will go up
You will come down
For power a moment of glory

Wealth you can't take it
When the day arrive to go
You have to leave all behind
When wheel of season strikes