Tuesday, March 03, 2015

the missing MH370

MH370 where are you?
So many theories came and gone
The commercial jet still can't be found
Combed the South Indian Ocean
Until the authorities gave up

Do the authorities go the wrong search?
The wrong data presumed given out by MH370?
Led them into a wild searching arch
Nothing was ever found
Only the families prayed and cried

MH370 March 8 it disappeared
From the dark sky KL to Beijing flight
Did a U-turn nothing found
The commercial jet just gone out of sight
RMAF didn't fly out to engage it

On a non-identifying commercial jet
Flying over Malaysian air-space
RMAF didn't take to the sky
So the commercial jet flew out of sight

It is going to be a year
MH370 still in the news
A film was made books were written
The answer only God know where it is

Note MH370 disappeared March 8 2014

lonely people

Lonely people
They don't mind
They live their own lives
Only outsiders think they are

We see them
In bus station or taxi stand
They have their own lives
Living free without baggage

If you were to ask them
They will tell you why the hassle
If life is meant to be what could you do?
Let the course make its way

Lonely people
They don't mind
Carrying on the daily routines
Only outsiders think they are

Monday, March 02, 2015

gst rolling in

GST is rolling in
The road is clear for it
Do we see a traffic jam?
If only we change Bee Anne

The road shows to explain
The cost will jump high
No matter what explanation to deny
The people have to pay anyway

This is a blanket tax system
It covers everything under the sun
Though exemptions will be given
Do they think consumers know it?

Next time you pay
Insurance, road tax or repair cost
or management fee or services fee
There is GST smiling at you

You can't file for rebate
The production companies will
The GST we pay
We can feel the holes in our pockets

plan your assets

Plan your assets in detail
Don't hide it away or keep it to yourself
Without telling or without a will
When you are gone who will face the suffering?

When death comes and goes
The bodies cremated or buried
The living will have to pick up the pieces
Looking for clues what have left behind

Without a will it takes about a year
Getting all the requirements settled
By then will the family members have funds?
To carry on their daily lives?

Many families facing dilemma
Some fall prey to cheating men or women
Some have no clues whatsoever
Death has gone tears will not feed the family

So get your assets in writing
Write a will and lay out your plans
Nominate who to get your EPF fund
Don't let your family suffer in vain

follow the traffic rules

On the road
Follow the traffic rules
Nobody will know
What will happen ahead

Stay alert and look with eyes open
Nearing to junctions eyes must see
Some crazy drivers will just drive ahead
Obviously they don't stop and look

On the road
The antics of drivers bloom
Death isn't in the mind
They think they can beat it

On the traffic lights
Don't drive in when light is green
Some crazy drivers will beat traffic light
So take a few seconds why in a hurry?

Death can be avoided
When the drivers take control
Follow the traffic rules
Don't speed it kills on the road

working life

Working life
There is no bed of roses
Sometimes there will be thorns
Poking hard into your head

You must always work the best
Slacking away will not cut it
The backstabbers will poke fire
In no time the job maybe gone

The bosses will collect information
At any point in the working environment
Bosses will use spies to dive into issues
They too have to be on their toes

Working life
Don't dream about angels
They don't come to help
You are on your own

Give your best endeavours
If nobody appreciates it
It is time to pack up and leave
It isn't worth the time struggling

Working life
There are always the backstabbers
They are the little devils
You will never know what they think

Sunday, March 01, 2015

in prison the law says

The law says
A convict stays in prison
Unless he is allowed free
To walk beyond his lock up

The warden holds the key
He is the one where prisoners obey
There shouldn't be any double talk
Everyone must follow his rules

In prison there is no rank
There is no class to differentiate
Every one is in prison
For a crime, false or true, in court of law

Anwar has no special considerations
He is a convict now according to the law
Innocence or guilty or framed up
The court had decided so he stayed

His family shouldn't say
He can't be allowed to attend Parliament
This is the reality of his situation
Until our King pardons him

No doubt I want him free
He can spice up the political life
But reality bites in his case
He has to stay within the prison walls

Though his footprints will not be forgotten
Fighting for a just government
Fighting for justice and freedom
Unlock our fear mentality soar high to the sky

office politics

Office politics
It can never disappear
As long as there is an audience
And a busybody to talk about it

It is everywhere
The past time indulging in it
Never realize the effects
How it will affect others

Old timers will say
If you want to know about something
Ask the enemy or busybody
You will have a long story

Office politics
It is about power play
Though it may affect moral
It can give a bad impact

It is better to be transparent
Don't hide it thinking nobody will know
It is just take a speck of a snow
Every one will know

new house new bride

A new house constructed
By end of last year it was
The owner did a celebration
The warming up phrase of the house

The neighbours talked
About a marriage in the house
The rumours spread
Now it has come true

Today there is a marriage
Tents put up car dressed up
The boys of the groom dressed in red
A symbol of prosperity and progress

The afternoon shower hit the ground
For a few seconds then it is gone
Maybe a sign of blessing from the sky
The bride and groom in unity drive

The cars will park by the road
Double parked at neighbours' homes
Giving way for the occasion
Give and take to blend in the celebration

a pm forgets about 1malaysia

The assembly of Malay unity
One day night in KL city
They want empowerment
At whom they are pointing?

Lead by the pm himself
The man who talked of 1Malaysia
It has now become just a race
The other races have no place?

What are the Malays fear about?
These are the Malays from Amno baru
The side kickers and cronies cry
Feeling the wealth going to be gone?

You don't see Pas or DAP and PKR Malays
Or other civilized Malays joining them
This is a political campaign
Amno baru is afraid to lose

The Malays are in the forefront
In civil servant groups, banks and institutions
The Armed forces and police and navy
The corporate world, universities and politics

It is just a shame
A pm has forgotten about it
A pm for all Malaysians
A country called Malaysia