Tuesday, February 09, 2016

the mighty will fall in disgrace

The demons take control
The souls have been sold
They do the puppet on the strings
The bad leaders jump remember their fate

They can't change
Even if they try to do
The marks are there to see
The trade marks of greed and corruption

Every turn they try
The demons hold the keys
The bad leaders can't change
Till the day they drop in jail

Once the souls are sold
Once the trade off done
Nothing will change
The demons take control

The nation is on that stage
The bad leaders bring the bad image
The scandals and laws to screw in
They think they can escape

But The Lord is waiting
With his net to collect the bad
It is just a time to fall in
The mighty will fall in disgrace

the screaming in the sleep

When the night falls
The quiet breathing hear
The curtains draw close
The time for the sleep

We let sleep take over
There is no barrier to stop it
The tired eyes and bodies fall
Into the dark or light of sleep

The souls take flight
Into the night of free
They check of holes
Get it done and well

But sometimes in the night
The screaming in the sleep
It wakes up the light sleepers
The sleepy eyes cloudy minds

The soothing voices ring
It makes the assurances warm
There are still waking souls
Calming the restless in the night

When the night falls
The quiet breathing hear
Sometimes in the night
The screaming in the sleep

osa should go

*OSA should go
It shouldn't be passed as a law
It stifles democracy
It gives birth to dictatorship

The people need to know the truth
What the government entrusted by the people
These leaders must account for their actions
They shouldn't hide under the skirt of OSA!

Now Bee Anne wants to increase punishment
For the whistleblowers and reporters
In democratic principles it shouldn't be in law
It allows bad leaders to hide it away

The changing times have come
The cracks of the once mighty will fall
The leaders of no moral fibre should go
Before Lucifer takes your souls for good

OSA should go
It has no business to stifle democracy
It is a tool for the bad leaders
The wolves in the lamb skins

It's no use praying many times
When your mind and heart is bad
It is better to jihad your soul and mind
Cleanse it to see the grace of lights

*official secrets act

Monday, February 08, 2016

lies can't be hidden for long

The truth slowly crawls out
The light of hope in our eyes
The glorious light must shine
On this small nation wanting to fly

The lies can't be hidden for long
No praying will help to suppress it
With lies out in the open nothing helps
The sins need to be justly punished

The scriptures have said many times
The sinners of lies will not get free passage
They have to be held for the punishment
It is better to tell the truth to save the pain

The temptations are plenty in our world
There is no denying it in our minds
Let the good deeds grow and multiply
Leave the sins far behind for Lucifer to play

don't drink and drive

Don't drink and drive
How many times it has been said?
Still many still don't remember
They still drive under its influence

The danger on the road
With these drivers on the steering wheels
What lie ahead before they reach home?
Will there be pain and misery?

Many drivers still don't learn
They think they can handle the cars
Intoxication will bring judgement slow
Sometimes they don't see clearly..

Don't drink and drive
It will bring misery and pain
It will cloud your judgement
It will slow your reflexes

When you can't see straight
There is no reason to push it on
It's time to make a stop
Safe yourself the pain and misery

the sparrow

The sparrow flies
In the open space in the sky
With its wings flapping away
Up and away it wings

Moving from tree to tree
No distraction on its way
The sparrow flies in the open sky
Sometimes hang down on the roof

Then it scoops down
Flying low to the ground
Rising slowly looking for food
But it doesn't see the glass block

It flies into it
The loud thud as it flops to the ground
The sparrow quickly gets back on its feet
Walking slowly knowing its danger ahead

After a few minutes of rest
The sparrow fully recovers from its headache
It takes flight to the sky again
Without looking back of its ordeal

the living zombie

The living Zombie
In the day shouting loud
Eyes staring ahead without direction
Fingers pointing hand on his waist
He shouts to nobody in particular

The living Zombie
He has lost his reality
He can't understand what he say
As long as he vents his long narrative
He will smile to himself

The living Zombie
Sometimes he uses expletive words
It never sound good to the ears
One time his father scolded him
He became highly agitated

The living Zombie
He can't touch the base of reality
He scolded his father instead
I sack you! I sack you!”
The mother scolded his father
Don't you know he is a dead living Zombie?”

The parents should send him away
Maybe to the mental hospital to cure him
The way he is behaving every day and night
The familiar record messages keep repeating

The living Zombie
He doesn't know what he is saying
He just wants to say his piece
Shouting to nobody in particular

the house of pain

The house of pain
The gate crashes open
The demons come to stay
It will be the sad day

They breed of lies
They keep the power base
They want to rule forever
In the house of pain

They find the disunity
The people seem to forget
Disorganize without common plot
It is an easy picking for the demons

They crafted laws to protect
They divide and rule with fear
The laws will reach to the weak
Telling them to stay quiet or else

In the house pain
The crying ringing high in the mind
Praying for salvation of our nation's soul
Let the light bring us hope and cheer

The house of pain
The demons rule
The people forget
Light is the freedom

they say love don't lie

They say love don't lie
It makes you go crazy
It makes you forget where you are
It makes you a sleepless night

Love don't lie
Don't you know?
When you let it crawl in
In your mind and soul

It will be wild
It will mark its days and nights
Riding on the flow
It makes you the lord of the world

When love goes away
You will feel the lost world
You can't sleep or eat
You are down in the pit

And they say love don't lie
They don't say how pain is
When love is gone to the wind
Leaving you with a sad memory

Sunday, February 07, 2016

the fire monkey

The Fire Monkey
You get burned
You get prosperity
The Monkey turns to rule

The stars in our lives
Pegged with the Monkey
There will be good and bad news
Avoid all the negatives flow

Bring in the positive energy
Light up the fire to keep predators at bay
The Monkey is a playful animal
It never show what he wants to do

As long as it is a positive flow
Life will be rewarded in a peaceful glow
Cultivate the positive values
The Monkey will keep it good

The temperature will be rising
Many bad energy will be floating
The dust hasn't settled of the last
The bad elements come to play

The Fire Monkey
Learn to build bridges
Do more good things
The bad energy will float away

Life is still full surprises
Let the Fire Monkey fly in
We wave the candles of fire
Wishing all KONG XI FA CAI

what now on the lies?

What now on the lies?
The sparks of light arrive
It tells us what we must do
The liars shouldn't go unpunished

The digging of holes of untruth
It will take many trucks to cover it
With the burst of engines noise
Everyone will hear on a quiet night

Nobody is above sins
In time it has to be paid in full
The generations of the sinners
They will pay for their ancestors

What now on the lies?
The sparks of truth hit the shore
Nobody can run away from the truth

It has to crawl out to taste its freedom!

the wheel of turning

The fall will be great
The higher a person stays
With the tons of sins pulling him down
There is no way to escape

The high of marijuana
The images of glorious days
It will make many forget
The illusion of conquests

It is the wheel of turning
The plots and twists in the game
Once it is achieved on the top
The return of the fall will begin

It can't stay forever
It has to make its way down
So it is always good to stay humble
The same faces will meet again

the moonlight bay

The student sits cool
Under the shade of trees
Under the spot light of the sun
He thinks he has beaten his master

The rolling waves splash on
Kissing the shore pulling it away
The student sips his pussyfoot
Dreaming away of his wealth

The laws seem in murky water
The top dog barks all away to the sea
Claiming it is done in good faith
But the onlookers chase the dog away

The master licks his wounds
He hasn't given up what he intends to do
Let the winner glorify in the sun
When the moon shines he will be out

For the now the student basks in glory
He thinks he is the best in his field
He forgets revenge comes in many disguises
The Moonlight Bay will make him remember

tapah murders

Tapah murders
The family members
Once all were reprimanded
Over 100 days no conclusive evidence

Then wife and daughter released
Lack of evidence to connect them
The father and son too were out
The detention period was over

The short lived freedom
The father and son enjoyed
They are detained under PCA Act
They will be detained for 2 years

The murdered victims
The closure can't be found yet
It was in the front news
Now it becomes a back story

Were they involved in the murders?
So far there is no conclusive evidence
It could be others involved?
The police should quickly find the clues