Thursday, August 25, 2016

the change will come naturally

Bersih rally
One more go
PAA comes to play
Don't take the wrong way

The blues want it
They do it for a party
Milking its way
Catch the rats they say

The obstacles maybe there
Bersih rally must come to terms
Use the internet to make it known
It is the wide open spaces to play

On the ground the physical movements
The blues will wait forgetting to protect
The nation and her people on threats
The milking of wealth the blues don't see

There are too many rallies
There is still no change on top
It is business as its way
The police have chosen side already

The change will come naturally
It is Bee Anne own ways to fall
It grows fat and clumsy on its walk
Like Humpty Dumpty cracking up in pieces

the lines of lies

The lines of lies
It still keeps flowing
The people know it better
It's only the liar still forgets

How long will he hide?
The land needs a change
The people have enough of it
The story can't be bought

In the echo of Bamboo River
The empty cells waiting for the arrival
The lines of lies
It still keeps flowing

The suffering of the nation
The people can't take it
Everything has gone up now
But he still keeps telling lies

The red on the traffic lights
It hardly changes to green
Life has become a lonely track
Waiting at the junction of red lights

The lines of lies
It still keeps flowing
The suffering of the nation
The people can't take it

the night watch

Stand by me
Whatever I am wrong
It can't be so bad
I will be left alone?

You say I keep telling lies
Go out late at night
I never return until the wee morning
And I don't say sorry

In the city of neon lights
There are many sights and sound
There are many women on the ground
There are many bad people wanting to strike

And I stay out late at night
There is a reason why I do
Stand by me
Whatever I am wrong

I am keeping the scene
Quietly in peaceful bliss
My eyes watching the signs
The terrible hound dogs barking at night

The city of neon lights
The joy many come out to dance
Be free and feel the wind
And I am staying late at night

You keep saying I tell lies
Go out late at night
I never return until the wee morning
And I don't say sorry

the playing games

He plays dirty
In public eye he says
All the good things
Let us stay

Behind the doors
The newspapers print
Raising hell to a race
Intend to destroy unity

And he never says
He knows what it is said
He plays dirty
The sins all over his face

But he keeps saying
All the good things
Behind the doors
The bad mouthing begins

He plays dirty
In public eye he says
All the good things
Let us stay

Behind the doors
The bad mouthing begins
He plays dirty
The sins all over his face

ah mo1 ah mo1

Ah MO1 Ah MO1
Why hide for so long?
Open your door now
The mask has been sold

The world has known
The bad you have done
Ah MO1 Ah MO1
Why don't you say?

You say you do no wrong
Every document has your mark
The road will link back to you
Ah MO1 Ah MO1 why the lie?

You can't hide away
The sins will keep piling high
Every page tells you are a liar
Ah MO1 Ah MO1 don't play games

It is better to tell the truth
Pay for the sin; let it be free
Ah MO1 Ah MO1 don't be afraid
Bamboo River will play your games

the pig farmers

The pig farmers
They think of their own
The pockets of profits
They don't think of cleanliness

The disease of the pigs
Some farmers try to conceal
They are afraid to lose money
Is that all they think?

The pig farmers
Learn the rules
Don't try to be lazy
Don't try to be dirty

The shortage of pork
The Perak Chinese feel the pinch
Maybe the pig farmers should close shop
When they can't keep clean

Now MCA will feel the headache
The Chinese will complain
Don't the pig farmers ever learn?
Play by the rules or close shop!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

the changing fortunes

The old man sits on the bench
By the park under shady trees
The falling leaves floating in his eyes
He knows the types he sees it before

Once you are needed
Everything can be had
There is no question about it
Name the price work hard

The fat paychecks; big bonuses
The envy of friends; the jealousy of enemies
They will lick the boots to get there
The aura of power the command of a word

When the energy snapped
When the ideas flow dead
The reverse of fortunes
The spread of doom

The old man smiles
It lasts while it stays good
Every actor will know the drill
The adulation will not last a time

He looks at the falling leaves
The wind blowing it away like cheap dirt
Nothing to remember only the leftover
For the ground to moisture its nutrients

He closes his eyes and listen
The whispering wind of the wild
He says his prayers now he is out of his time
An old man sitting on the bench

nature take hold

The blades of grass
Growing wild in the open field
There is no activity
Everything lies still

The broken down machines
The field crying for help
There is nothing and beyond
Only the careless wind whispering

The people have gone
The poison on the land
Many suffer illnesses
The death toll is high

The empty homes
The derelict buildings
It has been for ages
As the land breathes poison

Nature has returned
Decades of rain and rehabilitation
The natural air seem to flow
In the distance the birds sing

The ghost town
The economic activities gone
Once on its heyday
Now a whisper by the wind

listen to its songs

Turn the volume low
Speak softly with the flow
Let the music play its song
Let it take us to the glow

Don't turn up the wrong
Don't change channels
It will loose the flow
You will not listen of its songs

In the quiet of the night
Let us listen to our heartbeats
Drumming it high and low
We don't need to anywhere

Lay down and feel the glow
The stars will shine in the sky
You don't have to change channels
You just listen to the songs

Turn the volume low
Speak softly with the flow
You don't have to change channels
You just listen to the songs

the corruption eats in

The corruption eats in
There is no way to escape
Money seems to talk
From the high to the bottom

The agencies aren't sincere
The officers will pick and choose
On the opposition it is so quick to act
On the ruling party it takes snail walk

The white sharks feeling good
No crime buster dares to net them
They have committed sins
And yet they aren't called

Many police reports filed
In the drawers it will be thrown in
Nobody will know what in the end
They will say they are investigating

The nation has no choice
She has to change the party
The people must wake up now
Before it is blown on their faces

why on the small fishes?

Macc why on the small fishes?
Is it just to make you look efficient?
Running out to catch the corruptors
In the nation of many bad apples

You have the biggest sharks to catch
Right in front of you but there is no action
It all seems quiet listening to the waves
When are you going to call to investigate?

Macc small fries you sound great
The ripples flow on the white sharks
You don't see the wrong in your mind
You are afraid to fight the white sharks

A new broom but poor sweeping
The new coat of paint but same old routines
Go open up your drawers and empty the bad
Open the windows bring in fresh air

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

the party's night

In the night
The party will begin
The neon lights never lie
The sparkles of the mind

The men and the women
The old or young doesn't matter
Walk into the party of lights
It makes the world sinking low

The bar full of people
Every age every colour
Nobody cares what you do
It's the party's night

The bartenders listen
The orders and side dishes
They know the rules
They like the commissions

The old or young doesn't matter
In the neon lights the party turns alive
The lust and greed in everyone's mind
The drinks make it seems so easy

The blast of music
Ears piercing words can't be heard
But who really listen?
It's the party of putting holes

The old or young doesn't matter
In the neon lights the party turns alive
The blast of music
But who really listen?

the city never sleeps

The city never sleeps
In the wee hours of the morning
There are still the night crawlers
They want to catch the last breath
The night will bring before the light

In the backlanes I remember
The drug addicts, hookers and pimps
They will gather waiting for late supper
The money to tide over tomorrow
Else nothing but growing hungry or pain

Sometimes drunkards sleep
They don't remember where they go
They just want to sleep it over
Talking rubbish shouting loudly in the quiet night
The acrid smell; the bags of rubbish, in the tongs

Around posh hotels and bars the women flow
The nights are young the time is money
They have the marks on them as every bell captain knows
The black book the names to call in time of a need
They earned commissions getting by in their lives

The city never sleeps
The bursting night life
The bad of the night
The wolves howl badly
The city dwellers pray and hope

the girl living across the road

The girl living across the road
Everyday she will sit there doing homework
Every boy knows she is always there
A pretty girl with long hair flowing by the fan

The group of boys will gather around
In one of the houses watching the girl
The raging hormones of High School boys
They think of nothing but chasing girls

Every boy knows her father
The strict man taking no chances
He will chase away the wolves
With his eyes and his cane

Sometimes the girl will smile
The boys will feel there is a chance
But there is nothing much they can do
Writing letters getting no response

In time the girl moves away
Leaving school getting a new area
The boys will seek other pleasures
Of girls then moving on with their lives

the crooks on the prowl

The crooks on the prowl
On the wireless world they seek
The lonely women seeking love
They will promise sky high

Every story they print
There are the catch words to play
Once the women are drawn into it
The little devils wake up to bite

The small bit of lies
The crooks dish out in the cry
They know how to play drama
Catch the lonely women and wealth

The crooks still operate here
Though police have cracked a few
The newspapers still warn the people
Don't fall victims to the lies

there is the test of faith

Many want to go
Across the oceans and seas
The migration of a good living
This is what they would say

Many want to go
They think the grass is green
There will be no hatreds of any kind
Every opportunity without class or skin

Many will forget
In every society there is a bad
There is no such thing everything is good
How else to explain we have so many colours?

Many forget to realize
There is a test of faith
How we measure up in our lives?
It will define our fate

Many want to go
They don't see the grass here is green
What they see is the dark cloud
They don't want to take and learn

we will feel the shame

The yesterday crimes
It will never disappear
As long as the crooks are free
The police work is never done

The major crime in the nation
The authorities keep a distance
The officers can't run along
They are afraid of the consequences

So they catch the small fries
Splash it in the news
They will say they show no favour
But the major crime they can't answer

The shame on our faces
Everyone will remember
The major crime of yesterday
The crooks are still walking free

The yesterday crimes
It will never disappear
As long as the crooks are free
We will feel the shame

the pretty women

The pretty women
Walking on the streets
They will see moving eyes
Taking them apart

The soft murmuring
The men will say and smile
They hope they will get
The pretty women in the sack

But there is no such luck
They aren't the men of means
The pretty women aren't wasting time
Hoping get men get rich!

The pretty women
Walking the streets
They will see moving eyes
Taking them apart

In the artist's mind
He can take them to his heart
Drawing them on canvass
The pretty women in his eyes

The pretty women
Walking on the streets
They smell of perfume
They smell of heat

But the men have no chance
The pretty women walking on the streets
They are doing commercials
The filming crew take all the credits

i am yesterday man

I am yesterday man
I lived through the years
I saw raining icing stones
I caught the fireflies

I am yesterday man
Lived in villages
Never understood why
Listening to chirping birds

They brought me back alive
I flew kites in the roundabout
The motor vehicles passing by
No driver paid a look or said why

The gangs stood around
They weren't afraid of the blues
I am yesterday man
I saw them packed into Black Maria

I am yesterday man
I saw police brutality
But the village elders said
The gangs deserved it

I am yesterday man
Learned the rope jumped the high
But nothing stayed forever
I know it will come down later