Friday, October 24, 2014

the playing game

A woman cries
In her car at a parking lot
As the light taking it right
She weeps herself away

Maybe she has problem
Of boyfriend dumping her
When she has lost everything
She has the worst of the stick

She stays in her car
Maybe she wants to let out anger and sorrow
What a life she enters in her days
Tears flowing sitting in her car

In the evening dark sky
Maybe rain will start to fall
The rolling thunder flashes light
A man opens her car's door

Maybe she has problem
Of boyfriend who can't take responsibility
Take all she has and trying to dump her
A woman cries in her car in the dim light

at the bus station

At the bus station
In the evening sunset light
The cloudy atmosphere
The tiring faces on display

The buses in and out
Moving at the time schedules
Sometimes a bit late
But the buses move

The arrogant car drivers
Parking cars a the no zone parking bays
The bus drivers have to horn
Some jay walkers stop and look

The faces at the bus station
The many races will be standing there
Looking bored and hurry to go home

But the bus services take its own time

dogs are friends

Dogs are friends
Why we treat them as outcast?
Have we forgotten dogs contributions?
In our lives and time of saving and helping?

Dogs are God's creatures
They are created for the humans
The dogs have their values in our lives
Why should a religion don't recognize?

Those religious bigots brewing of high and mighty
They should go back to their holy book and read
Understand what it is written in plain language
There is no beating around the bush

The dogs' lives
Some live as strays
Some live in luxury
A test of our faith

The good one behaves
The credit in one's life
We shouldn't forget
We will be dogs one day

the crumbling fall

The titbits of falling
The empire reeling with it
The facade of believable
It has slowly crumbling

The old poison
It comes out in use
Dragging its critics and opponents
Into chains of absolute silence

The Sedition Act 48
Way back should be buried
It shouldn't be part of our culture
It shouldn't be used in post Merdeka

The government living in its world
Issuing statements out to fool us
There is no right in its claim
When it is them it is the law

When opposition or critics say
It is to bring a bad name to the nation
The government leaders behave they are the gods
Brewing bad juices it never smell right

Now the doping scandal
The sports world in the nation
Don't forget about cows, pigs and dogs
These animals can bring dispute in the open

The crumbling down of landslides
The heavy downpour of rolling rain
Slowly the soil will erode away
Clogged the drains and rivers

Thursday, October 23, 2014

creatures of God's creation

The creatures of God's creation
They are never meant to be bad
They are part of God's family
Living and roaming in our world

Learn from the scriptures
It is already said and done
It is the human's mind ignoring it
Putting blocks to create the illusion of authority

The taboos aren't in the beginning
It is again our minds that building blocks
Putting a distance branding in the evil minds
The religious leaders spewing up the wrong tree

Prophets had their own likes and dislikes
Instilled in them when they grew up
Certain habits couldn't be washed away
It became their way of daily routines

When we follow the footprints
We must be aware of the faults
For humans aren't the perfect models
It can fool us to turn the wrong approaches

Learn from the holy books
Read page to page with it
There we will see our wrongs
How the devil can make his impact

sebby and big mack

Sebby smiles
This is what he wanted to say
In the cool day of windy breezes
A good outdoor activity

I am the little Hercules
Pulling the Big Mack back of me
I puff and puff using all my strength
Until I reach the finish line

I raise my hand in victory sign
Walking confidently in front of Big Mack
Smiling with joy I finally get it right
Alone pulling without rope

With my magic boots I walk
Giving me confidence to go
I want to dance with it
But I get a ticket ZKE 498

You see I was the last on the block
The Big Mack stays where it is
Laughing at me as I cross the finishing line
But I give my thumb up “I complete the race!””

Maybe Sebby may get his prize
Gelato ice-cream or hot dog sandwich
If he stays winning his mother's heart
His daddy will pay for him

life in circle

Life in circle
It never change pattern
The cycle of life
Every one has to go through

Life in circle
Like the roulette ball
Where will it drop?
It is where life will stay

Until the croupier picks it up
Throw it again and spinning begins
Life in circle
The anxious moments of uncertainty

Nobody can know the reason
There can be a glimpse sometimes
The circle will spin around
Where it lands stomach it for a while

Life in circle
Take the rides
The good and the bad
Once it settles it's time to cry or smile

nothing stays forever

Nothing stays forever
When time comes and rides away
The focus has to change
The experiences will twist it too

The fortunes rise and fall
In this way perception will too
The time wait for nobody
It moves on quickly in seconds

Age will make the difference
The changes in the mind
As experiences gain and refocus
Nothing stays forever

Once the day arrives
It isn't about wealth in the bank
It isn't about failed promises
It is about deeds in one's life

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

deepavali strolls in

The day of light
The time to take it along
The flicker of hope
Deepavali strolls in again

Take a time to reflect
The time of our lives
Living on this racist line
We should live and move on

The land of plenty
We mustn't be too greedy
We mustn't be standing high and mighty
For the day will come we will fall

Let us embrace the light
Deepavali shining through our lives
Stop a moment to reflect
The rain of waves will roll in

Wishing one and all
A Happy Deepavali
Let the light shine
Let us change to the light

evil comes everyday

Evil comes to us
Everyday in our lives
Though you can pray
Evil will not go away

The day is
Day and night
Sometimes moon light
It makes us think it is safe

The way of our lives
Hungry of wealth
Going out in any crooked ways
As long as wealth is obtained

The consequences
We leave it out in our minds
We don't think of it
Until evil comes a calling

Evil comes to us
Everyday of our lives
Pray everyday
You think you are safe

Just stay alert
It isn't over in the day
One wrong step
It is a sin we will regret