Wednesday, June 19, 2019

the bitchy days

The bitchy days
Somebody wants fame
In a different way
He cares not how he is doing

So wake me up
I am not going that way
I don't want to get into it
This isn't how I see

The days I see
It brings nothing but shame
But somebody wants his fame
He doesn't care how he is doing

The blame game begins
The truth is still hazy
The culprits behind it
Nobody cares to admit

The bitchy days
Somebody wants fame
So wake me up
I am not going that way

we are left to play second best

The king of fruits
The best types are exported
For the value it brings
The exporters and nation

Leaving the bad ones behind
Let the locals get to taste and buy
But not the best types of durians
It will not in the local markets

This isn't the way
Let the best quality of durians stay home
Promote and bring in the tourists
It may triple the income values

Learn it from the Thais
They kept the best in the country
The tourists will fly in and stay
They earn many streams of income

We never learn our lessons
We export our best out of the country
Even our talents migrated overseas
We are left to play second best

fix the problems in the circle

The Renaissance Man
He has to take stock
Everything in his backyard
The bad elements crawling out wild

He mustn't think of the chair
It will be his if he sweeps his backyard
The falling leaves and debris on the ground
He has to clean it up into a picture of harmony

The Renaissance Man
Dreaming is good reality bites the dust
Fix the problems in the circle
The link has broken

The bad elements are nothing new
It has been around in our lives
Find them in the circle
Sweep and fix the bad in the party

The weaknesses in the party
Some people aren't happy reading it
He has to fix it quickly before it turns bad
The problems in the circle fix it now

the toyols in the party

The days of the long knives
It will cut through every fabric of a life
It doesn't care it hit the target or misdirected
It is to make the impact trying to destroy a reputation

The fake news or the fake videos
It can be easily done and distributed
With the soft wares easily available
A trained IT engineer can manipulate it

Now the bad scenes floating in the net
The stories will carry out to spread of a private affair
It is always said to look at your enemies or Brutus in shadows
They are likely the candidates of the long knives

Surprise that the multi-media agency hasn't found out
Who are the people involved in distributing the videos?
Maybe the officers know about the culprits
They let the police do the walking and talking

The fake news and fake videos
It is easily done and distributed
Though the affected victims will get the bad publicity
This is what the days of the long knives wanted to do

The bad elements in any party
They are the ones who will destroy within
They aren't the Trojan horses per se
They are the toyols make every one angry

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

the bad elements

The bad elements in our lives
We can't escape we can't hide
It is for us to guard ourselves
We have to live by the truth
We will not live in nightmares

But the bad elements will stroke its way
The finding for a suitable place to play
Like the saying you help me I help you
In the end every one can feel cozy
The winning in the bad monopoly

We have to listen in our minds
The signals will tell us not to try
Once the bad elements get its way
The addiction will take hold
We will be sucked into its fold

By then we are the fools
The bad elements will laugh in our minds
The sins we have to pay on the short glow
It isn't worth our lives to get in the game
But we all know – power and money

zombies in your mind

Create Zombies in your mind
You will get your scream
You will see the smoke of white
You will rub your eyes

You will want to run
But for the damned coffee mug
You have to walk slowly
In the dim light in your mind

Out side you will hear
The howling wind battling scenes
You will try to shout out your ears
You don't to hear the loud whirring sound

You look far ahead on white smoking clouds
You will see nothing by your imagination runs wild
The Zombies moving around the dense trees
You will see nothing but your want to scream

You hear the thunder rolling
You feel your hands shaking holding the coffee mug
You stand looking in the mirror
Is it me or somebody's else?”

You let out your scream
The thunder hits the clouds
The flashes of lightning
It drowns you out in loud bang

rumours in the grapevines

There are rumours in the grapevines
You can listen or see or read the news
You can smile, laugh or cry
The low ebb of human devilish web

It never brings anything good
It is the sign of bad script of mind
It sinks to the lowest tide of the sea
The filth brings in no goodness

The old may think it is true
It is there in the videos why can't it be?
They may not know of super-impose images
Even in videos it can be done by using IT engineering

There are rumours in the grapevines
The affairs of privacy let it stay that way
It is none of our business to condemn or say
Because it may happen to us one day

if we are lazy

Many of us are lazy
We stay tune in our dreams
Leaving the chores and work behind
We live in that feel good place

On our own devices
We will want to go free
We will want to sleep long hours
We will want to enjoy life

We don't want to wake up
Put on make-up dress to work
Along the way get scolding
Along the way get brushed off

But we are told don't be lazy
We have to work to live and play
We have to earn our living to stay afloat
Else we will be poor living by the road

We are told to work hard
Don't steal or tell lies
The world is our oysters
We can find our wealth

If we are lazy
Nothing will come our way
We live in our dreams
Nothing to show but emptiness

Monday, June 17, 2019

the shadows walk

The shadows walk
In the light and darkness
They don't speak
It is the action makes the round

The minds of the bad
The sinister turns of events
The stirring up of bad elements
This is where the shadows hide

The weaknesses of the mind
A person will be an easy prey
Dangle him with money and power
The dreams flying in circle

This is where the fall for many
They become their own victims of greed and power
Breeding through their minds
The pollution sinks deep colour it bad

The shadows will not go away
They will find for victims for their games
There are always prodding our minds
Bringing us down to the dark life

There is an escape route
Ignore greed and power play
It doesn't worth it for short term glory
Why suffer a life time of pain?

In the lake of fire
The cycle of paying for our sins
Why want to go there?
When we can escape by staying clean?

our sports legends

Our sports legends
They retired within the year
They gave the nation in the world stage
Now they have to find what to do

I doubt they will disappear from public
They will help to groom future players
Unearth new talents to emulate their feats
In the field of squash and badminton

No doubt it will take years
Maybe a new generation of players
I think Misbun is correct in his assessment
We will wait for 10-15 years

The current crop will not go anywhere
They haven't done the nation proud yet
They aren't in the standards of LCW and Nicol David
The nation will get less publicity in sports pursuits

We will hear of comparisons
We will hear the results
The coaches will try their best
Unearth new talents to the fore!

For our sports legends
We will remember them
The battles, pain and memories
The world has ever seen

the Brutus in our lives

The Brutus in our lives
They will not go away
They will come again and again
Where there is power and money to make

Our lives can be interesting or bad in shapes
When we encounter the Brutus in our midst
They can be nice and helpful but they have hidden scores
When we forget to guard our doors they will strike hard

We will feel we have been betrayed
By friends who turn Brutus in our lives
We can ignore the grapevines gathering steam
They want to throw the bad shapes of our lives

The Brutus in our lives
We can't ignore them
They can do emotional harm
When we forget to lock our doors

the persian cat ignores advice

One month gone
The Persian cat stayed
He isn't fully recovered
Still with his leaping leg

He doesn't want to listen
He still jumps out of the fence
When he sees nobody is around
He will disappear in the night

In time he will suffer the familiar fate
Of the last Persian cat saved
In the end he died of his disease and hunger
In his old home the tenants didn't care

The current Persian cat
He forgot how he was
Injured and weak and hungry
Found him in the food court

Now he thinks he has food
Now he thinks he has his energy
Off the fence he has gone with his leaping leg
Until next morning maybe he will show his face

In time he will get the fleas
Eating into his flesh and the disease spread
Now he doesn't care what he is doing
He wants to see his world in the open space