Monday, December 22, 2014

it's no use building walls

The work of our forefathers
Hammered out our Constitution
They gave us the standard values
Bridging the give and take attitude

Now we have the extremists and bigots
Wokking up their hot menus
Stir-frying in the open woks
The smoke of racism hitting the road

They will ignore the Constitution
Branding the race and religion
Occasionally bringing in the royalty
They simply forget the truth

Now Putrajaya is sleeping
The farm out boys make the noises
The blues gang will not make any move
The moderates stand up for the Constitution

The cauldron of boiling soup
The mixture of ingredients stirring
It will feed the many races sharing the loads
The nation needs to push forward

We have to watch
The Talibanism infiltrating in the systems
Though there seems to be crawling into it
For Putrajaya is still sleeping

a new chapter begins today

A chapter closes
A new one will open
It is the order of things
In every one working life

The memories will stay
When it is time to go
The mind will say it so
Time to break the monotony

Now the free time
No more looking at the clock
No more waiting on the road
No more listening to complaints

The mind will wok it up
The delicious menu ahead
The time of your life
A new chapter begins today

go and do your thing

Go and do your thing
You don't have to spell it out
We will understand
In awarding contracts

Macc will not find anything wrong
Go and do your thing
It will rear its ugly head
When losers find it wanting

The sharks can swim free
In the deep oceans we hear
It is the small fishes
The unlucky few entangle in fishing nets

It never spills into larger pool
It is always on the small crumbs
We hear it so often in our lives
But where are the sharks in the deep seas?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

the web of shadows

The web of dark shadows
Hanging over our heads
Moving in slow motion
Telling us”we are watching you”

The religious watchers
They police their ways
Hitting the heads of perceived strays
Rolling them into the cage

Any infringement they come
Day or night knocking at your door
They don't show proper decorum
They think they are the little gods

The migration of people
The way they seek new pastures
The nation will lose the pool of talents
All because of sleeping Putrajaya

The extremists playing up their trade
The religious enforcers rolling up the cage
Putrajaya snores into the night
The people watch for a day to change

the moderate malaysians

The moderate Malaysians
Closing one eye never helps at all
The few extremist groups imposing their wills
On the majority who live in peace and harmony

The faults lie with Bee Anne
Feeding these groups to cast fear and divide
Funding these groups to do the dirty work
Division of output the broken products and lies

Hiding the truth
The debts piling high
Bee Anne leaders keep low profile
Afraid to say losing lucrative contracts

The extremist groups pick and choose
It is always the other races get the whip
These group leaders spinning seditious tales
Nothing is carried out by the blues gang

The perception of impunity
The extremist groups leaders running free
The coalition partners in Bee Anne
They closed their eyes and minds

The moderate Malaysians
We mustn't fall asleep and yawn
We must change the government
Let us go back to the spirit of 57

the pole dancers

The pole dancers
Swinging and gliding down
On the poles
Scantily dressed women

In the night spots
The city of Kuala Lumpur
The side orders
The patrons learned

The coloured sages
It tells how much it is
The private negotiations
Willing sellers and buyers

The men in blue
Raided the night spots
Learning about the immoral activities
Rounded up the Thai women

The stories as old as ancient times
Where men would watch and buy
The women as chattels to satisfy their lusts
As those ancient times would sell

The old profession
The women who will sell
For a fee satisfaction guaranteed
The tricks of the trade

the dark games

The dark in the sky
The heavy rain came
The cool air we breathe
As the night takes away

The deception of the night
The dark shadows blend it through
They camouflage amongst trees and walls
They aren't afraid of cats and dogs

Somewhere the night cries
The bites of the night
The candles lighted on the road
The signal of death in the neighbourhood

The political games
The extremists play up the flame
Gathering of their own kind
They make chaos no shame in their eyes

The bigots kick the flame
Branding their kind bullying others
They talk bad encroaching on other belief
They don't care of the chaos they fished in

The dark of the sky
The dark shadows playing
We shouldn't allow the easy passage
We should stay alert chained them to the poles

the 3rd wave of people

The 3rd wave of people
The society will try to forget
The religious authority will persecute
The ordinary folks shake their heads

Many names will be spoken
The men and women in physical attributes
Born into it physically or the minds
Surely they don't want to be in that shape

The religious authority is losing touch
The compassionate flow they have forgotten
Praying many times and reading the religious texts
What do they see in their narrow minds?

Purity is through compassion
The test of faith every one has to go
Don't they realize they have failed?
God doesn't need the hypocrites

Politically the 3rd wave
The votes they bring
They have the legal right to vote
And why treat them badly?

So let them be
They have enough sorrow within
The religious authority should study inwards
Knowing God is testing every faith

The society should give and take
The 3rd wave people don't need sympathy
They need support to earn their living
Learn to know them understand their predicament

Saturday, December 20, 2014

religions are private affairs

Religions are private affairs
Let the faithfuls speak to their God
Of laws and sins in their daily lives
It is God's way to punish or forgive

We have no business to codified religious laws
Into our daily lives walking on Mother Earth
God's law needs no human touches
It has been written on history of our existence

When religions become a political game
The clerics will make laws to serve their needs
Letting the people know who are the little gods
Proclaiming themselves as judges and executioners

In our history religions were used in the bad ways
Feeding fear to foot the power game
The wolves in sheep skin they came
Until the people revolted and changed flourished

Now we see a deja vu
A religion is ued to judge and kill
The innocents in the political game
Of God's people we are made

when majority becomes a bully

The open field
A place for every one
Under the sun under the moon
Light up by the stars

The guitar of chords
Every scale and strum patterns
The likes can be shared
There is no limit to its kind

The trees of shades
Lending a helping hand
Protecting the area
The harmful effects

When the majority becomes a bully
The open field becomes a shouting match
The peace and harmony in sharing
It has gone out of the window of our minds

Now we have our suspicious minds
When religion becomes a pawn in a political game
The open field has become a mind battle
The strumming patterns still flow the melody

we will be in our half way house

When we leave our world
It will be the last we seen
We have our times and playground
It is time to go to sleep

But is it sleep we seek?
We will be in the half way house
We will wait for our process
Going to the left or right

The angels will make us sweat
Staring at us for returning
We have to learn to accept
The angels want to make us run

Where will we go?
We are returning home
The angels know
They have to bow to us

We have to learn on humility
The angels will have a field time
Making us small in their eyes
We have to take it all or lose the plot

Our good deeds will help
These are the only records to buy us time
It isn't our wealth in banks or stocks
It is our sacrifices while we are alive

doing business in the net

Doing business
Every trader or company must be registered
The consumers need all the legal protection
On buying or selling goods on the internet

Though it is a borderless world
Doing business mustn't fall into the trap
The unprofessional traders will cheat
The consumers will have no legal recourse

Our consumers tribunal
It doesn't have the clout and bite
Damages awarded the sellers will run
The merry go round until the battery dies

Saying it is easy
The enforcement will be a headache
It is better to let the buyer be aware
Buying it from a reputable trader or company

practises make perfect

Infidelity applies both ways
The work in the sheets
The foreplay must be strummed
Else you can't get satisfaction

Through the ages
Men and women seek elsewhere
The sexual needs to be satisfied
It isn't about putting hole per se

It needs hardwork
The skills and techniques
But don't lose sight of emotional wants
It bridges the relationships

Articles and books on the shelves
Yet many still fail in their drives
A golfer needs a lot of practise
Likewise in sexual relationships

Infidelity breaks into regrets
When sexual inadequacy sidelines
Afraid to talk about it
When there is no action routines become a bore