Thursday, July 28, 2016

the women in the night

The women of the night
They dress up in style
They want to make a point
Do you have money?

The women of the night
Money will make them come
They are used to its way
Don't come with out it

The unsatisfied males
They leave their wives or girlfriends
They want to search of something special
But they forget it is the putting and the greens

The males look at differently
They see the beauty in their eyes
The women of young and carefree
The males miss it in their lives

The women in the night
Sometimes they are good
Sometimes they are bad
Beauty isn't lasting a life time

The women in the night
They may have stories to tell
The good yarn or the bad experiences
A risky work but pleasures over-ride it

the ground has potholes

The man still walks free
Every step he takes he is worried
When will the time strike him?
On the foot steps he takes?

He thinks he is strong
Every agency under his finger
He can do as he pleases
Who to say he can't?

But the ground has potholes
He can't see it filled with water
The rain falls the eyes can't see
He thinks he walks on straight road

Once he falls into the pothole
He will realize the impact of the fall
The long arm of the law will catch him
He can scream nobody will listen

the liars better wake up

The liars cemented the walls
They think they can make it strong
Putting up signs to hang the intruders
There is nothing to say!”

The road of redemption
It is a long and winding road
The liars can't see their way
They think they are well protected

They can hide within the walls
They can pretend they aren't wrong
They can use all the laws to benefit them
But they forget time of death is ticking away

We can't hide from death
Once the time is issued
Nothing will stop the process
So it is better to do good deeds

The lake of fire
Nobody wants to go there
The eternal flame will hear the cry
The never ending scream of pain

The liars better wake up
Change it for your redemption
There is no way you can take it all
You forget the lake of fire wait

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the games of hunters and hunted

The power comes and goes
It never stays in a person's hands for long
Once it comes to pass
The wrongs will be investigated

In the power game things can be hidden
As long as the chair is involved with it
No person wants to get in the wrong book
They will polish the apple like kids

There will be the hunters and hunted
The thin line on the border games
When the change of guards are involved
The running of catching the thieves

Those who did wrong will feel afraid
When the regime sails into the deep water
By then the rules of the game will be changed
There will be the hunters and hunted

the silence of liars

The silence of liars
They can't find words to say
Now the legal filing in USA
The jigsaw puzzles clicked in

Though MO 1 still walks
Putting up his face
Has he no shame at all?
So greedy of power game?

The agencies can't wake up
They have no balls to throw
The laws of the nation
It is there to be used

It has already stated
Into his accounts the money gone
What else they have to wait?
Have the balls play the game!

He didn't deny it
So why kept the distance?
DOJ had said it came from 1MDB
Have the balls play the game!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

we have to change our attitude

The rivers are dying
Once it was crystal clear water
We could see fishes swimming
Sometimes we could see crocodiles

Those were the years
It was gone before our eyes
We didn't realize our rivers
We made it our dumping ground

Now the crying needs
The rivers we use as our laundry wheels
It has broken down into its deep ends
We are the caused of its dying breath

We have to change our attitude
The enforcement officers must be quick
It is no more sitting in the office
Playing games on the internet

dreams in the mind

In the night of dreams
Every one can make the belief
Floating it in the mind
Let the stage light up in the eyes

You can be anything
There is no stopping you
Within the realm of dreams
It will make you smile

Nobody can stop you
You make your dreams
A desire; a need; an escape
Into the night of dreams

At times you will be watching
Of dreams out of your way
You aren't making your dreams
Somebody's else is showing

The path of reality
Where the dreams foretell
You may not realize it
But the marks will be there

Dreams make to escape
The everyday life on the road
Sometimes it is just dreams
But at times it tells of events

there she goes

There she goes
Sitting on the dark brown sofa
Closing her eyes shutting out the light
Breathing slowly as the sound passing by

She has no choice
She needs her time out
Closing her eyes to the light
She hopes she gets some rest

Nobody telling her
Don't play in the rain
It will bring her down
When her brightness is low

She never listens
She wants her way
Every time she sees it
She answers to herself

There she goes
Sitting on the dark brown sofa
Closing her eyes shutting out the light
She listens to her world needing her rest