Monday, May 21, 2018

the rasputins

The Rasputins
The walls of magic
The black art practises
The wealth of corruption

In the power keg
The explosive inner circle
Once it takes hold
The Rasputins on the glow

But there is the downside
The bad will not last long
The evil ways will collapse
As history has said many times

The Rasputins
There is no steady stream
Once they hit the loop
They have to descend

Now the Rasputins see
There is no bed of roses
The life of sunshine never last
They will face sins

The Rasputins can say
All the colorful adjectives
But life on the fast lane
It has finally grounded to a halt!

the loots on display

The loots on display
Everyone knows what is it
The mighty has fallen for good
There is no way to climb up again

Instead of saying it honestly
The discredited leader still spins his tales
There is no sympathy for a bad leader
Hiding wealth for his own benefits

Go back to his roots
He hopes to get shielded
He spins his tales of lies
He hasn't told the truth

The Bamboo River is singing
Loudly now knowing his fate
The vacant cell is calling
The name will paste on it

the engine of investigations

The engine of investigations
It can't get wrong now
There is a new kid in town
He isn't giving excuses

The culprits of the bad gang
They will face the arms of the law
Everyone of them will know
When the investigators knock the doors

It will be a hectic time
The investigators will pile on it
They will not leave
Until they locate what they want

The Ali Baba and forty thieves
Time isn't for them to run and hide
They better get prepared for it
Pack their bags wait for the Black Maria

The engine of investigations
It will go into deeper role for it
The nation wants back her wealth
The people want back their dignity

don't tell lies

Don't tell lies
It will make you cry
When you think you can escape
You see the watch men

They are there all the times
Keeping a record of what is happening
They will not show mercy
They will drag you away

Don't tell lies
It will not bring you far
Though you can pray many times
You will not get your a free pass

The karma will hit back
It will make you cry
Alone standing by the cliff
You wonder what wrong you have done?

Don't tell lies
It will make you cry
Your life will be cooked
You will find no peace in life

Sunday, May 20, 2018

the light has touched

The nation will take steps
Slowly at first before she runs
The lost years in her life
She is looking forward to progress

The bad looters are around
They haven't learned they had fallen
They still think they are the lords
Branding their kind of patronage

Once a party falls
It will be hard to get up again
The history of the bad ways
It will not be forgotten easily

The players are in town
The investigators left and returned
They will play catch up of the lost years
The black angel can't sleep easy

The light has touched
The good will flourish
It will take a while
Maybe around 2 years

It is the faith in waiting
The light will break the dark
The bad will pay dearly
In the cells of Bamboo River

the wolf has landed

The physical evidence
It is on display by videos
The big crook can't deny
This isn't a donation

Don't play with words
The villagers may not understand
A man of his standing
He is facing his crisis

The sooner he wakes up
The better for him to address
The physical evidence can't lie
He has to explain in detail

Shouting donations
It doesn't help him
It is corruption
A greedy way to fall

The physical evidence
A few hundred boxes
Of expensive bags, jewelries and cash
It will be hard to break the net

The wolf has landed
There is no escaping his smell
He is after the bad
In the sheep clothing

karma hits hard

Amno b finally tastes defeat
The arrogant leaders learn the hard way
By using fear, religion and divide
It doesn't work anymore

A small change a big giant falls
A loud thud on the ground
It breaks into pieces
It becomes a one way wind

Its leaders still in power mode
It hasn't realized the bad aroma
It sinks through the ranks
Thinking they are the lords!

Amno b will bite the dust
Like the old Amno before
Lost in the legal battle
Burned into dust and gone!

It's legality in question
It is said it breaches its constitution
It has become an illegal party
It fails to hold its annual general election

Though Ros keeps mum on it
It can't allow a 2nd postponement
It isn't in Amno b constitution
Ros has no authority to grant one either

Karma hits hard
It makes no excuses
Once it takes its course
The dust will fall

liars and lies

Liars and lies
Time to wake up and realize
They can't fool all the times
There is always a payback day

Liars and lies
Once the words fly out
It can't be halted or denied
The consequences will be known

Liars and lies
Try not to add salt inside
The illegal wealth will be known
Once the authority scoops in

There will be nothing left
Every illegal wealth will be carted away
Leaving the place a story to tell
Liars and lies it is payback time

it is only to bamboo river

The fallen dark angel
The day of power had gone
Now he is an ordinary person
Like the rest in the crowd

Of course the newspapers
TV stations and reporters
They will want to get his news
The fallen angel will oblige

In his mind he has nothing to lose
He had lost his way in a maze
Coming out he is all daze
Yet he hasn't learned it all

He still believe his wealth
Carted away by the police
He still says it is donation!
And he never declares it

The clean broom has swept through
The bad debris come out in rows
Every dirt there must be a story to tell
The police will have long days and nights

The fallen dark angel
There is no escape now
The back door is sealed
It is only to Bamboo River

Saturday, May 19, 2018

the sinking of the blue ship

The leaks in the blue ship
The Captain sleeps it through
The sailors have parties
Ignoring the rising water

The sailors don't sound the alarm
They are drunk and soaked in rums
They think they are floating
Raising them upwards to heaven

The Captain smokes his cigars
Looking at the calm water
He doesn't realize the undercurrents
Sweeping swiftly for his fall

Every sailor is addicted
To the game of wealth and positions
They don't see the leaking holes
Creeping hungrily for their souls

By the time the water reaches its peak
The sailors start to ring the bell
Voices can be heard but no escape
The Captain realizes the sinking ship

The dinghy are lowered quickly
The sailors scrambled for safety
Only a few managed to sail away
Together with the Captain

The blue ship finally sinks
Taking with her some of her crew
The Captain turns away
Knowing he has lost his game

see the old

See the old
They come and play
Knock off the headlines
They dish out fair

The return of elders
They smell the winning
The scents of power
Flowing in again

See the old
Age is no barrier
They are alive with it
It makes them needed

Don't tell the old
They out of shell lives
The old still can flourish
With jobs they know best

the old habits should change

The old habit should change
The yesterday plots can't match today's
This is the world of internet
By a click of a mouse it travels wide

The bad plot can be seen
Quickly it will travel through space
By a click everyone can access it
No one can say it is misquoted

The old rule should change
Craft a new one to manage
If old habit can't change
Nothing will progress

Don't be greedy
In the old or in the new
It is the same format
Once sin calls the fall will knock

The old habit should change
As the years go by so is the outlook
Life is a changing game
Politics is going for fame

no sympathy for crooks

No sympathy for crooks
They use to plunder the nation's wealth
Now let the law enforcement officers do
Use the laws to book these bad hats

The educated followers turned blind
By the cash in kind in their minds
When the bad smell floating in the air
They think of magic scents

They don't see the bad
They encourage it to go on
The thieves of Ali Baba
The drums of oil carry away

It takes the willed of the people
Finally they bring the crooks down
Like the fall of Humpty Dumpty
Broken pieces scattered by the wind

The songs in Bamboo River
The steel drumbeats calling names
No sympathy for crooks
They harvest what they cooked