Sunday, September 23, 2018

cheap beer die quickly

You drink cheap beer
You will die quickly
You think you get a good kick
Feeling the good high

The bad contents of poison
Too much of it will cause death
Once you drink into your system
You have signed your own death warrant

Around 29 deaths recorded
They bought the cheap illegal beers
They suffered for their pain
Death wasn’t an easy passage

Leaving the sorrow
For the families to bear
What’s the use to get high?
Death will knock the door

You buy good quality beers
You will die a slow death
Maybe at the later age of your life
Many will say you live well

It is best to stop drinking
Go for the health drinks or juices
You will be better off in the long term
You will live in better health

pas smells its opportunity

Pas smells its opportunity
Watching in silence on Amno baru
Once its arch enemy now courting with it
Pas wants to control its one-time foe

Amno baru is falling
Will it climb up or stay down?
It has its second chance before
Now I doubt it will recover

Pas is on the wings
Helping Amno baru to live
There is a price to pay
The Islamic nation it decrees

Amno baru is going down
The members and leaders will leave
There is nothing to gain now
No more wagon train to wait

But Pas dreaming on
Flying to the moon
Living the dark paradise
Waiting for Amno baru to fall in

cancer has no SOP

Cancer has no SOP
It will come at any time in our bodies
It is there implanted in under surveillance
By the body many chains and structures

It can happen to anybody
Big size or small size, slim or fat
The great eaters of food or the health freaks
Nothing to stop the cancer growth

Sometimes it is called the rich man’s disease
Even the poor will get it too without exception
Once you have it you have to seek early treatment
There is no guarantee cancer will fade away

It may return back to its deep hole
Knowing it can’t claim its victim now
The cancer cells will wait for its time
When the living think it is all clear sign

Even when we think we knock on the walls
God has given us His natural cures in our lives
If only we open our eyes and seek help
The cures are there in our eyes

the other side of straight people

The other side of straight people
They have their rights to live and enjoy
Let no others try to impose restrictions
The laws are blind

The other side of straight people
They do not interfere other affairs
They want to live their lives
Let them have their rights

If you want to bring religions in
You better ask God why he creates such people
God wants to test the straight community
How they behave and react to different values

If you want to bring religions into foreplay
You better understand love, compassion, mercy
It is there in the scriptures but many pick and choose
Showing how religious in their study

The other side of straight people
They ask to leave them alone to face their lives
They have many sad tales to tell
Don’t add wound to their sad appearances

Saturday, September 22, 2018

the big sharks

The big sharks in the oceans
Once they swim freely
Every corner of the freedom
They don’t have the fear

They are the lords of the oceans
Every creature bows down to them
They live the best lives
They can have their needs

But one day a tsunami came
It swept up the changes in the scores
The big sharks finally realize
They can’t swim freely now

Under the oceans the hunters arrive
They will catch the big sharks
There is no way to escape
The big sharks will be caught

In the cage the sharks will realize
Too many bad deeds finally catch up
Now they realize it in full regret
The oceans will be a distant memory

ipcmc returns finally

It finally breathes to life
It takes 13 years to come back
Recommended by RCI *in 2005

The police officers must face it
The trust issue is on the decline
Police brutality, deaths in lock-up
The arrogance and intimidation

IPCMC  brings the police to accountability
Back to the principle of fairness
Back to the trust the public have it
Back to protect the good against the bad

Any bad issues will be found out
The bad cops will be disciplined or shipped out
There will not be any hiding behind a badge
It is to get rid of the bad police officers as well

This is an independent body
It will handle the policing of the police
It will be fair to both parties
The public and the police

* RCI royal commission of inquiry

najib's daughter

Najib’s daughter
Stop your whining
The police have to go
Investigate the loot

Every house or property
The police will hunt for it
The police have its SOP
So, stop the whining

Your daddy did wrong
The people’s monies stolen
The documents in the bank said it all
The past will not hide away

The police asked her permission
Razak’s wife agreed to allow them
The police didn’t march in
They showed respect and civility

Najib’s daughter
Stop your whining
Tell your daddy to admit his guilt
This is the way for you to do

The police haven’t interviewed many more
Maybe you have your day with the police
The subject of wealth and how it was spent
It is best you stop whining and get your answers ready

the utusan

The Utusan
Facing hardship in daily operations
The losses mounting on the chart
The business is going bad

The Utusan
Time to leave the stage
It will be hard to survive
The old government had died

The Utusan
Make the wrong choice
Now it gets a hard slap
No cash flow to pay

Now the Utusan
Offers VSS to 800 of its employees
Once it could survive
By Amno baru contributions

Now its sources of income
The Utusan can’t find it
Leaving on its heyday
It is in financial distress

Friday, September 21, 2018

the white collar thieves

The white collar thieves
They will live the opulent lives
The trappings of stealing wealth
Hide their stealing in maze of traps

They will not admit their crimes
They will say “they aren’t the thieves”
There is wealth to be taken
They can’t forget how easy it is

The white collar thieves
They are the specialized ones
They will milk in millions or billions
They will say it is easy when plan is executed

They will hide their loot
It will be hard to find
It will take years to hunt it down
By then the thieves can smile

The white collar thieves
When leaders of power turn rogue
The wealth of the nation will be gone
They will plunder with immunity

Only the changes will stop them
A new team of crime busters come in
Hunt them down bring them to justice
And the wealth will be recovered and returned

do it straight

Doesn’t your mother tell you?
Do the business straight?
You don’t have to tell lies
You don’t have to play cheat

Out in the world
In socializing in business
You have to be alert on the wolves
They come with plenty of false hopes

As long as you remember
What you were brought up before
You will recognize the bad influences
You have to stand on your guard

Don’t you remember what your mother tells you?
Do the business straight you don’t have to worry
Watching your back or every step you take
You will be free like the wind

When you are corrupted in your life
You will be easily handled and manipulated
The wolves will exploit your weaknesses
They will not let you escape so easily

When you fall to the ground
The wolves will leave you to die
Don’t you remember what your mother tells you?
As you bite the dust feeling the regrets of forget

the sins of the past

The fishing net in the sea
Trawling along to catch the fishes
Swimming along to escape the doom
In the net they think they have chances to live

They rather fight for a chance
Living on the glory once they had
Then living in the sea waiting
Though some may not live to stay relevant

The sins of the past will be judged
The fishes have no complaint
They want to live a second chance
They will take what the fishermen offer

Maybe they can live in a big tank
Swimming free round and round
They don’t have to complaint
They will be happy to live free

The fishermen watch the scene
How many can we save to live another day?
There is not much we could do
The sins will take them in the dark hollow

the cocky lawyer

The cocky lawyer
He thinks a charge isn’t planned out
He thinks he can take it apart
Until he walks in the court

There are 25 charges involved
How many can he argue for his client?
The documents in the bank don’t lie
The admission of funds is on the record

Playing the donation card?
It is corruption on the roll
The cocky lawyer shouldn’t say much
Honestly, he can’t get his client free

The Amla law will stick
There is no way to escape
The cocky lawyer should study the cases
Before he opens his mouth to speak

There is no truth in the donation game
It is after thought to escape the charges
Tell the truth and be free of the sins
The client will be recorded in history