Monday, September 01, 2014

the changing doors

The plot in the game
The twists and turns it behaves
The darkness and brightness
The missing words in graffiti

The painted walls of conflicts
The minds try to find its way
Maybe there is no truth in it
It is a game politicians play

The whisles blow
The wind lashing it along
Bending branches and leaves
Pulling down erected signs

The crushing of dissatisfaction
Or is it fear hitting the mind?
Crumbling blocks on porous ground
The corrupted officials and politicians run

The sound of bugle
Whistling in the air of wind
The changing doors
The patterns will come

the fear of losing creep in

The merdeka message
Do we feel the hollowness of it?
Like the slogan he initiated
The emptiness cracked in

The backdoor cracked down
The police went out to arrest
The people who pulled together
Combating crimes in the State

The Sedition Act suddenly works hard
Overloaded with the opposition leaders charges
The selective persecution of Pakatan leaders
The pro-government baggers are left free

The cracked down on the opposition
The many are charged under Sedition
It is sad day in our history
Of a government which is weak

The leaders can't debate
They leaders can't argue in honest and sincere way
They go by the police to polish up charges
Issuing statements thinking the people are fools

The fall of an empire
In history we learn it well
When the fear of losing creep in

The stupid methods gearing for the fall

pass the raven

Pass the raven
The eyes of red feathers black
Sitting on the branch
Cackling its song

The blues on the ground
The red rocket cemented down
The upright principles
The partnership should be all about

But pass the raven
Clinging on the branch
Living by itself
Singing its sad song

Pass the raven
Dreaming of the power
Of flight into the unknown
Eyes of red claws eager to shape

Down in the deep
Pass the raven sleeps
The comradeship forgets

The principles lay to greed

control crimes

Control crimes
The police need all the help it can
The reach of criminals
It is far and wide

Now when there are citizens
Willing to patrol to keep the community safe
Willing to spend hours on the road patrolling
To keep the crimes away

They form groups with a noble aim
Giving a helping hand to the police
Keeping the crimes at bay
It is just the community and State

But the police come in hard
They arrest these people
Though nothing is illegal about it
With an ounce of appreciation

On the ground the police fail
The perception seems flow from Amno baru
Gunning out the fire of Pakatan runs States
When crimes are running high

Now the police will face law suits
Who will pay in court appearances?
It is again our taxpayers monies
The IGP should be held accountable

As a public servant
He should work for the people
He shouldn't work for his political master
It is the people he has to answer

Sunday, August 31, 2014

open burning

Opening burning
It chokes the air we breathe
The educated ones
Do they forget?

The smoke get into homes
Surrounding area too
The choking smoke
The health hazards bloom

The air quality is bad
We don't need the open burning
It is of poor enforcement
The culprits just don't bother

DOE officers
Only in cities or major towns
The police and town councils
They evade the issue

Putrajaya isn't serious
With haze looming in the country
As such DOE is not established
In every town or village

it is better to start a new company

MAS better let it go
The losses through the years
The airline already sinks
Why want to structure it?

It wasn't the first time though
MAS was in the deep end before
Bee Anne pumped in public money
The returns never happened

Let MAS go to its end
Bankruptcy is better this way
For the ailing airline with huge losses
It will be a miracle it can return to profitability

Let the ashes burn
From it a new page to begin
Why need to pass a law Mas Act?
It is a company the laws are there

Bee Anne wants to pump in $6 billion
It is public money it never sound like an investment
No clever investor will put in money
With an airline sinking deep in the oceans

This huge bailout of public money
It is better to feed the people's aspirations
For the nation needs it badly
Now who are the ones going to benefit?

one way street

One way street
The traffic rules we learn
Taking up driving lessons
Trying to get it over quickly

Once the license is obtained
The High Way Code seems to forget
The road signs telling the drivers
For our own safety driving on the road

The road around the market
It is a one way street in the morning
Until 12 in the afternoon it stays
Yet there are drivers flouting the rules

The one way street
Becomes a two way drive
Accidents may happen
Who will be blame?

The male or female drivers
The traffic rules forget easily
On the road they should observe
It is for our own good

learn to live with our colours

The crying in our minds
The unity of the nation
Scattered seeds of sorrow
Eyes of snakes
The hungry faces loom
Of the greed and corruption
Of bigots and extremists
Branding a one street vibration

Learn history of the past events
The fabric of our society of many faces
The colours of many religions
Teaching us to respect and honour
Love and compassion
Everyone is different from you and me

It is no use trying to run supreme
It is no use playing the race, religion and royalty
We are living on the borderless world
With a click we can see it in the open

Learn to live in our diversity
Learn to appreciate our cultures
The opportunities should be shared
Help each other in time of needs
Respect the Constitution nobody is above the law
You and I living in this nation

As the sound of Merdeka rings
The celebration of our 57 years of independence
We should remember our history
Together we will make it the best
If we try to divide and rule
The country will go to the dogs
In the end we will be colonize again

So stay united and shared our vision
A united Malaysia with colourful races and religions
Learn to live with our colours
Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

the gifted souls

Life of magic
We seem to dream
Within our minds
We let it float away

Into the open spaces
We let it stay
We haven't found a way
How to harness our energy

We have seen or heard
The gifted souls in our times
How they are better than most of us
We sweat it for years to learn

These gifted souls
They have it in their minds
It tells us something
There must be God in our universe

happy birthday Malaysia!

The divide and rule
The footprints of our past
Hanging still in our minds
As the nation celebrates 57 years
The independence she achieved
Those decades ago in August 31,1957

The nation seems divide
The political parties and NGOs
Converging of conflicts
Marshalled it by the ruling elites
Tearing away the close knit family structures
Of the early years of our independence

Now the cement of ties
The paint work falling short
The cracks has appeared
Listening to the hate speeches
Rolling out by the Muslim NGOs

We are all immigrants
Settling in the land of plenty
Everyone has a share to contribute
In majority or in minority
We must admit we are

The healing will come
When we change our minds
When we change the party
Enough of its ruling and policies
Let a new page begin for us

No doubt of the gloom
In political circles we hear and read
We are still a Nation
We are Malaysians
Happy Birthday Malaysia!

the port of call

The ship rows up
The muscled men row in tandem
The drumbeats hitting high
On the river rowing upwards

The captain surveys
The clustered trees and bushes
Crocodies swim in the river
Snakes silently crawling on the uneven land

Pull up oars
We anchor here”
The Lord Baron walks in
Why the ship not sailing?”

My Lord” the captain says
My men have to rest a while
This river is winding and tiresome
We need our rest before we begin”

You know how much I have lost?
Every time you make your stop?
The time is running out on me
Captain, you better start sailing!”

No my Lord
I am the Captain of my ship
I take no order from anyone
I am my own leader you know that”

The Lord Baron wants to shout
He controls himself and walks away
Counting in his head the losses
Of time and goods disappear

Then he turns around
So be it captain!
It is your ship
Just make sure you don't stop anymore”

Yes my lord
We will reach our port of call soon”
The sun shining down

The wind shouting in eerie sound

the swarm of small black bees

The swarm of small black bees
They came made beehive
On the branches of small tree
Under the shade in the garden

The swarm of small black bees
Flew in silently
In the morning I didn't see
In late evening the beehive thrived

I was surprise
It was built so quickly
Now my mind started thinking
How to get rid of the beehive?

Put white plastic over my head
Hozed the bees with jet of water
Splashing running rain
The beehive dropped

The small bees came
Attacked the intruder
So I got a few stings
Managed to kill a large number

Later I sprayed pest control chemical
Over the small tree
In the end the swarm of small black bees
They flew away