Thursday, May 28, 2015

in the graves of the lost souls

In the quiet forest
The darkness crawled into it
The buzzing of insects
The soft wind came

In the night sky
The stars shining bright
Leaving dark shadows
Amongst the trees in the woods

In the silence of the night
The howling cries of humans in distress
The mad and rogue human traffickers
They butchered the innocents

Nobody could escape
They were housed in cages
The inhuman ways to live
But death took them away

The graves of the lost souls
They thought they could stay anew
In the land they were promised
In the shallow graves they went

Now the men in blue
They combed the forest
They searched for more
It was just the same old story

when reality bites the lies

There is no escape
When the wrong has been found
No words will make the play
Once it is out
Only the truth will make the day
There is no need to dig many holes
There is no need to have barking black dogs
It is just chasing dreams
When reality bites the lies

Using laws to protect
The court will hear the cases
Everyone will want to know
What are the bags full of
You can't run away
Once you enter the stage
You better be prepared
When reality bites the lies

You may think you have the puppet strings
Pulling it every way you want it to behave
Along the strings the frayed lines wanting to be free
It is just a better of time it will snap away
The many holes on the ground
The puppets will not dance into tune
It is then you will realize
When reality bites the lies

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

death in the forest

Woke up in the morning
The sun slowly woke up from the sleep
The sunny rays didn't shine it through
It was covered by the cloudy sky

The newspaper man came
Stopped his motorbike threw the newspaper
It flew over the gate landed on the porch
With a headline “Death in the forest”

Once a minister claimed
There was no death camp in our soil
The crying days came hit the land bad
In the forest hundred of deaths

Now the reactionary moves
Finger pointing putting the blame
The death of refugees in our soil
No wonder the sun was feeling bad

Woke up in the morning
The newspaper man came
Stopped his motorbike threw the newspaper
With a headline “Death in the forest”

you choose your life

You choose your life
What you want to be
You can't put blame
When you fail miserably

When you mix with the wrong
You don't expect to stay good
Everyday you hang around
In time you will get influenced

When you live with the bad
You see what it is
It sounds crazy but money is good
You may get influenced

When hard labour you can't cut it
You will think of an easy way
You forget there is always a fall
Once it is done there is no escape

You choose your life
How it has to be
On the wrong road
The prison waits

look ahead with dignity

Mas mass retrenchment exercise
Involving over 6000-8000 employees
Just so the Mas can lift off to the sky
With a new head to guide it through

Someone had said a day or two ago
We went all the way to help in disasters
Contributing monies, food and clothing
For the disaster victims to get on their feet

Now we have our own
The Mas mass retrenchment exercise
Making it a difficult walk to get back to normalcy
It is time we have to think of our own

Losing job is a normal process
We may cry and get emotional about it
Thinking will there be another job
With age growing old everyday

Look ahead with dignity
Get over it as quickly as it allowed
Procrastination will make it bad
Take a break; recharge batteries and study options

the refugees


The refugees
Why run away?
From your home to the seas
Knowing not what the future will be?

Lives lost at seas
Lives murdered on the land
Why don't you stay back home?
Prepared to live hope for the change

Running away will not change
The outlook of your life in other places
You will see the same issues running in
Why want to run away?

You think the grass is green
Coming in though you don't know
What the future will be?
Why you want to run away?

It is better to stay and fight
If there is a wrong in the land
There is nothing impossible
When everyone stays united

he can't let go

He can't let go
The strings of power in his head
He has seen it how it works
He uses it to make it his own

He can't let go
Even he knows
The lies he has said
Many adjectives came to play

The Old Man told him so
He could go to jail
But he doesn't care
He can't let go

The strings of power in his head
He has seen it how it works
He uses it to make it his own
He can't let go

He thinks the people support him
He likes it on the stage
But ask him to debate
He will run away

So he can't let go
The power in his head
He has seen it how it works
He uses it to make it his own

death in the forest

Image result for refugees death in perlis

copy malaysiainsider- a forest in perlis

The refugees died
In the camps North of a small state
The torturing and killing in the forest
By the human traffickers

Once a minister said
There was no such camps on our land
Though it was reported there could be
Now it was exposed 139 dead bodies!

The sad affairs
Of how lives lost for nothing
Promised by the rogue agents
On the land of possibilities

The lost souls
They will haunt in the forest
The spirits will not rest in peace
The horrible deaths in our midst

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

the noose

The noose grips it
The lies of struggling hold
Dangling in the air
The scavengers camp out

The wind tapping it
Swaying it across the pit
The whirring cry of triumph
If only it breaks

The lies spoken
Then the amendment to the lies
It holds no water
It is the broken hold

The party in the loop
It gets entangled in the fence
Eyes red of tears
As the scavengers wait

The red moon hits the red lights
Slowly the darkness engulf in the loop
Spreading its web of catching souls
The noose grips it

enjoy the life

The life is a fixed term
The day we are born
We will know we will be gone
Like it or not we can't decide

We should use our lives
To live the best we can
Within the skills and environment
Make it a good experience

Along the way we know
There are obstacles to strike us down
We like it or not we can't decide
It is already there before we are born

Learn to enjoy what we have
Experience this world we were born into
Regrets we will have
Satisfaction will thrill us through

the stray cats

The stray cats walk in
So confident in their stroll
On the carpet grass and palm trees
Smelling the green under the walled lights

The soft carpet grass touching paws
They know how good feeling it is
They laze around living the good atmosphere
The world of garden like their home

If that what the stray cats do
It will be fine by the owner of the house
But cats don't respect humans
They will make them boiling mad

The stray cats either do business on the flower pots
Or they do it on the carpet of grass
Leaving the smell to annoy the house owner
As they walk away in the quiet night