Monday, November 19, 2018

let the ghost go

Amno baru and Pas Malays
To a certain extent Bersatu too
Let the ghost go
Don’t play the game on 3R

It is in the Constitution
It shouldn’t be brought up again
The nation needs to move forward
She mustn’t be shackled by old dilemma

Everyday we hear these leaders speak
They haven’t got into their heads
They have to let the ghost go
Don’t let the ghost take you to the low

The non-Malays know the Constitution
They do not question it or bring it up
It is the myopic Amno baru and Pas
To a certain extent Bersatu too

Malaysia is the home of many races
She isn’t for one race and leave others behind
She is a melting pot of many flavours
She wants all to have a share in her wealth

Let the ghost go
It shouldn’t be a haunting dilemma now
For over 61 years harping on it
Let us march together to achieve progress

the day knocks the time

The day knocks the time
You watch the sunshine
A new day a new line
You have to catch it

Not every day is the same
Sometimes you see the rain
Sometimes you see the mists
Like angels cascading down the hill

You will watch the magic unfold
Count your blessing the years before
You will wish for many more
On the day you were born

The wishes will pour in
Giving you a head start today
You will feel to make it work
On the day of your birthday

Happy birthday and many returns
Let the sunshine and morning mists show
Let the day be the best in the time
I wish you many more to celebrate

once the power is gone

Once the power is gone
A leader should know how to behave
The once everything was done by workers
Now everything he has to do on his own

He may bark at his family members
He can show his tantrums like a spoiled child
At the end of the day he has to cope with it
He has to handle all by himself

A leader will stay for a while
He mustn’t expect to last a life time
He has to prepare when he has the power
For it may milk his mind of his values

Absolute power makes a bad leader
He will think he is god in the chair
He will bark and show his tantrums
Everything will be done in quick time

Once the power is gone
He has to learn to accept his role
He has to become like any normal person
He will get the same treatment

Sunday, November 18, 2018

the time will tell

The time will tell
It is a long way to go
Even one can plan and dispose
The time waits for nobody

Don’t keep harping on it
The next prime minister
Anwar is waiting
He must have his patience

If the post is his
He has no fear of losing it
When the date and time arrive
We will see

Dr Mahathir has said it many times
Anwar Ibrahim will be the next prime minister
The Old Man has no intention to stay forever
With his age, he wants to fix things now

when the little man sleeps

On the island of dreams
I once had a friend
He narrated his story
About his hot woman

Once he got her into his bed
His little man couldn’t get up
After all the chasing and planning
On the day itself he lost it

The hot woman wasn’t satisfied
He couldn’t help on the occasion
He could only use his fingers
Hoping his little man would wake up

It didn’t happen
It stayed asleep in its dream world
In reality he was feeling worst
Here was the hot woman naked

I told him to watch what he ate
He had to do some stretching exercises
Buy Tongkat Ali plenty on the island
Let the blood flow without restriction

The little man needs the easy blood flow
Once the blood flow is clogged
The little man can only sleep
Without seeing reality but in dreams

are we going to change?

Who is afraid of equality?
Who is afraid of its shadow?
Who is afraid to forge unity?
It is Amno baru and its sidekick Pas

Who is afraid to share wealth?
Who is afraid to walk together?
Who is afraid to stand up in unity?
Who is afraid to change?

There is another one in PH
It’s Bersatu afraid to see the change
It isn’t about colonization
It is to respect of sharing on equal footing

We have our different colours
We have our different faiths
But we must agree we are Malaysians
Nobody is going to colonize us

We have our Constitution
It spells out clearly for all of us
The Rulers will stay to defend our rights
It isn’t solely for a race

So, what are we so afraid?
It’s Amno baru and Pas
On the wings there is Bersatu
Are we going to change or afraid to change?

it's anwar job now

Hug and wave
Smile and stay
Unity is important
The struggles must go on

Personal setbacks are natural
It shouldn’t boil over to be spilled
In politics or elsewhere everyone wants
To be a winner on the stage

Sometimes it never happens
There must be losers and winners
This is part of life we lived through
We have to accept defeat with grace

PKR leaders must heal the party
Let the members stay united and strong
The new president must heal it quickly
The smile can turn ugly too

Saturday, November 17, 2018

pkr in camps

PKR in camps
It isn’t easy to heal the wounds
What is said and done
Forgiving it will take time

The ugly sides happened
On the running of the election
Everyone wants a winner
The stake is high

Now the election is over
The winners and losers will seek compromise
In politics there is no permanent friend or enemy
It is the goal the party defended

Anwar Ibrahim has to fix his house
He can’t let the intra party grouses continue
The members have to stop it now
The election was over

The police and Macc will act
The agencies received report of many kinds
They have to find the party involved
And Anwar has to discipline his members

mo1 stop pretending

MO1 stop pretending
You have the charges in your name
You have to face the court to defend
It is no use talking in Parliament

Whom are you trying to fool?
It isn’t city folks or the town folks
It is likely the villagers
But they too have known your misdeeds

Now you want to talk
Once you refused or you ran away
Blaming others but not yourself
You want us to listen?

Save your time MO1
Keep your wisdom to yourself
You have no credibility now
Say it to the judge

You better listen to the gong
Bamboo River is calling your name
The iron gate will be written on it
You aren’t going anywhere

So, save your speeches
It will not bring you back to the stage
Once you are knocked down
The referee says you are out!

the weak woods

The weak woods
The men will cry in silence
They feel the fear
They can’t function on the go

Many men will stay quiet
They hide it within their minds
They are afraid to talk about it
They think nature will provide

Take Viagra pills
Doctors will advice
Give the men the boost
All for a while

But the grave side effects
The blue pills must stay away
You don’t want to lose your life
Go stay the natural way

Aloe Vera good for the wood
Mashed it up into liquid or blend it
Apply on the wood leave it for 10 minutes
It will help to build up the wood

It is natural way
It will not cause side effects
In fact, you can grow in your garden
Harvest when it is grown

Even the skin of Aloe Vera
Cut into slices and cook with Virgin Olive oil
Sieve it and keep in a bottle
Apply on the wood to keep its strength

Men of the weak woods
There are natural remedies
Forget about the blue pills
You don’t want to gamble with your life

the 3 sisters

The 3 sisters
Ever close and happy
Going for holidays
Let the home stay

The 3 sisters
Though years have gone
They still talk like today
They still stay unchanged

Nothing ever changes
They can bring up tales
And the story will be told
The story shared and recalled

The 3 sisters
The time seems to stand still
They are talking and laughing
The time can pass them by

The 3 sisters
The bond they shared
Through the years
And the tales of their times