Wednesday, January 18, 2017

nothing is ever permanent

The day when you leave
The workforce you will be alone
The lower rank workers can easily adapt
In any situation to their lives movements

It is the leaders in any organization
They will feel at a total loss
Once they have the power to command
Once they have the power to hire and fire

When they leave the work force
They have to change their games
They have to do most of their daily routines
Once they have others to perform for them

Some will find it hard
Losing the command once they have
The power gone so are the perks
This is the circle of life

Learn to be humble
Don't forget your root
Everything will come and go
Nothing is ever permanent

the land sold

The land sold
The pockets full
The rights gone
The forever in memory

This isn't FDI
Monies arrived with land sold
Though jobs opportunities
The nation pride cut away

It wasn't into Look East
The Japanese investors came
Set up companies employment rose
There were no land sold

Now the current trends
Selling assests for political gains
It isn't about the profits for the nation
It is a way to fall into debts

When the nation loses her land
It is as if she sold her body
Everyday she will cry
Thinking of the bad decision

The land sold
The pockets full
The Malay right groups
The silence in the air

The people must wake up
Change the course
Wake up from the addiction
By the sweet talk and crumbs

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

the zombie man 5

The zombie man
He still sings his blues
Early in the dawn
He will wake up shouting his words

Until day breaks he still goes
Shouting at his neighbours
Sometimes he uses profanities
The old man just stays quiet

His mother will stay indoors
She hardly socializes around
Maybe she is afraid neighbours will talk
She has no answer

The zombie man
He has lost his way
Sometimes he dances
Sometimes he laughs

The neighbours aren't happy
The nearest neighbours don't call the police
Though I heard they talked with themselves
They hardly want to get involved

I did call the police a few times
On my own I went to the police station
They police officers came and talked
Stay indoors don't make noise”

But the zombie man ignores
He still shouts top of his voice
I am surprise he hardly gets sick
His vocal chords always good as new!

chasing dreams

Chasing dreams
You don't have to break every rule
You have to plan and invest time
It will happen not in a wink

It will take time to happen
It isn't come by tomorrow
You must have patience to wait
For the fish to bite the hook

Chasing dreams
It isn't for the weak
You don't wait for it
You have to work hard

But you must remember
Not every dream can be realize
Some will be just dreams
It just says you are human after all

the circle of crooks

It's so sad the crooks still walk free
The faces we see everyday
in televisions and newspapers
There must be something wrong in AGC
The public outcry to nap the culprits

Some can give advice
In straight faces pulling no punches
Behind doors they take with immunity
By giving out crumbs to cover the tracks
The addicts will clamour for it

And so the circle of crooks
The big ones to the small
The degree of collection in the pockets
The police can't do a thing
They wait for orders but it is always on hold

So it is sad to read about it
The crooks in the block
They fly here and there
Taste the good life enjoying free

The public are angry
This isn't the way to see
The wealth of the nation
It disappears in a wink!

don't look the other way

Too many illegals
Many unsolved deaths
Some in drums; some floating in rivers
The death facing the police
The force has to wake up
Stop harrassing the opponents and critics
There are major crimes to be solved
Why go after members of parliament?
Even a secondary student on her posting
On the death of a chief minister?

Though we salute the force
Catching the Islamic militants
Controlling the spread of its bad ideology
It is best to stop Malaysian militants
Coming home to roost
Even their dead bodies shouldn't be allowed
To set sail to the country
There shouldn't be a double standard

Why do the illegals enter here so easily?
The police should go down to the basic
Maybe there is somebody helping along
Gaining entry by bribes and what's not?
The illegals not all are good people
Some could be killers on the run
Some could be the Islamic militants

We thank the force
Always keeping the nation safe
It is only the capital crimes
Running around with unsolved cases
The many deaths of illegals
Bringing fear into our homes and lives

The police should stop chasing members of parliament
Though they criticise the government for many reasons
The police shouldn't spend much time on them
It's the security and crimes the police should pay closely
We depend on the police to make it safe to live and stay

Monday, January 16, 2017

don't put blame

Life of good
Life of bad
You and I know
We have it in ourselves

When we can live by
With our resources in our hands
We live dreaming life
We will not go hunting wild

Though there are greedy ones
They will try to steal, cheat, rob or lie
They can't satisfy with what they have
They always want to fill the hunger

The needs to acquire
The hill of wealth in the mind
The more piling up high
The satisfaction pumping blind

The life of the poor
The life of the homeless
The life of the addicts
They will steal or rob to stay alive

Some will beg for alms
Some will seek charity to survive
When all else falls flat in their eyes
Robbing or stealing to stay alive

Do we blame them?
It is society of people
Demand the highest yet fail to help
When others needed the most

Life of good
Life of bad
It is in us
Don't put blame

the angels of the night

The angels of the night
They come from near and far
They provide a much needed service
Otherwise why they are so many around?

It is high time to control the sex workers
Let them operate on a designated area
The government mustn't look the other way
The oldest profession will not go away

These angels of the night
They must be screened every month
This is to avoid spreading of diseases
We do not want AIDS to go high

The nation of many possibilities
Everyone wants a share of it
Even foreigners flocked to the nation
They smell the pot of gold and honey

The angels of the night
The men will go to take flight
Full time or part time the men will find
In the cities money always smile

silly me silly you

Silly me silly you
We get hooked
With money and lies
It makes us feel good

Silly me silly you
We don't open our eyes
We don't want to see
What troubles lie ahead?

We feel we are okay
Living in our world
We hear the knocking
We will ignore the sound

Silly me silly you
We don't see what's coming
We think we can go far
Until we fall down

It's a pyramid scheme
We lost everything we have
Now we have nothing to tell
Silly me silly you tears from our eyes

get up and go change!

The gong strikes loudly
There will be the change
Though the ruling elites don't believe
They still take on the wagon train

Throw the crumbs around
Let the others scramble for it
They smile with their share
Lots of it floating in their minds

Give the public a reason
Throw them the a few hundreds
The public will remember
How good to get it in their pockets

But the gong makes the noise
The thundering sound of change
The public comes to realize
There is a heavy price to pay

The generations that arrive
They will curse the present one
They have to pay for our debts
If we don't wake up and change

Get up and go change!
There is nothing to lose
We can wave goodbye
The bad hats who will cry