Wednesday, August 20, 2014

play a fair game, ros

RoS as usual
Quickly respond to complaint
As long as it involves the opposition
The officers never drag their feet

When RoS is issued a demand to answer
It will take months to explain a decision
Maybe its officers hope it will be forgotten
RoS shouldn't be playing politics

When Amno baru members complained
The public didn't hear RoS jumped in to investigate
We didn't read of report of issuing an order to appear
But not so with political opponents

The latest is with PKR
The renegade MB's lawyers wrote to complained
About unfair dismissal from his party
He was tried ex parte when he refused to respond

PKR gave him a charge sheet
A date to appear but he failed
He sent the party his lawyer's letter
Instead of appearing in the board of inquiry

On top of that he doesn't file his appeal
He has 14 days to do if he feels he is aggrieved
Instead he used his lawyers to do his bidding
Using RoS as his alleged tool to punish PKR

On the onset it has failed
He has been given the opportunity
But he failed to use it
Instead he used lawyers to fight for his case

If he has any honour left
He should leave the stage now
He has no standing with the majority
He only fights for his own agenda

It is a sad story in history
For a man who forgot about integrity
Power corrupts absolutely
It rings true if one forgets the boundary

anwar's deja vu

Anwar can't be around
Amno baru can't stand his smell
Permeating through its mind
Finding ways to put him in jail

Sodomy 1 failed
Though Anwar spent years in jail
It was a charge couldn't hold
The Federal Court finally released him

When he was released
He led the opposition to a better showing
In GE12 and 13 Amno felt the vibrations
Its leaders can't sleep well

Though Pakatan Rakyat is a loose coalition
Of Pas, DAP and PKR holding together
Fighting on a common enemy Bee Anne
The change the nation badly needs

The Amno baru framed up Sodomy 2
Thinking it could derail Pakatan in 2008
When the 'victim' went to see pm
Then the motion was set in

And the battles heated up
The High Court judge found Anwar not guilty
Amno baru couldn't take it
AG filed an appeal on the case

In Appeal Court
The judges found Anwar guilty
The reasoning had holes in it
So claimed the lawyers in the case

Now it is in Federal Court
Anwar is seeing the end or beginning
In October the case will come to pass
The heat is going up

One of Anwar's lawyers
A VP in PKR is charged with Sedition
He said it is a conspiracy involving the pm
The police came quickly and charged him!

The story of Anwar
A story to fight for justice
For all of us to be free
Of a giant going to fall badly

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

the ground still cracks anyway

The Old Man croaks
The patience runs its course
Months he says he hopes
The way of his way

Time has changed
The template redesigned
The good boys finally rear their heads
The Old Man can't believe it

The Old Man sees troubles ahead
He can't feel his way around anymore
The years of divide and rule in his time
Though it is still used today

The troubling thought
The elements of Talibanism
It seems to permeate into its administration
The Old Man isn't comfortable with it

He sees troubles ahead
He wants the present crop to change
Some are weak; some are greedy
In between some are corrupted

Some just see no evil
Some just hear no calls
The Old Man sees it all
He doesn't like what he sees

He sees the ground changing
The flow of internet news and blogs
It spells information easily passing through
He sees troubles ahead

But the boys don't see
They are happy playing with toys
Hitting the balls laughing to the banks
The ground cracks the party will fall

The Old Man croaks
The template shouldn't have changed
There are nothing new in shape
The ground still cracks anyway

my rule of management

The first rule of management
Believe in God your God
Everything comes from the Creator
Nothing is left to chance

The second rule of management
It is the people who made the ground
Without them nothing will happen
Shouting and demanding it will not work

The third rule of management
Listen and communicate with open hearts
There shouldn't be any hidden goals
The workers will smell a rat quickly

The fourth rule of management
Rules and Regulations must be fair
One party shouldn't have absolute control
It has to be shared through division of responsibility

The fifth rule of management
Give a budget and control measures
Let the workers participate and evaluate promptly
Do not find faults for failures

The sixth rule of management
Do not find scrape-goats for failures
Be honest and admit mistakes
The engine of growth will inspire

The seventh rule of management
Give compliments and thank you
A small measure will inspire confidence
With it the growth will jump higher

The eight rule of management
The managers are directors
Keeping all together for a common goal
The life line of progress and enjoyment

The nine rule of management
God is number 1 do not forget
Workers are number 2
The supporting legs to stay afloat

the magic of our lives

The magic of our lives
Where have it all gone?
Is it time taken it away?
Leaving us crying in silence?

Wake up in the morning
Hurry to get to work
Beating the traffic jam
Thinking of work nothing else

Money in the mind
Worry about it all the times
Living in this world of good and bad
Forgetting the magic in our lives

The manners of upbringing
It never happens now
We see it everyday
Where is the magic of our lives?

When the day is done
Hurry back to beat the traffic jam
Thinking of appointments on the dark side
What happen to the magic in our lives?

we can't live in fear and division

The muscle in
The Sedition Act
Even a like
It comes after you

Bee Anne's way
The agency just follow
When Bee Anne leaders hiccup
There goes the Sedition Act

How many opponents under investigations?
Even the late Karpal Singh was found guilty
When he expressed his take on Perak sultan
Nobody is above the law and Constitution

The latest is Anwar's lawyer
A vice president of PKR
He is slapped with Sedition Act
When Amno baru linked people lodged police reports

The Sedition Act
Flavour of the ruling and police
Now even the bloggers aren't spared
There will come a time

We should seriously change our mindsets
Bee Anne has ruled long enough
The nation calling for change
We can't live with fear and division

Monday, August 18, 2014

the way of my way

The Old Man gives up
He throws in his towel
All his efforts to advice
All fall on the way out

The way of My Way
Now it has come in different forms
The wings of the current administration
The leaders think they can fly

The Old Man feels his days
He is better spill out the beans
Bite the bullet let it rolls
Why still want to hold it out?

The Old Man rocks in his blog
The way of My Way has gone
The current head honcho
Most of the time he is MIA

The Old Man forgets his time
He is the one teaching them
Doing your way all the years
Now they don't listen

They want an easy way of life
Swaying by the breezes frolicking on the beach
Dreaming of the good times feeling free
The way of My Way they leave it far behind

The Old Man shouldn't waste his energy
Spill the bad habits behind the scenes and more
It is the nation will benefit to change the ways
The current head honcho most of the time MIA

abusing sedition act

Once the police abused ISA
The civil right groups and opposition
Anyone of this group saying bad
The police would come in no time

No trial no reasonable explanation
They are sent in undisclosed lock-up
The affected members and families
Running around searching for clues

Then the affected detainees
Posted to Kamunting jail for years
ISA was hell on Earth some would say
The political opponents would tell

Now the same old tricks
The police is abusing Sedition Act 48
Even like pages of certain banned countries
The police will charge you under the Act

Likewise the police will just forget
The trade of the government with the banned countries
Nothing will be charged it is legal
A student who liked on a page under Sedition probed

It tells us why our nation going wrong
The police is abusing the Sedition Act
Like what it did under ISA years ago
We may as well as forget the Penal Code

let a woman hold her court

Let a woman play her role
We have males all these years
And see what have they done?
The division and hatred

Let a woman play her games
Reaching out of her softness flow
Touching the hearts and souls
I am a woman let me listen!”

The greed and corruption
It may disappear in our minds
Let a woman hold her court
Enough of the men running us down

It is time for the healing process
A woman will make us proud
In a nation of divided souls
A woman will rock them in