Tuesday, February 21, 2017

the cycle rempits

In the midnight cruise
The young cyclists ride
On the road of cheap thrills
Forgetting about safety measures

The cycle Rempits
Out in the morning darkness
When the traffic is almost empty
They hit the road gliding free

The stunts they pull
Cruising flat on the bicycles
Gliding on the road
Forgetting death needs a mistake

The parents have lost control
The teenagers can roam late in the night
There is no curfew while the parents in slumberland
Praying nothing will happen to their children

In the midnight cruise
The police should be aware
What they cycle Rempits are doing
Maybe the police don't see the danger

It takes 8 teenagers died on the spot
It wakes up the parents and the police
Even the public too become aware
The cycle Rempits on the rise!

living in short cut beware

There is no short cut to wealth
The sooner we learn the better for us
It has to come through the ranks
Like it or not this is the way it is

The crooked ways will lead
The stars will shine for a while
The atmosphere of beauty
It never lasts the distance

Once the fall hit the road
The gate of hell will be opened
The shame will be known
The names will be spoken

Where to hide?
When the prison life is over?
The social stigma will stay
Maybe an escape to another place

we need our salvation

Malaysia will cry
The incompetence spills into it
The fish head is rotten
The body and tail will die

Is this the way to go?
The country's image has fallen low
KLIA's assassination in front page news
The North Korean spies knew how to do

The current scandals ignored
The Amno baru gang dig in to the old
Reliving the past on the forex losses
The real thief in the room sipping coffee

The ringgit value dips bad
Why Amno baru leaders don't say?
Maybe they can't count the depreciating value
They still see the old image of our King

Why the road show to explain on forex losses?
It was Amno baru managing the nation
Why no road show on IMDB scandals?
It is still Amno baru taking the hit

Malaysia will cry
We will pray hard to see the light
This regime has to go out of our eyes
The bad lies will not bring us salvation

Monday, February 20, 2017

the 4 eagles flew away

The 4 eagles from the North
They flew in in separate flights
Without raising any suspicious manners
They plotted and planned the execution

When the rabbit was hit
Standing alone in a crowded airport
They flew away in the same flight
Boarded to Jakarta enroute to Dubai

They were enjoying a success
A rabbit got poisoned executed on foreign soil
They felt good in their mission of success
The Big Boss will richly rewarded them

Landed in Dubai took a flight to Russia
On its border they crossed home to North Korea
In Malaysia the police tried to catch the assassins
The pawns were caught and retained

But the planners had escaped home
By the time the police piece together
The 4 spies had landed home in North Korea
Maybe fete by their Big Boss!

Ask Interpol for help?
It is North Korea regime
It is harder to catch the spies
Maybe should ask Taiko to help

God doesn't need human helpers

Don't cry when you are on trial
On the Islamic law you put it up
The sadism rules the day
The night of shame bears no sinners

You think you fight for a religion
Without understanding the merits of it
You can't be watching your every move
Thinking you may step on somebody's shoes

The man-made-laws are full of holes
It is what we intended to do
It is the leeway to escape certain punishments
Let the good judges balance in properly

If you read the Holy Quran page by page
You don't hear it mention of hudud laws
It tells you story of the ancient times
God is loving, forgiving and compassionate

Even in the New Testament of Christ
It tells the same old story of the old
But Christ died on behalf our sins
Let us work hard to get to paradise

If you read the context of Buddhism
It tells of finding inner peace to Nirvana
It tells you of doing good deeds not bad ways
Achieving it is everybody's aim in life

Don't let politics involve in religions
Don't listen to the fools who brew different ways
Listen to your God read HIS holy scriptures
You will not get wrong in your life

the 8 teenagers died on the road

Who are to blame?
The parents? The police?
The drivers? The ordinary drivers?
When accidents hit the road?

When we are on the road
We know the situation ahead
We know how accidents happen
We shouldn't play the blame game

The traffic rules and laws
The road users must obey every time
Once we lose our concentration
Accidents will bound to happen

The drivers stay alert
The cyclists and motorbikers don't race
Travel on the correct lanes
At night wear visible signs

The 8 teenagers who died
On the road in the middle of the morning
Racing with each other forgot about traffic
A woman driver didn't see the cyclists

She will live with her accident
The parents of the death teenagers will mourn
In sorrow in their lives in memory in tears
There is no blame game every party is at fault

On the road don't lose concentration
Stay alert wear visible signs for the cyclists
The motorbikers don't speed like daredevils
We all have one life so don't throw it away!

the political religion

The political religion
It serves only a race
Branding it to instill the web
The half truths and greed of power
The hidden agenda of political leaders

It is as if the blind leads the fools
Some with strings of academic achievements
Spewing an agenda music for the political leaders
In politics religions shouldn't be the pursuit
But the truth should give us the key to fly

The grand standing waving of placards
Shouting slogans calling others infidels
It is a sad story the blind fools the fools
When the truth sinks in will they cry for help?
The Constitution is the bedrock of our foundation!

The political religion
It is for the ones who craze of power
The sins brewing in their minds and souls
The elephant in the room
They don't want to tell a soul

The gathering of waving placards
The sins they forget to get it cleanse
They think they want to score points for God
But God never sanctioned it at all!
And they yell like bloody fools too!

It is for the political leaders
They are afraid to sink into the darkness
They can't stand the light of truth
They want the bad to stay on the power throne
In doing it they divide the people into groups

the pawns are left behind

The pawns are left behind
They will face the score
By treat or tricks they fall
Now the bad deed of a nightmare

The North Korean spies flew away
When the assassination carried out
They left immediately by flight
On the same day the cruel act done!

The pawns can claim a movie act
Tell the police how it was done
The poison filtered into the victim
Death was certain on the score-board

The 4 spies have been identified
The police want them to face the crime
It isn't easy to extradite the spies
Ask their Big Boss he ordered the hit!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

the breakdown in the filter systems

Once the pond is crystal clear water
You can even see right at the bottom
The colours of many fishes swimming
You can count every one of them

The filter systems in working order
Pumping in clean water pumping out dirty water
The cycle moves in unison every minute of the day
You can watch the elements in foreplay

The cats stay at a distance
Afraid to go near afraid of the guard
Standing alert watching with his eyes
With baton in his hands the cats move away

Decades down the road
The changes from good to bad
The pond now looks dirty
The filter systems failed to operate

The fishes dare not swim up
There is no splashing of joy
The cats stand at the edge
Waiting to catch the fishes

Now the guard has his wad of cash
Counting it everyday feeling money high
He has less to worry but more in his pockets
This must be life” he says

The breakdown of the filter systems
The nation will keep crying
The bad elements keep pushing
People break your addiction and change!

a weak leader

A weak leader
Bad things or events will arise
The little demons come alive
It is the best time

The little demons will fly
The air full of hot wind
They breathe out little fires
Nobody dares to cry

The pushing to the extreme
Telling others don't intervene
They forget in a nation of colourful balloons
Every right every shadow has a say

But the weak leader stays quiet
He doesn't have the guts to object
The fall will be imminent in the next round
For the sun will burn the ground

Now the little demons play
Pushing the elements carrying in addiction
The pool of addicts to be the sacrifice lambs
When things turn out bad they shout religious fear

It is time to kick out the addiction
There is nothing to fear to fight for freedom
God never sanctions anyone to fight for His law
It is the sinners they should cleanse their souls

in the temple of the kings

In the temple of the kings
The ardent followers sing and dance away
Waving flags of yellow dancing in tune of steps
The burning of incense fill the air
The smoke dust the sky
Nobody notices it
They are praying for the good fortunes
They wish for good health and living in peace

In the temple of the kings
The devotees will abstain from meat for the duration
It is time to be vegetarian to cleanse the body and soul
Every devotee takes it seriously
It isn't something to easily forget
When walking on the fire
The truth will be known easily

The sinners will pray for forgiveness
Many will donate materials and monies
To atone for their sins in the past year
They will pray hard everyday
The good deeds they will perform for charity
Until the celebrations are over
They will pile up their sins again
Greed, power, corruption,lust, women and men
They will ride into the dust
The camouflage of their misdeeds
For wealth is the thing

In the temple of the kings
The sound of drums and chanting
The dancing rituals will be performed
The devotees will pray
The good fortunes and sinners will escape