Friday, December 15, 2017

we can't be living in shame

The nation of liars
It makes us look so stupid
Everything out in the open
Yet the lies keep piling in

As they use to say
Fish head is rotten
The body and tail will flow
There will stench all over

We have to take out the rotten fish head
Once we have achieved it
The nation will be realigned to move forward
This is a choice we have to make

Look at the agencies
They smell of bad faith
The big sharks still free
In the ocean of their minds

The taxpayers running angry
Knowing their contributions going astray
Every year we hear the AG report
We feel sad reading of the monies gone

This GE14
Let us make the choice
We can't be living in shame
We have our rights to fight for our dignity!

the ills of the nation

Every ill of the nation
Who to blame?
The Old Man
He is the one

Every corruption
Who to blame?
The Old Man
He privatized projects

Every pothole
On the road
Who to blame?
The Old Man

The losses in forex
The nation lost in trading
Who to blame?
Ah the Old Man

Even a certain ruler says
The Old Man is dangerous
Who to blame?
Dr M

The IMDB corruption
Who is to blame?
It isn't Dr M
It's silence...

Our pockets full of holes
Who is to blame?
The liars will say
Our economic fundamentals strong

The high debts of the nation
Causing us to stare in disbelieve
Who's to blame?
The liars will run away

the costs of living

Once Sheila Majid says of costs of living
Amno B members criticizing her
When they themselves bring it up
There is the loud applause

It tells us what they are
They aren't to be trusted
In the running of the affairs of the nation
They only hope to get the rewards

When the people are suffering
They are thinking of their own pockets
They don't address it on the stage
When the opportunity arises so they miss it

Now other artistes too voices their concerned
Of the economy of the nation
Though there is the standared reply
Our economic fundamentals are strong!”

What are they?
When we see our ringgit depreciates
We will pay more for our import of goods or services
We have already faced our own internal economic problems

GST has added to the woe of our pockets
It helps Bee Anne to stay in power for a while
Now EPF has introduced schemes of withdrawals
For those who in 55 or 60 years group

It tells us something is seriously wrong
The government treasury is in dire needs of money
Encouraging internal consumption to increase its coffers
And the hole has become deeper and deeper....

Is this the way we want?
We have a choice to make
Don't get fooled by Brim or Krim
It never solves our economic downtrends

pakatan harapan

It's now or never!
Pakatan Harapan
You can't be sleeping
You can't be arguing

You must have a concrete plan
You must make the choice soon
You mustn't think you have the time
When you wake up it will be gone

Bee Anne ship is full of holes
It hasn't sunk in the ocean
It pays high commission to float
The sailors brave it along

Though it will not last
There will be a time
The sailors will know their fate
In the ocean of sharks

It's now or never!
To wrestle control of the nation
Though Amno B talks big
It is the time it will fall flat

Though Pakatan Harapan
You must get your act together
You have the advantage to change it
Don't let it run away from your grip!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

the call for anwar release

The call for Anwar release
It is the right thing to do
He has suffered enough
He shouldn't be in jail at all!

The political persecution
It will make the nation lose
In the eyes of the world
Anwar doesn't steal does he?

It shows how Amno B leaders
Afraid to release Anwar Ibrahim
Its Home Minister refuses to grant leave
For Anwar's lawyer to consult him

Now Dr M appeals for Anwar release
Amno B will attack Dr M....
It is really sad how Amno B leaders behave
He's the founder president of the party

Maybe Dr M is following Tunku's footstep
Tunku helped to secure a pardon for Harun Idris
The King pardoned Harun Idris he walked out a free man
Dr M thinks of the nation and Anwar can galvanized the people

This country must be saved from the crooks
Every agency seems to be locked in.....
Auditor General's Report will tell us why
We can't allow it to go on

Pakatan Harapan
Its leaders better take shape
Don't sleep on the tasks ahead
It is now or never!

education will make you free

Education will make you free
Of the chains in your mind
Once you learn a few tricks
You are on your way

Some sad to say
They become slaves
They lose confidence
Facing their own demons

They keep finding faults
They aren't good enough
So much so education fails
Teaching them the good values

In life there is good and bad
Education will make you a choice
Once you decide which way to go
Do not feel regret of the wrong

And they say you need many failures
You need only one to find success
Education will show you the way
Give you a choice to conquer it

life of wrong choices

The life of wrong choices
It will make the worst scenes
Once you are addicted into it
You will find the bed isn't a rose

How many have fallen victims?
The many we read of their stories
Spending like there is no tomorrow
Piling up debts unable to service it

By the time the debts are in default
The nightmares will begin to dig in the mind
Slowly you will find your freedom is gone
To the addiction of spending free

The choices in life
Sometimes we make the bad decisions
We have to live through with it
Maybe there will be a line of rainbow

When laws are changed or amended
Give a person a second chance in life
Currently you will face no reprieve
You will sink to the low of the ground

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

when the power is gone

When the power is gone
Every indiscipline people will say
Taking the opportunity to hit back
On a leader once had the power

The hooligans we see
Belonging to a political party
Once it suits its needs
They will stage the support of royalty

Now these hooligans
Raging bulls of no fixed way
Charging to meet the wall
Once they hit they realise their stupidity

They want to show their might
Showing disrespect to Dr M
Once they could have bowed down
Afraid to see him eye to eye

They forget the people will keep records
There will come a time to bite the bullet
Let the nation face a new light
Jail the crooks, the hooligans and little napoleons

live the simple life

Living in the fast lane
Fame, drugs,music and songs
Lap it up in sex or orgy
Forget to remember the basic

Once a person falls
There is nobody to help
Crying doesn't pull the gravity
It will pull down hard and deep

Once the ground is hit
The loud thud and broken bones
In many places of the body
Eyes staring disbelieving!

Living in the fast lane
The sins will be paid
It isn't free on its life
Once it takes hold life can't escape

a party of dogs

The party of dogs
They run the show
Barking all along
On the road or street

They aren't afraid
They look serious
They may wag tails
But don't get fooled

The party of dogs
We never know of its disease
Once they bite you
You will scream rabies!

So do we need the party of dogs?
It is time to put them down to sleep
Get rid of them on the street or road
Let them bite the dust and stay in the ground