Sunday, June 25, 2017

the demon taking flight

The demon taking flight
The tenure seems unbearable in sight
He has to get away before it is too late
He sees the rising tides in his eyes
Though the demon will try his last gamble
The cash flowing into deep pockets
Let the others take the bait
They may get their hands dirty
They can't sing the good songs
They will play dumb and mute
In the land of cash in the till
But how many have fallen into it?
The power of cash hitting through the mind
It ropes in their souls in the net
There the demon can play his last game
There is no escape for the addicts of power
They will sink together with him
In the songs of the night

The campers will sing the rise and fall
Beware of cash it will take your soul
Leaving you in a helpless state of mind
You will see the falling of the mighty
When God ask them to throw it away
From there they realize their true worth
The demon has cheated them of their souls
They have nothing to offer
But walking the planks to the lake of fire

sin sings his song

Sin sings his song
Everyone will fall
There is no escape
Death is always there

There is no where to hide
Don't bring your wealth
It can't sing for your rights
You will be buried or cremated

Don't eat and dream of money
It will make you worst in the end
Even if you have the wealth
You are afraid to walk on the street

There will be a prize on the head
The crooks will know how to extract
The blackmail or kidnapping
There will be money to be paid

You can pray many times
From dawn and at night
When your mind isn't clear
You will fall in the end

Sin sings his song
Everyone will fall
There is no escape
Death is always there

time to bow out

Bee Anne leaders time to bow out
The party has been around too long
Until its leaders can't see the right and wrong
They only see the VIP treatments and many scores
They don't see the needs to listen to complaints
They will say we have to follow what they say
Even the laws they passed we know
They want to lord over us
Besides they keep dishing out the race and religion
Dividing the multi-racial and multi-religious population
They talk about the caste system
When there is nothing in our Constitution
But its leaders will keep on harping on the issue
Until it has become an overplayed record
The sound has become stale in our ears

Bee Anne leaders feeling the losing grip of power
They have seen how it will affect them specifically
They will try all means to galvanize its power base
Even through buying favors and support in every corner
They can't live without the power in their hands
Although they have forgotten in democracy
It's the people who will make or break a government
But the power over their heads they can't see
The right and wrong in their work ethics
They think they can rule forever

Bee Anne leaders forget
The parties in other countries fall and disappear
Some will stay forever as an opposition party
They can't get back into the power play
They have to pay for their sins in politics
Bee Anne leaders it is time to learn your lesson
Once you fall you will find the hardship
History will give your a fair hearing
But you will not have a chance to return to power
It will forever stay in the opposition
The cycle is overdue for a change
The next election will be the one

Saturday, June 24, 2017

think what you can do

You must think what you can do
The resources you have the ability to get it done
Don't go do the impossible way
When you know you can't smell it!

The motivational gurus will say
Think BIG” “Go and get it!”
Learn from the successful people
They may have different approaches

Don't get scared with the big words
Break it down to the simplest terms
Every professional will coin it
Let say they want to feel important

I always encourage
Do you what you are able to do
Get your confidence don't get setbacks
Don't try to aim so high!

You know you can't achieve it
You may sound so grand writing it down
In your mind you know you can't achieve
Just say not everyone can climb Mount Everest

Bring it down to size
Make it manageable within your skill
Let you feel you are good at it
Too many failures will make you cry

there is no way to wait

You can fall many times
Every fall there is a lesson to learn
It isn't falling for nothing
You will learn to get it up again

There is no way to wait
For somebody to pick you up
You have your needs in your eyes
You see it you can't forget

When the season changes
You think you miss the chances
You walk to the gate
The guard says you are too late

You cry in your mind
You try to put blame
You can't find anybody
You stand alone

There is no way to wait
For somebody to pick you up
You have your needs in your eyes
You see it you can't forget

Every time you fall
You have to pick yourself up
You will learn with many falls
There is no way to wait

silence isn't golden

Silence isn't golden
When illegal wealth is obtained
When report is filed
Staying mute will not help

Nobody is above the law
Everyone is subject to it
This is what we are told
But reality bites us to the ground

The dictator will rule
There is no law he will obey
Even the agencies must bow to him
He controls where he wants it to go

The bad elements rule
The people will realize it
Once they get over the fear
The dumping will begin

This is the end
The rule of caste system
The supremacy of a race
It is all a lie in politics

Friday, June 23, 2017

the old values can change

The old values can change
One generation to another
Ideas and practicability focus
Once it forgets weaknesses will rise

Working behind a facade
Some will try to put up face
The artificial obedience to old values
It will crumble when values clash

When the old dies
The clash of rights arise
Though wills will settle it
The internal brewing will hurt feeling

The eldest sibling should have it
The way the old values run
But when it isn't happening
The sibling rivalry hits the chart

The quarrel will begin
If it involves properties and monies
The root of evil will take hold
The internal brewing will hurt feeling

The old values can change
It is best the party involves stay calm
Though wills will settle it
When it isn't fair a dispute will arise

the fat mama

The fat mama
Walks on the street
With her perfume in the air
The dogs stand up and stare

The fat mama doesn't care
She swings her hands
The dogs stay quiet
Let her pass by

She drags her bag
On the street rocking by
People come to look
The fat mama smiles

The dogs sniff along
Thinking there is food
The fat mama casts a wicked look
Get lost dog!”

The fat mama
Walks on the street
She drags her bag
People come to look

the guard dogs

The dogs will protect their master
They will not let intruders enter his house
They will bark and chase with snarling teeth
The master pays them well

The dogs will stay loyal
The master can count on them
They have the food and shelter
And the crumbs of bones to bite around

The dogs will keep the gate
They will defend their master
Even with their own lives
If the master pays them well

The dogs will defend their master
Even they find him wrong
They will still protect him
For the meaty bones they receive

The dogs will leave
When meaty bones are gone
They know they have the skills
They will not sell low

it's hard to find love

It's hard to find love
You can stand the whole day
Looking at the mirror
Telling yourself why or why?

You stand at the bus stop
Looking at the faces close by
You can't say a word
Afraid they may say you are crazy

So you keep quiet
Pray to God let Cupid play his arrow
You wish you are the lucky one
Somebody will say “Hi”

You hear only silence
You look around there is nothing
Even in office there is no clue
What are you doing Cupid?”

Many have lived alone
In the dawn to sunset
The Cupid never strings his arrow
There is nothing but bills to pay

It's hard to find love
It's easy to break up a relationship
It's easy to find sex pay the money
Everything will be done

But love?
It will take a long drive
Sometimes in circle
Sometimes crying in the rain

the road to redemption

The road to redemption
I don't see the way in
The liars keep on spinning
They don't want to say the truth

I see the Cabinet denying it
Pushing up the chairs to higher place
They think they can escape the flash floods
It appears on a heavy thunder storm and rain

The Cabinet stays mute
The ministers afraid to admit
The majority stays quiet
Afraid to say the wrong

I was told long ago
What goes up must come down
What goes around will come around
A lie will dig up more lies

The road to redemption
I don't see the way in
I read the relevant authorities
They become impotent

The road to redemption
It's to vote out Bee Anne
It can't stay on forever
Too many bad deeds have been done

the sin of lies

The smell of mint money
It will make the truth go away
Leaving its route turning a blind eye
Take the money let the people cry

It says money can buy lies
Throw it around the lies will disappear
It only shows the good values
The smiling eyes the hidden deals

But there is still hope
A few good people still run
Break down the lies
Show the bad money

The waves will hit the shores
The wind will smash it hard
The sins will have to pay
The bad will not escape

The money can buy
A short time to escape
The footprints will be there
It will not fade away