Sunday, October 04, 2015

a leader should know his stay

A leader should know his stay
When the time comes he has to go
He can't use other means to stay on top
He will bring the mind chaos in the nation

When the unethical methods are used
There lies the shaky ground of power abuse
There lies the greedy mind to stay on
When he has to go of time changes

Power is just a short duration
It never meants to stay forever
When a person has arrived
The top of the world feeling

He must also know
The welcoming scene may change
When ill-gotten wealth and unethical methods use
The people will revolt to change the leader

A leader shouldn't play
The race and religion card
It tells us the shallow mind
He isn't fit to run the nation

A leader who is tainted
The reasons he can't explain
He stays on his elegant silence
This leader mustn't allowed to stay on

The nation bleeds
The people will suffer
We will lose our faces
Our respect in the bad

the small blessing

The small blessing
We achieve every day
It doesn't sound big
But it keeps us going

The smoking haze
It comes to test our faith
Are we neighbourly?
Are we to suffer on health hazards?

We see our small blessing
We shouldn't complain too much
Let us band together to make it better
We pray let the rain come to wash it away

It isn't easy but our small blessing
If we can take it on our faith
Maybe we will see the sunshine
Of clear and blue sky

But sometimes it is hard
When the other party refuses
Even offering assistance
The party refuses to accept

The small blessing
We can't complain
Though we know
It will be hard on our faith

the money in our pockets

The money in our pockets
How much does it worth now?
The costs of living rising
We can't have our say

The trend of conjuring positive values
On the economy in the nation
Bear with it our economic fundamentals are strong
But our currency keeps sliding downwards

Our money dwindles
Taking out our smiles
We can't stand proud
Even a small nation laughs at us

But what are ruling elites say?
They talk without thinking
They still talking on developed status
On the plate we know we aren't there yet

We are sinking
Like our currency dives
Don't talk of economic fundamentals
It is the reality on the ground

the demons on the rise

The demons on the rise
They make the wicked smile
The bad shows we hear and read
Even race bashing comes alive

The loud noises
They want everyone to hear
Bulging red eyes staring back
As if they can't sleep at night

The dogs run
They don't want to bark
They know when to stay quiet
The demons on the rise

The smoking haze in the sky
The white thick mist of death
It slowly brings the minute bacteria
Choking the health to decay

It makes the racist politicians
Singing praises of their own kind
The bad habits they have acquired
The demons on the rise

Even prayers will not help
We are part of the abetment
We keep playing let it be
We are afraid to change

Now the demons at the doors
Calling in the scores of nights
We realize we have to fight
Else the demons will take us out

Saturday, October 03, 2015

the smoking haze

The smoking haze
It floats down to the ground
The smell of it
It chokes out the breathing

The unhealthy trends
Indonesia can't solve it
The will isn't there
The neighbours get the bad score

Find the culprits
Put them in jail
The CEO and Board of Directors
That's the way to make it work

The forest fires blazing
It looks like out of control
Indonesia wants 3 more years
It happened in 1997

3 more years to suffer
The health hazards of haze
The wind should stay in Indonesia
Let them realize their bad habits

The smoking haze
It is bad for our health
We have been suffering
They still talk of MOU!

living have the troubles

When troubles take its toll
Everything seems out of place
Every idea never works
The fear sinks into the mind

The predators will snake in
Taking the minds killing all resistance
Take the full control of the minds
The functioning bodies one track road

It can only happen
When we sell our souls and minds
Going for the quick solutions
Thinking it is the best way

There is a reason
For troubles to come in our lives
It is a test of our ability to solve it
Within the time frame we have

When everything goes flat
It has to come up again
New methods new scope new plan
The past is just a history of the time

don't talk so big

Don't talk so big
When you can't match your words
On the home ground you talk different
Who will hear your speech?

The breeding grounds spread
The minds have been poisoned years ago
When they have grown to stand alone
They fight for the wrong reasons

We have seen the racist groups
Branding the land we all share and die
Yet these groups do not see it that way
They think they own the land

It is sad to these faces
Men and Women being used
Holding up racist placards
Talking out of the courtesy

On the home ground
The racist leaders should change
You aren't sitting there on top
By your work alone

go the back door

Go the back door
Nobody will know
Take what you want
Put your mark and disappear

The dog may bark
It is normal you will hear
Once you have your loot
You don't care what the dog will do

You will run away
With the loads on your shoulder
Go the back door
You will have your rewards

Hide your loot change your face
Put on the branded attire who will say
You aren't the man of society
Women will swoon over you

Go the back door
Nobody will know
You make your own boundary
Women will swoon over you


Now you know why
No gut to fight
They will string you naked

You lost your prestige
You lost your face
Now they want you to go
Putting you in cold storage

Staying as number 2
The courtesy runs out of the door
The gang wants you to go
They want you to lose your credibility

What's there for you?
The hawk you can't be
The bites you can't push it
Most divisions ignore you

Is this the way to go?
This month you have a chance
Push for the no-confidence vote
Hit the gong and be damned!

But will you?
You have nothing to lose
There will be reward to fight back
Will you bite back to restore your face?

Friday, October 02, 2015

it is our duty to change

The nation wants to progress
It will be hard to see it grow
The issue of religion and race
The stumbling block to achieve it

Besides our corruption index is high
It will be tough to get there
When we have little napoleons playing mighty
Derailing the targets to achieve it

The wastage is high
There seems no will to stop it
Every year we hear the same story
The Auditor General will write

Before we reach there
It is our duty to change
The last hurdle facing us
If we can't we can say goodbye

we don't need another bad publicity

The Red shirt
Waving its placards
Using threats to hit
To our own race

Is this the way?
The Amno leaders support it
The race card to divide
Afraid to lose power

The pay troopers
They don't understand the cause
They think they are the only ones
Living in this land we called home

The police shouldn't treat them differently
There shouldn't be any double standards
Sadly it has happened in our eyes
Where to our nation?

The Red Shirt
A disgrace to our country
We have enough of our bad publicity
We don't need them to add another feather

live the faith

The government wants to control
Everything under the sun and moon
Possibly under the stars too
This is how scary it has become

The Federal Constitution
Changes and amendments many times
Until the Constitution has lost some of its shines
The many times we forgot to change government

We are suppose to be free
Living the way we think best for ourselves
But the state and federal bodies think otherwise
The restrictions of faiths subject to scrutiny

The subtle way of modern slavery
The way the laws are enacted to stop us
From exercising our rights and saying
We have to conduct ourselves according to the law

Isn't it that scary?
What we say or write
We pay ourselves to be charged and arrested!
With the bodies funded by us

Let us make the concerted efforts
We have to change the government
We have to give back the shine to our Constitution
We have to stick to our rights of religious freedom

Religions between God and followers
Heaven or hell we have to decide ourselves
God will be the ultimate Forgiver
Not the religious authorities of man's creations

crimes will pay

The day will come
When corrupted group will pay
For the crimes they have done
Nothing will let them run away

In the beginning
They think they have the power
Crushing opponents and critics
The circle will return

What will happen then?
The karma will punish them
The corrupted group can't escape
The truth will catch them

They think they can escape
Plan their escape routes
But how long will they hide?
For crimes will pay