Wednesday, May 04, 2016

the tricks and trade

The tricks and trade
Here we see the trends
It never fail to register
The way of our lives

When elections arrive
The goods seem to flourish
The giveaways and projects
All bundle to dust our minds

The leaders proudly say
Smiling faces willing it to come
The people should wake up
Don't fall for the tricks again

But the addiction is too deep
It will take a good cold turkey to do it
Will the voters dare to dream?
Break it free and save their souls?

There are demon forces
There are the angels fighting for it
The tricks and trade
Will the voters make history?

The tricks and trade
Don't fall for it
Don't fall for the addiction
Break away and make history

cross the line make history

Leicester makes the spin round
The club becomes the EPL champion
After 132 years the club finally clinched it
The history for the club, owner and players

The well established clubs didn't get it
A club at one time nearly relegated
Now the club has won the EPL title
It tells us what an under-dog can do

Stay united and focus
No matter what the odds are
As long as the vision is clear
The smell of roses will flourish

Now I hope our voters
Get up and make history
Bury Bee Anne for good
Hey Sarawakians what say you?!

Enough of the crumbs
Enough of the promises
Enough of the goods
Enough of the threats and intimidation

Get up and cross the line
Wake up for the new sunshine
Like Leicester makes history
So will you make it too?

the sex slave

His wife in coma
The last 5 years
The man can't find his release
In the sexual atmosphere

So he took his maid
Forcing her to be his sex slave
For the last 4 years
He recorded his sexual acts

He is nearly 70 years old
What is he thinking?
A man who gone through
The decades in sexual glow

Now he is caught
With evidence in his hard disk
What else can he plead?
A willing partner in sex?

If he can afford maids
He should visit a paid woman
He doesn't have to worry
It's the money

Now he is facing jail
The years of his indiscretions
He brings shame to himself and family
A brand nobody wants to get into it

it is the same old story

It is the same old story
The people have heard many times before
In every election State or Federal
The threats and intimidation

The people should be tired of hearing it
Many times before in their lives
Are the minds so clogged up?
They walk like zombies now?

These type of leaders
The people should kick them out
There is no place for them to stay
Unless the people are so timid

Afraid of no handouts?
It is just peanuts for crying out loud
It isn't their monies if you care to know
The nation doesn't need these leaders

Dont' worry about changing
We have gone through the process
We don't have to live by threats and intimidation
It is time to break the yolk and be free!

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

a good leader

A good leader
He will open up opportunities
In the field to enrich his team
He should never close the door

A good leader
He shouldn't stay unfocused
Letting his team going downhill
He should be there to pull the rope

A good leader
He should encourage team spirit
Let his team learn new skills
Let his team to horn self satisfaction

A good leader
He should know what goes up must come down
There is no such thing there is no gravity pulls
What goes around will circle back

Climb the steps of a ladder he has to walk down
One day when it is his turn to learn the way
Back to the ground relearning it all over again
A good leader is good as his team made him

the dodgy schemes

The dodgy schemes
It sounds so good to be true
The promises of fantastic returns
Put in small amount big income!

Many will fall victims
Thinking there is a way to benefit
Instead of happily ever after
They find themselves in misery

We have greed in our DNA
It explains why we are the prey
It is the easy target for the bad hunters
They can smell it so far away

There is no such thing as a fantastic return
Once you read it or hear about it
It is the dodgy scheme to steal your money
Don't let greed make a fool out of you

nature sends warning

Nature sends warning
Through the years we see
The annual floods in certain areas
Telling why she isn't happy

The ancient routes
The smart engineers closed it
The roads and buildings rose
There was no alternative road

The forests as a marker
The greedy developers ruin it
The authorities pocket the money
The rain stop flowing

Even pilots have GPS
They can't bomb out of targets
Likewise Nature needs her markers
We destroy them now we will pay

The heat from the sun
Smiling with glee on our stupidity
Clearing the forests haze in the sky
Destroying forests no rainfall on target

Do we learn at all?
We still want to build high rise buildings
Thinking to peep into the world of The Lord?
When the ground shakes, sorry babe!

Nature sends her warning
Through the years we see
But greed and corruption rule
It's our stupidity why we will suffer

the punching bag

The Chinese always seem the punching bag
Putting them on the rope on the high
They think they can walk in the air
The swing door it never say

They are too well known as the crafty dogs
Crafted during the Japanese occupation
Doing the dirty work for the Japanese
Just to live and forget about the suffering

The Chinese shouldn't swing here and there
They should make a point they aren't the punching bag
Enough of it in the history of the nation
They better stand united and get what it is due

But we have seen the modern running mates
They only work themselves and their cronies
Anything to do with their race is just a promise
The groundwork is divided... still a punching bag

The rule is we are all Malaysians
There shouldn't be different bags of gold
We should share the wealth of the nation
Through the ups and downs of the country

The nature of race politics
It brings the divided nation
Offering promises to fish for votes
To stay on the power chair

Monday, May 02, 2016

when love is gone

When love is gone
What's there to fight over it?
Is it money and property?
Just divide it and move along

Men and women in relationship
It is no use crying when it is over
Packed your bags and move on
Learn the lessons keep the memories

When husbands and wives face the split
Go out with friendly gestures and remembrances
The good times of ups and downs
Sharing the intimacy and courtship

It's no use fighting over it
About monies and properties
Just divide it and move along
Why share it with the public?

When love is gone
What's there to fight over it?
Go out with friendly gestures and remembrances
The good times of ups and downs

sex with animals

Sex with animals
Through the history of our times
It isn't something new
It is in the sick mind

Maybe some will say
They can't pay call girls
They go for the free
With animals in the farms

In the barns in the wild
With leaves whistling by the wind
With sanity goes out of the windows
The weaknesses of a soul

Maybe some will say
They need the monies to survive
Do it for the dough
Forget about sanity for a while

The demons will take control
There is no human soul
Sex with animals
The shame when one is caught

The sin one has to endure
The load one has to shoulder
It isn't the way to live in shame
It is better to be a beggar there is a dignity

the consumers can't escape

The costs of living
It will be hiked up
There is no way
The consumers can escape

When costs increase
The companies can't absorb it
The economy of scale isn't there
So the consumers will pay

Pay increases; tax imposes
Raw materials will hike up
Cost of transport too
And the services involved

The economists will narrate
Issues relating to the economy
For the people like us
Our pockets have many holes

We will bear the heavy loads
The day will come we will see change
Not forgetting the scandals of billions
We will have to pay in due time

do we do the good or bad?

All the prophets came and gone
They brought with them the wisdom
Telling the right from wrong
Pointing out how to live peacefully
Sharing the rudiments of living in harmony
Telling about the paradise world
Where everyone will have a place
In doing the right things all the times

In this world there will be no prophets
Whoever claim they can preach will not be sanctioned
God has withdrawn the rights bestowed on anyone
We are left to study on ourselves
Turning the Holy Books trying to find our way home
It is what we would be doing
Instead of listening to the false news and hope
It isn't rest on the preachers
It is within ourselves to learn

There is no margin of error
Once it is broken many times
Our sins will not go away
It will be the heavy load on our heads
Telling us to stop and turn around
Before it is all become withered like flowers
A gift of life turns into dust scattered in all directions
Without knowing where is paradise

The prophets came and gone
Leaving behind their tales to follow
They lived without riches but humility
Showing the way touching souls
For each of them will have a place
In God's paradise they will keep watch
How we will fare practising our lives
Do we do the right things or the bad?