Monday, July 23, 2018

we make our own destiny

We make our own destiny
We can’t hang on to wealthy relatives
They make their wealth in their lives
We don’t make it we shouldn’t feel regret

We must realize the world is unfair
The political divide will make the curse
We recognize some politicians make the scale
While others still fighting to live day by day

The world will say
It doesn’t owe us a living
It gives us the opportunities
It is how we wanted to enrich ourselves

In the world we live in
We will recognize our fate
Some living in luxurious way
Others living in shacks or under the bridges

One thing we all will agree
If we die we can’t bring our riches
We will be buried underground or in urns
Ashes to ashes spread by the wind

black or white

Black or white
Does it really matter?

Parents yes parents no
The decision seems divide

The shoes stockists will complain
Losing stock to change

Business is a risk
The anticipation to claim ahead

Once a businessman forgets
He shouldn’t start to blame

Black or white
Only the parents will argue

Once a decision is made
Let the game begin to play

The children will be happy
No weekend duty to wash shoes

Black or white
Parents will still argue

more money in the pockets

Greed Axe Tee
It will be gone
When Parliament resumes
Its operations today

Pakatan Harapan will table it
Let the Greed Axe Tee be gone
It makes the people angry
Less money in the pockets

The people have a tax holiday
For at least 3 months before SST walks in
It will be dusted off from its shelf
The people recognize it for decades

There will be $20 billion in the pockets
The needed cash the people require everyday
It lets the cycle of economy moves
People may not want to complain

May SST should start at 6%
Until the end of the year
By next year it can hit 10%
Will the people start to complain?

Song Song Tea hits the road
We consumed it for decades
By September it makes his return
Feeling refresh and good

Sunday, July 22, 2018

don't let jealousy rule

Don’t let jealousy rule
In any relationship in your life
You have a right to walk away
Let the heat cool down

Don’t let the angry eyes go to hell
When you forget a moment of sanity
You will do something you will regret
For the rest of your life

Let the green monster stay in the closet
Everyone has it somewhere in the mind
Do not let green monster attack in actions or words
The regret will be too late

When a crime is committed through jealousy
Who will pay for the crime in the end?
No party will gain by it
It is cool to walk away and cool the heat

the coach should form his own tigers

The National footballers
The coach should form his own tigers
It is pathetic to beg for players from the M-League teams
The team managers will take a long while to respond

Though it is for national duty
The way it is said it is better to start from scratch
The coach should start his own football players
Train them to don the national jerseys

These footballers shouldn’t be attached to any state team
Let them train and play together to represent the nation
In this way the coach doesn’t need to plead with state players
Save the energy and the criticisms concentrate on the job

With his own players in his command
He can concentrate on his job to train them
But do not select on a race basis
It should mix with all the colours of the nation

the country is a mixture of colours

Don’t talk on race, religion and language
 A political party should refrain from saying
It will not bring harmony to the nation
It is a setback to progress

The economic growth isn’t on a race
Even religion shouldn’t get a mix in it
Don’t harp on a language to succeed
In the world of commerce is English

It is best to rebrand its existence
Leave religion in the homes of the people
Religion shouldn’t mix with politics
It never brings the best out of it

The country is a mixture of colours
Everyone should remember it always
It isn’t on a race to succeed
It is the mixture of all races to smell success

Saturday, July 21, 2018

remember the draconian laws, pakatan?

The Sedition Act
It still sits on the desk
Catching anyone
Breaking in its spread

Pakatan Harapan
The draconian laws remember?
It has to go quickly
Put a stop before you are called a liar!

There is no excuse
Pakatan leaders formed the government
Now it is the opportunity to make the change
Don’t sit on the chairs too long

Get the act together
The voters are watching
Don’t fall for the power
It belongs to the people!

the society of corruptors

The society of corruptors
The corruptors hide in legal way
In legal way they feel protected
They are open but the contracts inflated

The stages involved in corruption
The layers of web spreading wide
It isn’t now we heard about the curse
It has been in existence like the prostitution

Everyone wants an easy life
Live in mansion live in style
By any means it can be found
The willingness to take the fall

The corruptors in society
The echo always ringing
The whistle blowers keep in the dark
Afraid they will get the bark