Wednesday, June 29, 2016

arrogance knows no bounce

Arrogance knows no bounds
The way of public services
The leaders should be humble and nice
But we see the other way round

The ground has cracked
The arrogant leaders still talk big
Come a day they will realize
In Bamboo River they will hide

The divide and rule
It hasn't changed till today
The arrogant leaders still behave
The cronies back the way

It has to change
A new party will take control
A different way to manage
The nation needs it badly

Of course the arrogant leaders will say
Don't rock the boat row with us
Together we will climb to seek our vision”
But they do the back doors too often

It is better to change
Get a new mapping to progress
We must have our destiny in our hands
This is our country; this is our lives

unchain the gate

Unchain the gate
Let the entrance go free
Let the smiling faces see
The beauty in the eyes

Let us be free
We don't have to live in fear
Unchain the gate
Let the freedom flow

Break down the walls
Let the divide and rule go
Let the bad fall in disgrace
We don't need them no more

Put signs on religion
Don't let the people go astray
Walking around in a daze
Unchain the gate

Put in chains
The borrowers of bad
Let them rot in jail
Don't let them see the light of day

Unchain the gate
Let the entrance go free
Put signs on the maze

We don't need to walk in a daze

for money many will fall

For money many fall
They think of no consequences
They are willing to sell their souls
For the short term joy and happiness

They don't see the bigger picture
They think of their own needs
They don't see beyond their race
They think it is for the good

They don't use their minds to ponder
The consequences befall on them
Many will say where is hell?
They don't see it in their lives

For money many fall
They think they can live well
They can take what is offered
They don't think of the consequences

For money many fall
They dare to go where angels run
Hell is always there for the bad
Maybe they don't believe it all

don't let it spread

Don't let it spread
The fanatics antics to the nation
She doesn't need this
She has enough on her plate

The police must act immediately
The tweeter king seems so quiet
When he should act quickly
Unless he is waiting for order

The damage has been done
The fanatics win the initial offering
Now they may want to test further
And see what they will gain by it

The weak leaders so busy
Collecting the goods from the wagon train
They don't hear or read about it
So soaked up to fill their needs

The nation of colourful people
They have enough of it lately
Maybe all should march together
Saving the nation from falling grace!

the weak leaders

The weak leaders
It makes the nation cry
Of the colourful people
Living in division and fear

The scandals led leadership
The opening room for exploitation
The fanatics who try to torch values
To make their own devilish marks

Read the scriptures sincerely
It tells you how wrong everything is
We are children of God
Death and Life belong to Almighty

The authorities stay silence
The groundwork of decades become hollow
Now the truth we are taken for a ride
The bad songs playing in the air

warming the bodies before the fall

The trap is set
It will not go away
Hiding out for a good cause
The change we seek to find

Let the corruptors feel
The services of the good
Let them feel the fire burning
Warming the bodies before the fall

The knockout punch will be delivered
The crying nation needs it anyway
No matter how it is done today
The light has to shine

The songs of the bad
It never rings in the ears
The change in the wind
The template must be removed

Let them sing the bad songs
Out of keys out of range
But the wind is changing direction
The undercurrent tsunami will hit

The nation needs it anyway
The minds looking for a change
It has to happen to this colourful nation
Before the ills swallow us all

cash is king

The Money Lord walking free
He makes his way calling his days

The movements of his money
The greedy ones make to his door

Mind you they say
Cash is king everyday

The buying of souls
As long as the cash stays

The leaders of marked souls
They will take the fall for the money

Living in this world
Cash is king everyday

The poor and homeless
Only watch and dream

The day will be
The bad day in the mind

As long as the good ones stay quiet
Thinking Nature will make the fight

They all will be wrong
They have to make it right

Cash is king
When people forget about sins

Don't dream of paradise
It is darkness in the eyes

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

the single life

The single life
Everyone wants a share
The world is watching
Sometimes it passes by

The parents will be busybody
About neighbour's daughters
About neighbour's sons
Or friends or friend's friends

The single life
Sometimes it stays good
Sometimes it is lonely
Choose and live with it

Every life has a purpose
The way life should be
Everyone has choices
Sometimes it passes by

The single life
Everyone wants a share
Sometimes it stays good
Sometimes it passes by

sometimes it comes back

Sometimes it comes back
The haunting images of the past
It will start to give the nightmares
The night will never be the same

If you do bad things
Hiding it well within your walls
You think nobody will know
The bad infested mind

When the fire is burning
No bad wants to go in
It is when the fire is in amber
Slowly the bad will creep in

The sleepless nights cry
It makes you imagine all kinds
The shadows in the darkness
The mind will play tricks

Sometimes it comes back
The haunting images of the past
The sleepless nights cry
You want to come out and fly

the mummy girls

The mummy girls
They come out at nights
They are pretty in sexy attires
The nights are the hunting ground

The mummy girls
They have money in their minds
They will do what is required
They will make the men forget

The pressures of life
The nagging wives or girlfriends
The working problems and back stabbing
The financial burdens gripping minds

Yes..they are the mummy girls
They make the men feel so free and needed
All they want the money they will earn
In the nights they make the shine

The mummy girls
They come out at nights
They will make the men forget
In the nights they make the shine

the truth hurts

The truth hurts
Who say it isn't?
It is better to get it over
Then trying to live in a lie

It is better to own it up
Cut the chase makes the call
There is nothing to lose
Feel the pain at least the truth

Telling lies will not last
It can't be hidden for good
One day it has to leak out
By then where to hide

The truth hurts
It is better to get it out
No more digging holes
On a straight road

Monday, June 27, 2016

the bad cry

The Bamboo River is singing
The river of tears falling down
The ringing sound in the mind
The bad cry the fall of grace

Why lose your soul in this world?
Playing a game of lies and corruption
It will lead you to disgrace
When history will say about the event

It is better to lose in this world
Live the humblest and honest way
Do the good all the times
The evil will stay out of life

But many have failed to see
In this world they think they are great
When Death makes his way
No wealth will buy your freedom

Tell the truth it will save your soul
On a quiet night the Bamboo River sings
The bad is afraid to see the fall
When Death makes his way

dreams never die

Dreams never die
It stays behind waiting for a time
As long as the fire is burning
There will come a day

Who says dreams have to die?
It is why we are living
Looking forward to see
How dreams will turn out to be?

Maybe we will find obstacles
Stacking up high like a brick wall
Make it looks like a maze
We can run or walk in circle

But how long dreams to hide?
It is the person who dreams it will decide
As long as one is passionate about it
Dreams will turn out into reality

the circle will return

The ya-men rule
That's the way they feel
They kick out all the dissidents
They can't stand criticisms

One man afraid to go
He can't face the bad
How long he will hide?
The truth will strike him down

He better gets ready
Bamboo River is singing
Today he feels he has control
Every ya-man behind his back

The institutions seem contaminated
The action or decision tell it clearly
The ring of untruth circulates
But Bamboo River calling them

Saying the name of God
Showing how holy they can be
But calling God's name
They are afraid of the fall

Now they think they rule
The ya-men in expensive suits
They want to lord over the people
They forget the circle will return

the ring of circle

The walls put up
Some with electric fences
Surrounded by the bad faces
The darkness surely falling in

Living in fear of the fall
The taste of the power game
The controlling spreading wide
The ring of circle one shouldn't forget

Each of us will realize
It is better to do good now
Leave the bad behind
Learn to be humble

Death is a sure thing
You can't hide from it
When the time which is unknown
It will come a calling without knocking

There is one
So much baggage and lies
He still doesn't realize it
Death is laughing all the way

He will be a good stock
Put up to let others see in hell
The ring of circle will hit
It has no feeling

The walls put up
Some with electric fences
It will not put Death away
It is better to do good now