Sunday, December 11, 2016

when change is needed

When a change is needed
No man should run away
It is only the bad who will stay
They only see the greed and corruption

Once the power ingrains in the mind
It will take a power will to change
Else it will go down the dirty road
Where history will not write a good review

We have read the fall of many
Emperors, kings and politicians
The basic ingredient they face
The reluctance to change for good

Now we will see in reality
Why dirty leaders never want change
They are afraid to get into jail
The downfall of the mighty

Change is good for the soul
It makes the realization we are fragile
We shouldn't feel the mighty power

It is just a temporary phrase in life

religion in politics

Religion in politics
It will bring tears in our eyes
The elected representatives
They forget their roles to serve all people

Look at Perlis State Assembly
They passed a law on unilateral conversion
By a parent on the children
Without the consent of the other parent

Though these representatives are learned people
Why must they go against the Constitution?
Don't they ever read and understand?
Or are they just want to show their supremacy?

Though they will know it is unconstitutional
The aggrieved parent can sue in court
What is the reason behind the move?
Somebody wants to jump the gun?

The nation is Secular
The politicians should understand
Unless there is an over-haul of the Constitution
There is no reason to create more sorrow

Parliament has table a bill
Addressing this religious problem on conversion
The Perlis State Assembly shouldn't go the wrong way
It never brings cheer to her people

the sad dog

The poor dog sits near the gate
Watching the day goes by in his eyes
The years of his youth has gone away
Leaving his body sick with disease

All his shine has gone
The owner never bothers to feed
He is left alone to fend his day
Growing old and thin with sadly eyes

He knows what he has gone with his life
He still stays faithful though the owner doesn't care
He still sits around the gate
As he uses to do when he was young

Now he waits for his day
He has no way to go but stay
His best pal had gone years ago
Leaving him alone unwanted no one to play

the acheh cry

The Acheh cry
One more time
What have they done?
To get the punishment!

Don't they ever learn?
Once it was bad enough
When it was over
The bad habits wake up

The Acheh cry
The lost lives and properties
The fear registered on the faces
The trauma will last a life time

The Acheh cry
They better wake up and realize
There is a message in this tragedy
Be compassionate; be kind; be good

The Acheh cry
Don't forget there will a third wave
Once the tales end everything backs to normal
Don't forget to remember the lesson learned

the old man on a crusade

The Old Man on a crusade
He has to swallow his pride and principles
Honed during his years in governing the nation
Now he has a bigger battle to fight

The nation is on the downhill
With Amno baru leaders can't see
They only think of themselves
The way of taking forget tomorrow

He quit Amno baru
The founding president of the party
He was a very sad and angry man
The current leaders can't think ahead

Now he formed a new party
Gathered his previous opponents
To stage a confrontation for the nation
To get back the shine and dignity

The Old Man swallowed his pride
He wants to get rid of one man
The one who brings shame to the nation
The one who is weak managing the country

The kleptocracy looms ahead
The currency rate plunges down
The costs of living and necessities going up
There is no firmed hands to steer the economy

We can't afford to get the slide
It will be hard for us to climb back
Amno baru leaders know the bell
They will face the music in the cell

The blind loyalty spells the doom
The red and white faces don't seem to know
The wagon trains will be stopped soon
The Old Man will make it happen

Saturday, December 10, 2016

down the river

Down the river
The clear water no more
When the rain fall on it
The orange colour

Nobody pays notice
Everybody walks by
Holding umbrellas under the rain-
Afraid to get wet

But the river
The water spreads its message
The living creatures are dying
By the toxic wastes running in

Everybody turns away
The river sending its message
Don't go sleeping on it
The damages of the land affecting all

Down the river
The clear water no more
The dirts of our doing
We can't go sleeping on it

the sinners in lamb clothing

God ways of dealing
The sinners in lamb clothing
Brewing sins they say is good
Until the wrath of God hit the shore

Nothing will be spared
Lives, livestocks and buildings
They will be crushed; death the way
Leaving its marks to remember

Don't use religion to satisfy
The way life controlled by
The religious authority to divide
Not on the same page with the flock

Religions are free
God has not made a demand
We have to give freely
Without force or by rules

What we see today
Man's ugly demands arise
God isn't happy with it
The retribution will come

We better change
The signs are there to read
We mustn't forget
So is the authority

the parenting skills

The parenting skills
It never comes naturally
It has to learn to be a good parents
Raising up children aren't easy

Some are bad parents
They only know how to scream
They only know how to use fear
Showing the children the cane

The more bad they do
The children will rebel over
They will try to do back the bad
We will hear more screaming sessions

The children need to reason
Tell them why they shouldn't do bad
Tell them why they need to do homework
Tell them it is for their own future

It takes patience with children
Those parents who don't have it
It is better for them without children
The children will turn bad following their roles

The children love to be praised
Every single time of their lives
They may try so hard to show
The parents should encourage them

The parents mustn't feel afraid
Saying sorry of the wrong
It will help the children
Understanding the part of growing up

The parenting skills
Sometimes it is common sense
We want the children to stay good
The parents should encourage joy every way

it is better to get a new ball

Where are the political frogs?
Once they were very aggressive
Talking of a race supremacy
Calling other races to keep quiet

They forget they too are the immigrants
They don't want to say out loud
They think they are the superior race
Nobody can touch them

What happen to them now?
They don't get the funding to shout?
Maybe their usefulness have gone
They aren't needed anymore

Now instead of the political frogs
Maybe they like the cool ponds now
The raining season makes it a good siesta
We have the red hooligans on the road

We know why it has to happen
The itching fingers to raise the NSC act
So far nobody wants the hooligans
It is led by one of Ambo baru leaders!

The red and white
The green moon
They play the race and divide
The rural folks better wake up now

Let's us go for change
We mustn't be afraid of our future
It is our destiny to make the new

It is better for us to get a new ball

improve the human rights at home

In his backyard
He forgets about human rights
He uses the draconian laws
To punish and jail his critics

But on the foreign mistreatments
He goes down to demonstrate
Calling of human rights and compassion
He just wants to score his publicity

The lies keep flowing
We hear so often we can smile
He thinks he has solid backing
He will get whacked on his face!

The power is temporary
It can be taken away in time
It is the people who will decide
Make no mistake about it

When power grows into the soul
It forgets the liberty of the people
The laws are made to protect a few
Let the majority feel the blue

He should remember
The time will come
He will be nobody
He will face his music

Now he can tell lies
He can deny his scandals
He can swear all he wants
The people will want justice

The spirit of goodness will rise
Once it gets back its foothold
The bad hats will face the truth
Bamboo River will call their names

the sorrowful tales of the illegals

They leave their country
Trying their adventure elsewhere
In the course of their journey
They never get the chance

No country wants them
They become illegals
On the land they seek
They arrive in numbers

Why they leave their home country?
They seek fortunes elsewhere
But luck isn't on their way
They suffer in sorrow and pain

In one country they are driven away
Many are killed when they refused to go
The army arrive with bullets to fly
The illegals flee but many die in the sea

Thousands arrive in Malaysia
The years they docked it here
They live and blend into the locals
But they are the illegals..

Their home country refuses to take them
They are left alone; stateless in other lands
They are pushed around but who's fault?
It is their own doing; the misadventures of their lives

goodbye 2016

The last month of 2016
The year will end soon quickly
By the time I see out the window
A new day will take the flight

As the years have gone by
I will still be shaking my legs
Eyes on the keyboards entering the world
On places I never have been or seen

The success, wishes and wealth
Everyone will dream and pray for it
Some will get it rich others will complain
But the world is large must we forget?

I don't have any complaints
I am practically on my own
I don't answer to anybody
I let fly with my thoughts

The time is mine to do and waste
As the years before and now
Though good deeds and advice
Life still needs it to survive

Now counting the days
This year will come to an end
I don't have many in the basket
I am grateful I am still hanging here

The keyboards and the world of internet
It makes the day easy to see and map
Enjoying the sound, movies and advice
For free where I can find

Friday, December 09, 2016

there is no internet

There is no internet
Yesterday and today maybe tomorrow
When will it fix back?
The slow coach we realize

The thieves stole the cables
One day in the night of 6th
Nobody knew about it
Until we realize we couldn't get through

The cables were stolen
The affected areas have to wait
TM says it may put it back
The earliest on 9 December

We don't get refund
On the days we can't access the internet
This is the cause of monopolistic environment
They can bark back at us

Want or don't want?
If you want you follow our rules
Not like in Hong Kong
They take care of customers needs

everyday living

Don't live in lies
What will it be tomorrow?
You think you can escape
In your cocoon shell?

Don't live in pretend
What will it be tomorrow?
You can be found out
You will walk out in shame

Don't live in cheating
What will it be tomorrow?
You think you are gifted with words
The long arm of the law will reach you

Don't live in sin
What will it be tomorrow?
The lake of fire collecting sinners
It is better to repent and walk in the light

Do live in the good
What will it be tomorrow?
There will be joy and harmony
In the garden of paradise

do the right thing

Do the right thing
Don't hide and pretend
Everything is honey
Th sweet life in the jar

The sweet aroma
Floating in the air
Covering the bad smell
Pretend everything is honey

Do the right thing
Walk in the light
Don't be afraid of shadows
It tells us of the right way

Do the right thing
Don't hide and pretend
Once it is done
The bad will prevail

Do the right thing
It is as easy as ABC
Don't do the bad
Don't live in sin

the road of freedom

The road of freedom
Lies in our minds
Will we see the light?
Will we see the glitter of gold?

Justice of the mind
The long road to be free
When we let others impose their wills
We will lose our liberty

When injustice sits on our heads
We shouldn't pretend it isn't there
We should fight for our rights
We shouldn't be cowed to live in fear

The road of freedom
The wolves in lambs skin
They will pretend and speak of common issues
Behind the masks the evil faces smile

If we don't get up and fight for our rights
The road of freedom will be a dream
We will not see our rainbow
It will be the glitter of gold

the pack of dogs

The pack of dogs
Now there are no bones
They stay quiet
No work no money

The dogs hang around
Smelling the air; waiting
The door never opens
The silence from the owners

They feel hungry
No money to buy food
Licking their pride
They must leave soon

The barking on the keyboards
Once they barked so loudly
They read all kind of names
Now there is nothing to say

Blame on it on DOJ
The Captain America never goes away
He hammers in hard with his shield
There will be no escape

The barking dogs knowing the score
It's time to move on and cleanse their souls
Too much sins in their minds
It's time to let go and change to a better

the dark pit

Bee Anne pot holes
There are so many on the road
When its leaders drive through
They curse and scold under their breath

When its leaders reach the destination
The wake up call they don't see
They pretend everything is okay donkey
The stubborn minds refuse to take

When ask about reports
Everything is fine they will say
The painting of good vibes
They hope to get into the bag of goodies

Time is hard for the ordinary folks
Even the foreigners have dumped equity shares
They smell something rotten in our economy
Only the main televisions channels and newspapers stay quiet

The potholes Bee Anne leaders fall
By the time they are in the holes
They start to scream and cry in pain
But nobody will listen; nobody cares

The decades of sin
It finally comes crushing down
Ali Baba and the forty thieves
The dark pit and the lid closes in

Now they are running
Wishing the tails will go away
In the dark what can they see?
The decades of sins marching in