Tuesday, October 17, 2017

the bad will pay

Going through the back door
The smell will not go away
It will trap in the penetrator
In the gathering of dust and soil

The bad will follow
Even putting perfume
For a while it can be
When it dries up nothing changes

The bad fortunes will stay
The very bad deeds need to get free
In it the many mistakes will be shown
There is no escape but to own it

When it fails to stay in the light
The dark forces will claim it
There will be hearing the loud scream
As the bad dragging away in crying shame

adultery has no other names

Adultery in religion
By itself is a crime
A cheating for self gratification
A red mark on one's honesty

It doesn't need defending
Adultery in a covert action
Once it is caught the parties can't ignore
They have to own up or deny

Keeping silence on adultery
It will give a perception indeed
The party can't hide and get away
The truth will follow suit

Now the video may be fake news
Testing the market for the reactions
Blaming the opposition for the wrong
Adultery is adultery don't put blame

Will the adulterer resign?
When he is shown in the clip?
The honest person will know
He doesn't need prompting

The wrong in the eyes
It has to come to pass
Once it is in public domain
How else to say and hide?

pledges for political game

Don't look the other way
When a bad has been done
It has to be stopped before it spreads
In every shady corner

The pledges come to nothing
When it is for political game
Testing the plot and its way
When the real crooks stay away

Don't look for excuses
When the bad in the room
The loot in the bags
Yet the crooks get away

Don't try to tell lies
It will fall flat on the ground
It is the real action required
To get back the credibility

As of now it is turning a blind eye
The pledges look good on paper
Maybe stand out on the wall
But the crooks still walking free

will the light finally shine?

Will the light finally shine?
The nation of colorful people
Living in different conditions
Living in different cultures and values
Yet sharing a common sign
The nation we called home

The many types of religion
Flourishing in the open or in the minds
One religion trying hard to impress
The preachers go the wrong way
They don't see it; they are blinded
They think they are right
In religion nobody is correct
And nobody is wrong

The politicians will try to nail in
The winning of votes on the people
By using religion to divide the nation
It will spell the bad faith and the fall
The politicians will be discarded
They will not be heard again

Let religions flow
Respect each other faiths
Learn to reciprocate and live with it
Even the Constitution guarantees its freedom
So don't use religion as a political game
It will bring bad intentions

Deepavali the flow of lights
May it bring us the joy in our lives
Let its lights glow in our eyes
Living in harmony sharing common traits
Let us pray in our own faiths
Let the glorious lights spread its wings
Into every dark corner
As a nation of colorful people and faiths

Monday, October 16, 2017

the judges must really stand firm

The judges must really stand firm
Be the defenders of the people and nation
Taking oath to uphold the Constitution
The judges must obey the swearing oath

The judiciary isn't held in high esteem
It has gone down badly in the people's minds
The Constitution seems to be raped by wrong methods
The conjuring of a bad faith in it

It will take principled judges
Those who stand firm without favors or fear
They act according to the letters of law
They carry out under the flow of Constitution

Lately now and years gone by
The judgements have many criticisms
Among the law experts and common people
Something is wrong in delivering of products

But there is still hope
There still good judges on the bench
Though many will expect them
To carry out their oath without fear or favors

the lap dogs

The lap dogs bark
Out in the open
They don't see how they behave
They only think for themselves

They are worried about power and perks
They can't stand without living in it
Once it is taken away the lap dogs will cry
They will become nobody but ordinary

Now the magnet of cooperation
Even selling principles to stay relevant
By joining forces they have to achieve
The power to stay and live in its perks

The lap dogs run
The sound can be heard
The dog catchers keep watch
Collecting evidence to trap them

If only the people wake up
Realizing the wrong in their minds
The nation will be free
Of the crooks stripping her dry

teach a person to fish...

You can't chase for happiness
When you can't think straight

You can't find peace of joy
When you wait for others to do

When there is an opportunity
You have to grab it stop waiting

Once you wait to think through
Somebody will grab it from you

Happiness come by your effort
To get there you must think creatively

Like the scripture says
Teach a person to fish

He can survive anywhere
He will find his happiness

the chasing dreams

The chasing dreams
It makes the day flow
As the lights take shape
Everyone makes the grade

The time on the wall
It clicks the seconds away
Once on hesitation
It's the chasing dreams

It comes unannounced
When the dreams will appear
Once the door is close
It fills empty in the mind

The chasing dreams
It has to light up in the head
Let the fire glow
There is still a chance to meet it

Sunday, October 15, 2017

come on liars

Come on liars
The time is up
No more playing games
The noose is catching

You can't have it all
For a while you may
When you get bloated
You can't hide your disease

Come on liars
Don't sing the good tunes
The off keys make it worst
You sound like the broken records

The world of borderless
The input get travel in speed
It doesn't have to wait
With a click the debunk rules

Come on liars
The pockets too full and heavy
You can't walk properly
The public eyes see it through

Come on liars
The time is up
The world of borderless
With a click the debunk rules

a dog or cat?

A dog is easy to train
Telling a dog what he has to do
Telling a dog what he can't perform
In his duty as a guard and protector

A dog will listen to command
A dog will recognize his master
Though he may not see him for ages
But his lingering smell stays

Once the master returns
A dog will sniff him to identify
The smell in his memory
It will click and he will jump with joy

But a cat whether a stray or domestic
A cat will not listen or obey
Once a cat has his meal he will walk away
Leaving no memory of a person who feeds

A cat will only remember
The feeding times to return
A cat will recognize who feeds
Only on the meal on the plate

Between a cat and a dog
A dog should be a better choice
As a pet and a guard
Protecting the house

when the top is weak

When the top is weak
Everything down the line

The race and religion
The extremists push the gate

When it is crashed
The top stays quiet

There is no reprimand
There is no concrete action

Only when HM Sultan of Johore
The police swing into action

Using the Sedition Act
For insulting HM Sultan of Johore

Is this the way to paradise?
The Talibanism must die

It is time to change
Let a new party helm the nation

Bee Anne has its chances
For over 60 years in rule

Now we need a new game
A new party to chart our progress

We can't be living on a race and religion
It will bring the nation to her knees

The nation needs to progress
As a nation of many colors

It is our destiny
It is our duty

Do not let a few bad apples
Bring the nation to her knees

life in a circle

Life in a circle
Everyone has a turn
Once it has arrived
Don't fall asleep

Life in a circle
Every movement a call
Once you fail to meet
You will have lost your chance

You will have to wait
Maybe for a long time
You cry of the miss opportunity
But patience will guide you there

Life in a circle
Don't get drown by its lights
It is to distract the opportunity
Emerging in the shadows

Life in a circle
Stay awake to take it
Once you fall asleep
Don't live to regret