Saturday, November 28, 2015

the main actor

The main actor
No string of a puppet
He can walk free
Sing his lucky stars

On the stage
Applause rings in his ears
He performs his best
Oscar trophy maybe

The blue knights watch
Stay still for so long
The potholes of water
They know they don't act

The main actor
Walking through invincible
The blue knights watch
Eyes glue but no action

He stomps on stage
The blue knights never say
They maintain a straight face
Taking no hints listening without ears

the salt and pepper life

The salt and pepper
The sun lit the shine
Out in the open
The years still fine

The life is out there
The enjoyment never end
The day and night the lights shine
In the mind as it explores

Running through the past
The memories bank stay true
Recollections sometimes a blur
The bus stops change sometimes

But life still continues
The climbing hills down waterfalls
The salt and pepper still stay strong
The sun lit the shine

the next generation of addicts

Vaping by school students
Is it something new?
The school students want to show
They want to stay relevant

They want to look cool
Vaping it with friends
Stick the middle finger
The society and schools

Even smoking
Many students puffing away
Do the parents and teachers know?
Are they just closing one eye?

So vaping like cigarette
Will turn many into addicts
It will become an expensive hobby
Blowing smoke without gains

Besides do they know about health hazards?
Do they just don't want to know?
Enjoy the puff and vaping away
Tomorrow let it be?

Friday, November 27, 2015

let the truth sing its praises

Why keep the script?
If it helps the nation to get free
You have to let it go
Let the truth sing its praises

SD declarations only poking the surface
Many will wait and see what will happen
It's no use keeping it in safe custody
The nation needs the truth to prevail

Don't let the shadows walk away
They have to be jailed in the cell
The apple polishers will make all kinds
Letting the people know there is no truth

But actions will tell a different story
When the chairs keep changing to suit a need
It tells there is a story to be told
Let the script make its presence

It is better don't play hide and seek
Let the truth prevail and the nation go free
Show the real content for all to read
Let the sins pay when it fall

the bamboo river sings

The Bamboo River sings
The drumbeats in the empty cell
Waking up the dawn
The early morning light

There is no way to hide
The songs we hear all the times
Somebody has to go in
Let the Bamboo River sleep

The sound of barking orders
The men and women line up straight
Watching the every movement
The Bamboo River sings

There are many empty seats
They stomp their feet and sing
The images slowly forming to see
The day of the morning light fleece

The Bamboo River sings
The drumbeats in the empty cell
The sound of barking orders
Watching the every movement

the lies or truth?

Every information arrives
Nothing should evade it
It has to be investigated
The lies or truth only can be said

The authorities here quickly dismissed it
Without even checking in detail
Thinking it involves one person
They are afraid to rock the boat

If it is an ordinary person
If it is involved the opposition
The authorities will clamp it down
So speedily in black masks!

We know the double game
We put them there so they say
Through high and low it is done
In the name of democracy

This is the last run
They like it or not
They have no say
It has to come believe it

summer breezes

Summer breezes
The soft wind blowing
The cool shade rises
There Sebby sits
Holding his ice potong
The look on his face
The smile says it all
I am not going to miss it
I am going to taste
the cold melting icecream”
Under the shade he takes
A teasing pose
I am not sharing with you
You can get your own in the ice box”
Holding it steadily he bites into it
The tasty ice melts in quickly
Sebby eyes glow
And the happy face says it all

vaping shouldn't stay

Vaping shouldn't stay
It will cause health hazards in time
It isn't about business and religion
It's about death and sin

The mistake on cigarette
We thought it was a harmless pastime
In time it becomes the killer
The legal way profit on drug addiction

Vaping apparatus look unique
It reminds me of the opium days
Puffing it away feeling the world
The chemicals chirping away our health

Don't make the same mistake
Letting vaping in because it is a race business
It will cost more on health illness
We shouldn't n be encouraging it

Thursday, November 26, 2015

there is no reason

There is no reason
The ruling party should stay
The country has enough of it
It is time the people change

There is no reason
Worrying about the new
Thinking the old devil knows
The honey at the top the stings on the ground

There is no reason
Getting pushed around
Race and religion
The little napoleons run

There is no reason
Why we complain yet we never change?
The woes we face with the nation
It is our own doing for god's sake!

There is no reason
We should stay without change
It is time we rethink our values
It is time we take back our dignity

There is no reason
A new party can't make it the best
We have to make the run
We mustn't fear of the unknown

There is no reason
We can't see beyond today
It is all in our hands and minds
It is our own doing for god's sake!

don't go the wrong way

Isis lures the young minds
Come to stay with us living in paradise
Take a path with God for a cause
Sinners will be forgiven and enter heaven

Fight the cause for God
Even if you die on this soil
You will live for Him
The Saviour of your soul

The demons of Isis
They aren't God fearing
They are the children of Lucifer
Contaminating the minds

They are the demons
Indoctrination to do bad
Believing they are the savers
But it is greed and power

They spill blood and suffering
Drawing fear to play its game
The butchering and beheading
It is the fear to control the masses

The Islamic militants justice will come to them
Now they think they have the power to inflict pain
It is the same which will return to them
It is better they repent now and live

Hades is counting
Don't let Hades take you away
In his hell hole of cauldron of fire
You will cry over and over again

Until you realize it
God has his own way
You will learn your bitter lessons
Before God make you whole again

nobody can hide forever

Who are the hitmen?
They stay cool to this day
Nothing is heard about them
Until they are told to do

The investigating officers
They don't want to carry further
Why sacrifice it?
They will know the causes

When life is living in fear:
Knowing just one bullet will do the job
The hitmen walking behind shadows
We read about deaths on the street

Likewise with Kevin Morais
Charles said he knew too much
In his 18 pages of SD declaration
He pointed it to the top of the nation

So the draft sheet was true?
Published by Sarawak Report
Basing on the content of Charles' SD
Kevin drafted the charge sheet?

The hitmen came and gone
The runners caught and in prison
The mastermind is still walking free
The police still gathering speed