Wednesday, February 26, 2020

the dust leave its mark

The dust leave its mark
The footprints of once so hungry of power
Facing a chance to grab a government
Eating and celebrating the Last Supper

When the night falls while they yam seng
The hole becomes wider and the plot swallows them
When they are tipsy with power dreams
They walk out feeling the pumping blood high

When the dawn settles in
They find they aren't going anywhere
They are lost in their plot
What has gone wrong?”

Now the dust has gone
The picture of the plot becomes clearer
The master tactician may have a hand in it
He wants his way or you go the high way

He declined to attend PH meeting
He snubbed them as he knew
He wants his way or no way
I am the man no other candidate”

So the Old Man back to his old way
He wants to do it his style
The dictator way of his administration
He doesn't need to consult anybody

This isn't the way
The Old Man should retire graciously
He doesn't even need to hold the interim pm
He has played his card to the last

Now Anwar has to find the number
He may get it from East Malaysia
The light can be seen in a distance
There is hope yet for Pakatan Harapan

the ferris wheel plot

The master tactician
When he didn't get his way
He showed his tantrum
Letting the fall of PH

The plotters went ahead
Thinking they had the cat in the bag
Putting an extra clause
The master didn't like it

So he stopped his support
He threw up his cards
He resigned from all positions
To show his disgust

The Last Supper Dinner
The drum beats didn't sound
It was a show in bad light
The guest of honour didn't show

The frenzy calls and monitoring
The master tactician held up in his home
He didn't like to feel betray on his handiwork
The plan failed but PH lost the mandate

The plotters thought they won
The traitors smile and whisper
But the next day they face reality
The coup didn't materialize

Some reports say he might
He could have a hand in it
But the execution wasn't right
It is called karma to fight for the light!

Now he makes himself the saviour
Guiding the nation back to track
Sitting alone working on his official duty

the taiko cat

The grey and white cat
Walking on the road with confidence
He wants to show he is the new Taiko
The other male cats better stay away

He will roam the streets
Day and night he will show his face
If he sees a male cat on the street
He will chase the other cat away

Sometimes there will be shouting match
See which cat can yell the loudest
The male cats will hang there for a while
Until the neighbours throw water at them

The former Taiko Persian cat
He hasn't show his face
Possibly he is in his cage
The owner finally bars him

Now the new Taiko cat
He patrols his street
One day his master came
Go home now” he told his cat

The cat will show his face
In the night he will return
Putting his marks to mark his territory
The new Taiko on the street


Covid19 climbs so high
Taking lives infecting thousands
Spreading to over 30 countries
Causing hardship on the economy

Currently it claimed 2,000 lives
Infecting over 80,000 people
WHO told the world of people
Take the basic hygiene seriously

Covid19 hasn't stopped its track
The virus can spread in cold weather
If we have nothing important to do
We better stay indoor to help stop the virus

This virus causing us
We have to pool our effects to stop it
Play our roles to limit its reach
We need to stop Covid19

the numbers game

The dust has settled
The normal day begins
Though the crushing numbers
It's a long way

The Old Man's master stroke
He gets where he wants it
Every party claims to support him
He sits pretty cool in his office

The horse trading hasn't finished
The crushing numbers need to be found
PH has a likely chance to return to rule
There is no need for a snap election

The Old Man only has to command
His own party to return to the fold in PH
Else as a supporter of friendly ties
The number is in plain sight

The traitors get nothing
But still trying to sound relevant
They will be in history book
For trying to dishonour agreement

Now the Old Man sits alone
Working on his role as interim PM
Finding the numbers he knows where
It is in his plain sight

working on the numbers

Anwar has to work his numbers
He may have to sacrifice his ambition for the nation
He can't have it the way it is now
The rogue leaders in his party causing it

He has to work his charm with East Malaysian leaders
He has to find ways to ask them to cooperate with him
The personal ambition has to put on hold
This is the survival of Pakatan Harapan

He has to talk to his old colleague Bersatu
Bring the party back to PH and let the smile glow
There is nothing personal but interests of the nation
Tell Bersatu not to forget about common values

If nothing else work for PH
Time to let our King know
Dissolve Parliament call for a fresh mandate
There shouldn't be a backdoor government

The Old Man is equally angry with his Bersatu
Pulling out from PH causing him headaches
Though he resigned as PM but King asks him to stay
As the interim PM to hold the fort for the nation

The horse trading will be heated up
The political leaders will try to strike alliances and grouping
Currently no group has any clear advantage
But Amno baru leader likes to tell make believe tale

Anwar has to work his charm
Get the numbers to give PH a breathing
The Old Man will convince Bersatu to return
Then everything will end well as well

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

chasing girls

Chasing girls
Don't let your intention known
You mustn't say what's in your mind
You will lose your game

You have to hot up the girls' minds
Let them think of you as you go along
Because you don't say what's in your words
You play it in their games

Once you tell the girls
Why you want them
They will lose interest
They may not think of you

Girls like suspense
It makes their minds go high
They will turn the hunters
Stalking for their prey

As long as there is a suspense
You will achieve your goal in quick time
Stay confident prick their minds
When it is not known the girls will hunt

the horse trading begins

The horse trading begins
The party leaders troop to see
The Old Man still stands tall
Watching every move

AA and his gang
Voice their support for the Old Man
Maybe they have realized their peril
They will be out in the cold

These 11 members from PKR
They left the party to pursue own agenda
But the game collapsed on their faces
Now they go for the saving grace

Bersatu chief too went to see
His former chairman to trade
Maybe Bersatu will U-turn to PH
They can't live without the power

Every politician likes
The power in his hands
It can open many opportunities
The special benefits along the way

With that kind of horse trading
PH will return to manage the country
With the Old Man holding his post again
Until the next general election

PH needs about 8-9 members
If it can secure it, it has a simple majority
As the day unfolds the numbers are there
PH will return to finish its business for the nation

politics isn't for self interests

The politics in Malaysia
It always chart up our lives
Every day there will be something up
Rendering the people to stop and watch

What is the commotion?
The hungry power politicians
They will try to link up horses
All for their self interests

They will paint beautiful words
They think the people are fools
They can't escape their lies
It can be found out with a click of a mouse

The self centred politicians
They will not survive long
They can do horse trading
Eventually they will fade away

the traitors expose

The traitors expose
They have no face to hide
They forget to wait
Impatience is the fall for many

Though PH needs to find the numbers
The leaders will get within the next few days
Possible through Bersatu members
Who have a change of heart or bearing

It will leave its president holding straws
Now his own party members may have revolted
Following the Old Man back to PH
Where the Old Man is still the Chairman

Azmin and his gang will face a future
Not in politics but somewhere in retirement
The very act of betrayal will not be forgiven
A leader must have patience else he will fail

The Old Man remains as the interim PM
The King wants him to stay until such time
PH captures the right number to stay on course
Then the Old Man will return in full glory

The Old Man has no hand in the plot
He resigned as PM and Bersatu chairman
Disagreeing the way Bersatu leaders behave
Now he holds the post of interim PM

Monday, February 24, 2020

goodbye Bersatu

Bersatu resigns
Out from PH
There is no sadness
The watchers knew
It is better Bersatu leaves
It brings no joy to the nation
It is always on race and religion
Now it is official
Its days are numbered
Its leaders will fall
Like in Gerakan and MCA
Even with MIC
The betrayal of the people's mandate
Come GE15
The Hope of the nation will survive
We will get rid of the political crooks
In the political dustbins of history
Goodbye Bersatu
You will have your karma too

You don't leave your partners
When they fight an uphill battle
It isn't in your DNA to fight
Now you pack your bag and leave
Goodbye Bersatu

the last battle of the night

The candle melts
The last battle of the light
Slowly the darkness will fall
Betray by the highest degree

The human greed of power
In the wrong hand it will spell doom
There is no place for the betrayal
The people's mandate of change

The political crooks are smiling
They will dream of many ways
The hungry mind can't wait
The dream of the golden light

They can celebrate and smile
Showing their faces instead of shame
Dishing the people's mandate
For personal gains and satisfaction

When they turn the pages of scriptures
They will read where they will go
The lake of fire burning all day long
There will be no escape but the ordeal

The candle melts
The fire slowly dim
The light turns into darkness
The demons walk out to play

a taste of bad history

The new dawn
It doesn't take to the sky
All the knots are tied
Leaving a sour taste in the mind

The people's mandate
The high-light in 9 May 2018
Suddenly the dark storm ravishes
By the betrayers greedy for power

The deja vue of 2009
The back door way in Perak
The people's mandate was hijacked
A taste of bad history

Now a familiar story
The back door to Federal power
The betrayers of the people's mandate
They gather to grab the government

The hive of activities yesterday
The betrayal of the highest degree
The people will take notice
They can kiss their political careers goodbye

We voted for a clean government
We don't vote for betrayers to join the bad boys
Now the show of hands finally happened
We will fight for another day and time

The new dawn never happens
It has returned to its dream for many
The story of dreamers will not disappear
There will be another dawn to fight and cherish

power corrupts the mind

Power corrupts the mind
When in the hand of whom it wields
It can absolutely run amok
If a person cherishes it hungrily

The law and forms will be forgotten
As power walks over blowing hot
It wants its way or go highway
There is no sharing but absolute greed

Power in the wrong hand
It will spoil the dreams of many
As the evil ones will sing together
Gathering around their spoils

Power corrupts the mind
The rule of law and forms will put aside
In the wrong hand it will spell the wrong way
The dreams of many will turn to pieces

God will look and plan
What He has done no soul should betray
As vengeance is Him who made all happening
On the wrong side the punishment will be the fire