Monday, March 19, 2018

the falling from grace

What battle?
Am Ci A barking at the ghosts
Loudly for all to hear
It's a nuisance

It's the battle for crumbs
Am Ci A wants it in its life
Looking beyond which it fails
The major corruptions it stays mute

And so what battle?
It's barking at the ghosts
Making itself a nuisance
Though feeling proud of it

Am Ci A do us a favor
Be a man hit the real crook
It saves all your troubles
But you are a softie and nuisance

The time to call a rest
So like your other partners
The falling from grace
It has to begin

the women aren't slaves or sex objects

The women aren't chattels
They have roles to play
No man should mistreat a woman
He brings disgrace to his race

The women shouldn't be cowed
Do not listen to the wrong advice
Men will put you down many times
Even use you then dump you around

A few Muslim leaders
They will still hold women as slaves
These men are the curse in human race
The just punishment to degrade women

Without women the world will die
The women have roles to play
The women aren't sex objects
The women are the pillars of stability

But woes are the men
Women aren't slaves or sex objects
They have economic values
They have rights to this world

i got a wild thing 2

I got a wild thing
The drumbeats never slowed
It kept on rolling
It kept on hitting

Yeah yeah I got a wild thing
The night became day to hit the sack
The day became night beating in the bed
I never could see the sunshine

I could hear her soft scream
Hitting hard in my ears
I got a wild thing
I rode like a crazy

She got me rolling
All over the place
Measuring it up from toes to head
She was a wild thing

I could never see sunshine
Day became night
Night became day
I was falling into the wild thing

the broken affairs

The broken affairs
It is hard to fall asleep
There is always the disturbing night
Why it happen so suddenly?

It is so smooth on the flow
There is no ikling it would fail
Once the disagreement start
It is always a third party blame

It is hard to believe
The falling runs deep
Words say or sound not sincere
It brings down a relationship

Too many lies or excuses
A man or woman will not agree
Once the truth comes to get hold of the lies
The affairs will turn from good to bad

The broken affairs
It happens all the times
Even married couples aren't excluded
They too fall for the game

It is always sex
This is the truth on the set
When sexual relationship turns cold
The critters will come a calling

The broken affairs
The truth will hurt
Words say or sound not sincere
It brings down a relationship

Sunday, March 18, 2018

the poison in the air

The poison in the air
It will stay as long as we sleep on it
We don't want to take action
When addiction takes its toll

There lies our issues
Listening to the not wise men and women
They have tags on their heads
It says they are the ministers

We can't criticise them
They think they are the semi-gods
They lick the power in their hands
They smell the spices of power

This is what happened in Indonesia
The people can't criticise the national leaders
The law has been passed though the President ignored it
It has come into law by default

Here we are facing a similar issue
The fake news law will say the same thing
We are hurdled into a long line of addiction
This is what it will be bed of thorns

A power corrupts the mind
It spells the toxic fume in the air
Are we going to stay quiet?
If we value our freedom and rights time to act

Let a new party helm the nation
It's time we make history for ourselves
This is our right and destiny
Rise up and change our circle of life

dating is a game

Dating is a game
It isn't for the weak hearted
It takes guts, confidence and preparations
To run the field with head hold high

For the men and women
It never sounds easy to perform
To score a winner it takes confidence
By it you have prepared ahead

There are many books on it
Dating is a hunt in the concrete jungle
There is always the rejection
There is always the loneliness

You know why bad guys get the hot women?
They have the confidence to do and say
They aren't afraid even they don't get a good education
They know women like to hear sweet words

Dating is a game
Why some fail; why some stay alone
They lack of confidence
But failures are always a success!

birthday part of a paragraph

Birthdays come birthdays go
Along the day it will whisper
The stories of the year
The footprints enriched in the mind

It's a time to recollect
How life was spent and remembered
What the year ahead for the next day?
It is always the good taste of life

Live the positive way
It will enrich the mind
Even the small things too
It makes the whole living good

A day to remember
Of birthday brings the light
It will make you realize
There are still many to do

A birthday part of a paragraph
There will be pages still to write
Enjoy its gift as it runs along
It will make you smile and enjoy life

it's so easy

It's so easy
Break down the wall
You will see the word

It's so easy
Break away the door
You will see the word
Tell no lies”

It's so easy
Open the curtains wide
You will see the words
Have dignity”

It's so easy
Open the religious text
You will see the words
Sin will die”

It's so easy
Open our minds high
You will see the words
Stay united and fly”

It's so easy
Break down the wall
You will see the words
Stop the addiction”

Saturday, March 17, 2018

the spices of a sweet lie

The spices will be cooked
The aroma will air to the sky
Let the audience smell it quickly
The spices of a sweet lie

When we taste it
It doesn't feel original
It says of artificial manipulation
It wants to get its prize

Though many will taste it
The fear still rings in their minds
So long they forget the original spices
Addiction to the manipulation of life

Now it is time to throw away
Bring back the original spices
Let us taste its origin
It brings us the good taste

Don't be afraid to change
Nothing stay permanent all the times
Go back to the original spices
We don't have to live in headaches

let us march for a better deal

The biased reporting
It sinks of the mind
Bee Anne will sink
No matter how good
its promisory notes
It's over 6 decades
What did the party do?

It is best to have a new way
Let a new kid take the helm
The whiz kid in IT of management
It may save us the taxes and leakages
Let Bee Anne sink to the deep of depression

Bee Anne wants to rule forever
We mustn't allow it to happen
We have given the party enough mandate
It's time to let them go
It's leaders have become bad
They think we owe them!

Let GE14 be the circle of change
Let us march forward for a better deal
The nation needs it so are we
We mustn't fail ourselves with our tasks
The future is in our hands

the men will cry

The men will cry
When erectile D comes to mind
It will make a long sad journey
Groping in the darkness

The men will keep quiet
They don't tell friends about it
They don't want to seek medical advice
They don't to be label a failure

The erectile D doesn't affect the old
It has made the young studs feeling the fear
With today's style of eating habits
The young men too suffer in defeat

It's the blood flow
The organ doesn't receive enough blood
The wood doesn't store sufficient for it
This is the woe the men get the fear

The blue pill will help
It isn't worth the money spent
The drastic side effects of it
Losing life may happen!

It is best go the natural way
It is cheap and effective
You just need time to prepare and store it
You consume it when you need

Watermelon, turmeric and ginger
The kitchen has it all the times
You don't have to look very far
Blend it together and drink

the cat is sleeping

The cat is sleeping
The hot weather to hide
In the shadows of the light
Leaving the field wide open

The little rats will run
Jumping up for joy and fun
It's the time to pull all the tricks
The cat is in dream land

In the heat of the season
The cat will be busy chasing
He has no time to check security
He is dreaming of the female cats

This is the time
The little rats will jump for joy and fun
They don't have to worry about their safety
The cat is in his dream land

let us make history

Our history will be made
When we collectively agree
Let us change for the future
Let this election be the cradle for it

Bee Anne has stayed too long
Along the way we are chained in our minds
The party wants to stay forever
Its leaders treat us like crumbs

The taxes and laws
Make us pay restrict our minds
It even wants to create an Islamic nation
When our Constitution forbids it

Let us make our history
The nation has waited for it too long
Let this election bring us the light
We can fly freely and soar to our might

Make no mistake of it
We have to sacrifice to make it blossom
Let our sad faces turn into smile
Let our freedom be our guiding light

Let us make our history
Let us bury Bee Anne to the dust
Let it stay until lessons are learned
Now our nation needs to be free