Saturday, February 24, 2018

the tomcat on the move

The Tomcat on the move
The season has started
The crazy ones will run
Chasing the female cats

Comel the Tomcat
He doesn't know the time
He returns as he likes
He doesn't worry about his meal

Once the female cats call
Base on past records he will run
Like the toy cat he will become
He hopes to get a share

On all scores the female cats lure him
Making him the lovesick Tomcat
He thinks he can perform his stunt
The younger stray cats will outshine him!

He can't run with the young male cats
He hasn't got the energy to run afar
Yet he thinks he is a Tomcat
The Casanova of the feline variety

Comel the Tomcat
The female cats will lure him like a cat toy
Luring him around like a lovesick cat
Waiting for his turn for hours

the light is rising again

Cry in the dark
In the lonely tunnel deep below
The dark shadow rules the black
No light can be seen

Once there is light
The spread of goodwill abound
Until the bad takes control
The trust has been gone

Instead there are lies
Everyday running through our lives
Even the institutions are running low
The respect seems split with the wind

Cry in the dark
The longest journey to make it
The bad is feeling jittery
Many bad followers will feel teary

The light is rising again
Though the cry in the dark still hears
The bad will face Bamboo River
The iron gates and hardcore criminals

the war in cyber world

The paid cyber-warriors
They have the arsenal in their hands
They have to wait for the green light
Once it is sounded the keypads will ignite

They will write their ways
With the guidelines to score points
Waging the war in the internet
The paid cyber- warriors sink low

They don't care about the truth
They don't believe it anyway
They only care how much to get
Once the heat cut into the internet space

The war in the cyber world
The blues will sound its drums
Beating it hard sending its war cry
The tidal waves rising in cyber space

The war has been decided
Years ago to effect the change
Even the institutions have broken pledges
The people aren't paying for it

the sweet words

The sweet words
Once you learn it
The women will fall
They will go crazy

Once you say it
In between conversations
The words will trigger her sexual modes
She will swing into action

So it is claimed
The gurus make the hit
The hot women will fall
By the words trigger in her brain

Women basically fall
By the sweet words of encouragement
By the actions carrying it out
In her mind she needs her fill

You don't need the punch lines
It has become out of date
You need to show confidence
You need to be the man she needs

Friday, February 23, 2018

the bad broom sweeps

The bad broom sweeps
The dirt and hairs will get away
Hiding in its brittles
Hanging on for corruption

When a fish head is tainted
The credibility is questioned
No matter how it is bundled together
The bad news will get into the flow

The bad broom sweeps in circles
Outwardly the bad will drive away
Leaving behind the trails of dirt and sand
The struggling to make a clean sweep

The talk of promises
It never comes to light up the night
The bad crooks still run in darkness
Laughing at the addicted race

The bad broom sweeps
Everything seems to stay
The dirt and hairs hiding in the brittles
The addicted people can't see the difference

the chains of the long goodnight

GE in April or May?
It doesn't matter really
Call it even today
The time is up anyway

The jittery leaders
The ruling elites will spread
The bad speeches run
Thinking the people easy to buy

No doubt they have the command
Once the election is called
The spread of a new will sing
In the minds catching the train

We can't let the bad stay on
Time for them to stay in Bamboo River
There will be many when a new light shines
The chains of the long goodnight

roS stays away from politics

RoS stays away from politics
Don't get into its groove
Play your job as a civil servant
You will never get it wrong

Pakatan Harapan's application
It shouldn't take so long to approve
If you have reservations about it
Write to the Chairman to explain

Once when old Amno was deregistered
The High Court ruled it as illegal
The president then could get it done in 24 hours
You didn't delay its application as Amno Baru

Now it seems Ros takes a long free walk
Staying in the park looking at the monkeys
Drawing flaks from those in the know
Maybe waiting to get inspiration...

RoS don't get into politics
Do it as a civil servant
Serving all the people all the times
Showing no double standards as well

Now Pakatan Harapan takes RoS to court
There is a trust deficit
RoS stays away from politics
You don't take so long to give the green light do you?

if we don't make the right decision

If we don't make the right decision
We will suffer the many knocks in our lives
The current regime is taking its rides
Leaving us breathless with debts piling high

If we fall for the empty promises
We will not wake up to the new
We will toil for the old debts
The chains around our necks

Every agency seems to be compromise
The way it is conducted by its officials
It is always left us to criticise its works
The independence is by puppet on the strings

So if we don't make the right decision
When the call of GE14 comes to vote
We will lose our golden opportunity of a change
We will be saddled with our pains

Thursday, February 22, 2018

we don't need the chains

The promises
It's the time to fool
Once the audience hear it
They think it will happen

It's the election year
Every kind of promise will be said
There is no money allocated
There is no working paper

Tell will it happen?
When the nation coffers are suspect
When borrowings are high right now
Where is the money to fund the projects?

The election year
Promises will be made
The blue party will parade
Its leaders will talk big

It's time for a change
We need it so is the nation
We want to be free
We don't need the chains

the working life

The working life
It isn't the shining every time
You will get the bad light
You will feel in bad mood

It makes every workload
You can't see it right
Your mind is bottled up
You feel you are going to explode

The tasks ahead
The time schedule to submit
The uncooperative colleagues
It makes the pressure high

In that circle you will feel alone
You try to concentrate but it never helps
You want to scream and bolt away
You have dependants so you chilled it

It is best take a deep breath
Take a break walk around
Do something different
You will get your bearing back

if you can't help the maids, don't employ

A few bad employers
The maids die in employment
It is a sad episode for the nation
When mistreatments still occur

If an employer can't handle maids
It is best leave out the equation
Why bother to recruit?
When an employer can't handle it?

The maids aren't paid slavery
They are the humans like everyone here
Treat maids with dignity and compassion
They help in day to day routines

It is always sad to read
Of maids who suffer and die in employment
What kind of employers do it?
Pray yet do evil deeds!

Send the culprits to long prison terms
Don't send them to the rope in case of murders
Let them suffer in prison and learn the hardship
Maybe they will see their stupid ways

the empty house with kittens

The house leaves empty
The owner hardly comes around
Done his house renovations
After the last tenant made a mess of it

Though a few made inquiries
A few took some pictures of the house
The house still stays empty for months
Months the owner hardly comes to clean

Now a mother cat gives birth to 3 kittens
The neighbors don't realize it too
A concerned person throw boxes
Let the mother cat take it in

The mother cat doesn't require it
She leaves her kitten in the open
At the main entrance protecting her brood
Will the kittens survive?