Thursday, January 18, 2018

sugar daddy again

Sugar daddy
On the roll in the net
Offering monies
Offering jobs

The young women
Flocking to the den
Believing of paradise
They forget of the bad

The women willing to sell
The bodies for intimate sex
Though lawyers say it isn't illegal
But morally it is prostitution

In the net it is a con job
Capturing the women
Seeking an easy life of paradise
In the end losing monies

If women seek sugar daddy
Go find yourself in the market
You don't lose your money or dignity
You don't have to cry to Ah Chong

Alternatively advertise in the internet
Put up your profile and your likes
In this way you will not get cheated
You may find your own sugar daddy

the seeded players

The seeded players
They think they can win
They troop to the courts
They have the aura of winning

When the games begin
The seeded players fall
They have their names
They have their reputation

Yet they tumble down
In the first round of badminton
To the players way down to them
It tells us something doesn't it?

Now we have Amno b seeded
With its hosts of other seeded parties
The parties think it can win
Let the court of people decide its fate

This will be the game
The seed parties will fall
This is the time it will eat humble pie
Some may have to spend time

The Bamboo River rings
The sound of new players walking in
The creaking of iron doors open
The new inmates will cry

this is the best chance

Dr M rocks
On the stage
He doesn't have to worry
He knows what he can do

At his age
He has a mission
Bring back the glory
Bring back the smile

On his road
He will bring back the unity
The colorful people and religions
Let the people stay united

Now Amno b
Now the mosquitoes party
They are shivering in the cold
They are worried what will happen

Now the bad cronies will bark
Distorted the stories telling lies
Capturing the village folks
But the Felda folks have enough

The deciding factor
Is with Sabah and Sarawak
Will the people opt for change?
Will Sabah and Sarawak sleep?

This is the best chance
Pakatan Harapan has to walk
In the corridor of power
Bring back the smile for the nation

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

GE14 the way of a choice

The ruling elites think
There is no way to lose
They have the upper hand
Ruling the nation for decades

Now they face the fear
They aren't confident to win
They have many scandals to deal with
The unsolved crimes in their bags

Even telling lies will not work
It comes to haunt them for good
They try to make it believable
But it falls flat on the ground

This time it is a different foe
The Old Man who knows all the tricks
He is set to bring them down to their knees
Clean up the mess and set the nation free!

GE14 the way of a choice
Make the right move everything will fall
This is the election to sink the Titanic
Let it sink to the deepest ocean's floor

don't twist history

Don't twist history
It is there for us to remember
The events passed in our lives
The events passed in our grandparents times

History will record the events
Through the official records of the times
Detailing the chapters of any event
Let the people know how it was

But there are officials
Trying to retell their stories
Even though they aren't involved
They try to push their distorted minds

It is best these people don't talk
They don't understand history
They will make themselves stupid
Let the record speak for itself!

let LBGT be

The test of faith
Many will fail
The sins they have
It will be hard to enter
The paradise's gate

Why hunt LBGT?
Are they the criminals?
Do they encroach your life?
They live their own lives
Maybe suffering of the social stigma
You think they enjoy calling names?

LBGT are humans
They have every right to stay and speak
They have every right to vote
Nobody can take it away

The religious authorities
Learn your texts understand its meanings
Don't try to show the way
When the sins are in your baggage
It is a test of faith but do you see it?

Let LBGT be
They are the ones will face God
Maybe it is God's fault
The angels fall asleep
In the creation of human beings

LBGT have suffered enough
They don't need the religious authorities
Encroaching their lives to feed its views
The sins every one of us face
Is the wages of death!
Don't we all realize it?

the rice fields

The rice fields
The yields of tonnes
The farmers try new methods
The short term gains

The stalks withstand chemicals spray
It is said to kill the pests stalking the rice stalks
The farmers try with bountiful success
The smile on the faces the encouraging results

Years later the pests mutate
The pests can withstand the chemical sprays
The pests begin to stalk the rice fields
Now the farmers really cry

They are counting their losses
The rice tonnes yield reduce
The farmers will face the hardship
The short term gains a long term misery

Don't play with nature
There is bound to be a payback
Now the pests are back
Seeking vengeance on the farmers

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

the earth worms

The rainy days
The earth worms will crawl
Believing it is a new way
To live outside the box

When the sun dries up the water
The sun will show no mercy
The earth worms will struggle
Suddenly it finds it can't crawl

The death will come slowly
The sun bearing its rays in hot lights
Drying up the water the earth worms struggle
Slowly the pain of death will take place

By hours of the sun
The earth worms stay motionless
By living outside its moist comfort
It never realizes death will come suddenly

Learn the mistakes of the earth worms
When things aren't broken why make the change
It will cost us the misery and pain
The pockets will be empty we will cry in vain

live a simple life

Live a simple life
It saves us the financial blue
We don't have to compare
We live according to what we earned

If we don't have the means
Go by bus or cycle
We don't have to live
In financial nightmares

If we can't afford to buy houses
It is better to rent within our means
We don't have to face foreclosures
When we fail to pay banking loans

Live a simple life
Even clothings can be recycled
Mix and match it will run for years
We don't have to run after fashions

Live a simple life
We will have a lot of times
Our minds will stay clog free
We can count our blessing

the greedy ones

Once it was
It brought the farmers
The bumpy harvests
They could smile

Then greed came in
The mutations resulted
The padi stalks became the hunted
The weeds became immune

The growing nightmares begin
The padi stalks will be the hunted
Now the farmers facing huge losses
The greed makes them pay

Now in the corridor of power
There are the human greed
They will face the hunters
As they become the hunted

Once they hold the power
Now the tail end is near
It is time to put the greedy ones
Into the gates of Bamboo River

the march of change

The march of change
It is finally going to happen
The Year of Dog barking wild
So eager to take the reign

The people have been waiting
The opportunity comes their way
The time to play the king makers
The time to enjoy their values

The songs will sing
The beats will be heard
The Bamboo River so eager
To fish in the big fishes!

The march of change
The day in the nation
This will be the chapter
Of new values come to play