Friday, October 21, 2016

admit sins be free

The hanging rope
In the air it waits
The bad elements stir
Waking up to reality

They can't tell lies all the times
A day will come they have to face it
They can't hide forever hoping it will go
My friends bad things will happen

Don't they see the hanging rope?
In the air floating like a guillotine
The hissing sound makes by the wind
The chilly calling in the night of dreams

They can argue; they can plot
Giving out more lies trying to hide
What's the use when the truth will come?
Knocking them off one by one

The hanging rope
Floating like a guillotine
Better show remorse, my friends
Return to the light and be free

put the red behind bar

The Red Shirt ring leader
Out on police bail still no remorse
He still shouts his threats
With his supporters around him

The Bersih 5.0 aren't intimidated
They have reasons to hold the rally
But Red Shirt hooligans talking crap
They support the bad

The police better speed up
Don't wait too long to take him to prison
This is where he will learn his lessons
The Red Shirt ring leader from Amno baru

Sad the Amno baru leadership keep quiet
The silence tells they are supporting the quest
Of creating troubles on a peaceful assembly
For a purpose we have known in our minds

The fingers itching on the NSC
Finding an excuse to use it to stay on in power
The clinging of hope to stay on the perks
A deja vu will not come to play

The police must act without fear or favour
Don't let this childish behaviour going on
The intimidation will not stay in effect
The Yellow shirts will swarm the Red 

who's confuse?

Who's confuse?
Years of learning
It comes to nought
A few Talibans
They want to make
With words they are afraid
These groups get swayed easily

If these groups don't understand English
They shouldn't be working spreading falsehood
They should go back to brush on their English
For they are easily confused!
Hot Dogs, Root beers, beef bacon, Turkey bacon
These are the words used to describe food
It is not used to offend a religious faith
The products aren't made from pork

The little Talibans trying to confuse
The Islamic faith of many
Using a falsehood to achieve an aim
Telling lies is contrary to a faith
If they are confused go back to learn English
Don't push it down to other educated persons

The lake of fire is waiting
The bubbling heat of water high
Telling the people don't tell lies
If you are confused go and learn it well
Don't live in a coconut shell
Believing outsiders shouldn't come to help

we are to blame

The stains on the nation
It will be said in our history
How the shame upset us
The bad leaders we picked

Everyday we hear
The scandals run deep
On the tainted leaders
They refuse to go

Even the agencies dare to do
The little acts become our laughing stock
Are they so afraid of a word or colour?
Until they have to make a ruling

The leaders are weak
They don't speak up for the nation
Maybe they are counting the chickens
Before the floor sinks deeply in

The signs are there
The scandals, high costs of living
The confusing minds running chickens
The greed and corruption and stupidity

The bad leaders bring the stains
The fall of shame to all of us
We are to blame picking the wrong ones
We must make it right the next round

atlantuya still haunts the nation

There is no closure
The Atlantuya's murder
On our land she came
She was blown in C4

It is now 10 years
The persons responsible walking free
Her lover too living his life
The dark secrets still in silence

The hired killers sent to the gallow
One waiting to get his just dessert
One had flown away to Australia
He lives in a semblance of luxury

The case never answers
Who ordered her kill?
The judge ignored the reasoning
Saying there was no motive!

Atlantuya carving her vengeance
She will get her true justice in time
Maybe we can see her handiworks
The loads of scandals running in

It is 10 years
Atlantuya still waits
The justice she deserves
Dying horribly in our nation

Thursday, October 20, 2016

the bad leaders

The bad leaders
They want to get the easy life
Take the short cut to paradise
The misery of others they don't die

They will play the heroes
Going out in the front line
Shouting all kinds of lies
At least they think they should

They beat their chests
Telling the masses “We are your heroes”
In reality they want the wealth
The so easy picking on their way

Behind backdoors they whisper
Let the bad dogs run wild
We are the heroes aren't we?
Ha ha they laugh in the bank

The city folks know their tricks
They can't confuse the city lickers
They try though with monies
They nothing in return

It is the village folks
They better wake up to the bad
Don't ever dream on the crumbs
Have your dignity stand up on your own

The bad leaders
They think they can rule
The rising of the sun
The light of the moon

The days are numbered
Enough of the lies and sweet talk
There is the walk of enlightenment
The people and nation need it

the women I knew

The women I had
I was a fool I was a man
It had gone in memories
The good and the bad

The footprints hold
The passages of the old
The women I knew
All had gone in my sight

Names ring in echo
In the mind in the distance
No chance to meet again
The separate ways in time

The local and foreign women
They were part of my memories
I was a fool I was a man
Put my seeds but got it nowhere

The women I knew
They are now in memories
In the far distance I may hear
The echo of guitar strings

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

the cats at the backlane

The cats at the backlane
The animals don't care what you do
They will stare with big eyes
You can't touch me!”

They walk on their own
Eyes on the ground searching for food
When there is an opportunity
They steal pieces of chicken or fish

The backlane food caterers
There is always a chance for the cats
They will stalk lazing on the road
When the guard is down the cats strike

Occasionally the cats will kill pigeons
They will walk ever slowly to the prey
When it is near the cats will jump
The pigeons in its claws struggling to die

These cats are a nuisance
They always jump over to my garden
Leaving its marks on the grass
As if to say “You can't touch me!”

there are no vestal virgins

isis will try all means
To get the Muslims here to join its rank
The Islamic militants recognize a weakness
The Muslims here easily get confused!

The years of conditioning
They can battle on their own
The life towards fulfillment
But they are easily gone astray

The minds seem in robotic move
The years of teaching never get through
When they hear a short cut to paradise
They jump the ship but get drowned instead

Now Isis sends telegrams
Like a personal touch on its drive
The Muslims here better wake up
Don't ever fall for the false hope

There are no vestal virgins
There is no paradise to go
It is the lake of fire
Burning souls screaming in pain

impatience has its misery

The mid-day fight
On the street in Kepong
What has gone with the people?
They have nothing else to do

Give way doesn't mean losing face
Life is worth many times over
When life is gone before due date
What will the gain by it?

Impatience has its crying shame
A man is impatient waiting for the boom gate
The guard on duty slow in lifting it up
The driver punches the guard's face

It tells us something is wrong
Too much pressures on the mind
Sometimes people can't take it
They will cause damages and misery

It is better to give way
It doesn't say a coward's day
It says there is peace in keeping faith
Let the demons stay in the pit

he has crossed the line

He has crossed the line
Selling his soul pockets full of cash
He thinks he can live forever
He thinks he has wings to fly

He gives his cronies projects
Running into hundreds of millions
He wants them to give him
The support he needs on the free

He goes behind the back door
He crafts it in his years
Nobody dares to touch him
The agencies have been compromised

He has crossed the line
The Devil will take his soul
When the time is right
For now he thinks he has wings to fly

The sidekicks too will face
The music of fire in their minds
They can't sleep well knowing their sins
Surely there isn't a chance to escape

He has crossed the line
Selling his soul pockets full of cash
The Devil will take his soul
When the time is right