Monday, May 22, 2017

the people must win

The blue eye
Look at reality
Anwar still in jail
Without a seat
Nothing is but a dream
It is better to see the truth
Anwar will be away long after GE14
Get a prominent person
Maybe get a young person to the fore
There are many in your ranks
Who are capable national leaders
Tap into these politicians
They will make the difference
Though the placards inked his name
Don't build on sentiments alone
Face reality and fight the battles
Without a general on the scene
Everything will be hit and run
You want Putrajaya?
Ink your strength
Work hard on it
This is the battle
The people must win!

blame it on unsatisfied sex

In the night of silence
A wife gets into the groove
With a man not her husband
They play the putting golf game

Why she has to do it?
Sex is the game
When she isn't satisfied
Why blame her affairs?

A wife gets no satisfaction
It isn't just hit and bang
Finish it off within minutes
A woman needs are different

A man should recognize it
It isn't putting the golf hole
Once you put the ball in
The game is over

A woman has a different scale
Learn it to make her stay
Likewise the same for a woman
Learn the needs of her man

The husband and his village friends
They find the man and pour hot water
Taking the law into their own hands
Now they are under police custody

If the adulterer dies
Murder will be the charge sheet
Don't blame the woman or wife

Blame it on unsatisfied sex

why sex affairs

Wives get into affairs
Who is to blame?
The husbands at fault?
The sex life isn't hot?

Husbands have mistresses
Husbands have girlfriends
Who is to blame?
Wives aren't good in bed?

Sex is the foundation of a marriage
Once each person recognizes it
The marriage will be secured
They will work on it

Many have failed to recognize it
They think sex is part of the married licence
It isn't the basic foundation to grow
Sex is the root cause of many troubles!

Don't fool yourself
Learn how to putt in golf
You think you are great
You need knowledge and practice

the old and infirmed

The old and infirmed
Most are left to stay alone
In the homes of welfare
Counting the days to go

Who is to blame?
When old age comes calling
When a major disease knocks the door
Who will be listening?

The children will ignore
The relatives will hide
They all pretend
Nothing is wrong

Now it is left to good outsiders
They have the belief to lend a hand
Providing a shelter and meal
Let the old know there is a place

There are many cases of abandoned parents
The children forget to take care of them
They will say of lack of time and money
They leave the parents to seek a home

Many die of broken heart
They can't believe the children do this way
How they have sacrifice for their children
And yet in the end they are abandoned

Who is to blame?
Maybe planning and discipline
Maybe it is God's way of punishment
The sins we carry in our lives

Sunday, May 21, 2017

you still have to create your wealth

Education can make you read and write
Maybe help you to reason and respond
On a text book way of getting it through
Education doesn't give you the experience

Even in the battleground of war or fight
It is the exposure to the art or war
It helps you to prepare to face it
It is about life and death episode

Education doesn't give your the practices
You have to find it out the hard way
Even in martial art the exponents need to fight
On a friendly terms to enrich their combat skills

Education doesn't give you the passport to riches
You need to learn all over of how to create wealth
Finding wealth isn't through education of degrees
It is through opportunities and willing to fail

Education makes the hardship shorter
It is still hard work to make the spot
Don't ever forget it is back to ground level
You still have to create your wealth

it's sad using bad character

It's sad using bad character
As a motivator for youth
The manner and uncouth words
What will the youth learn?

When a leader forgets to reprimand
He shows he will accept the bad
Down the line this is what we saw
The bad guys marching on

We have ministers too
They don't give clear messages
When we read their statements
It is always sounded hollow

The day of truth and honesty
It is going down the drain
Up on the board the bad and the lies
The curry favours forgetting principles

just playing a game?

The low players are always caught
Take them for parade put them in custody
The newspapers and TV news will splash it
Telling the audience what it is in store

Like this one in front page
$850k shock for a low official!
Who was caught by MACC
But it is the right headline?

The $2.6 billion in low key
Even the spending of $42 million
Though he screamed donation
But he didn't say in the first instant!

It is playing games
Afraid to offend and want to curry favours
The big whales will always go swimming
Splashing its might in the open seas

Macc when will be the big whales?
Are you still on the drawing board?
Designing a suitable fishing net?
Maybe you are afraid to fall in the ocean?

The parade of the small crooks
It will not bring the honesty pool
At best the people will say
They are just playing a game

Saturday, May 20, 2017

the rich poor schemes

The rich poor schemes
The eyes of the rich
The poor will push in
Dreaming of the Neverland

But dreams will die
When greed plays its game
The greedy will hang to dry
Losing monies crying in vain

The team will take flight
Collect all the monies
Giving part in returns
Slowly siphoned off

They will say
All the excuses in the world
Now the police investigates
Where have all the monies gone?

The rich poor schemes
Don't fall for the lucrative returns
It is only a trick to take your money
Once you give away don't cry in vain

a rat nation

A rat nation
It wants to irritate
The powerful leaders
He thinks he has the capability
As if he is the only person
In the world
He brags a lot
A day will come
He will face his sins
Maybe his time is coming up
He rants nonsense these days
Doing bad to his people
Cultivating fear and bully
It will not be long
When God takes him down
In the dark hole of burning fire
There he can scream in his eternity!

the beats in the night

The beats in the night
The echo flashes in the mind
Listening to the radio
It plays the songs and dance

On the soft carpet of grass
The stars shining in energetic blinks
The sound of echo hitting the notes
The circle in the groove

The chords on the beats
It takes away every breath
The ringing in the head
The energy flows out to the wind

The light lingers
The back drop of shadows
The silhouettes of the past
It feels good; it feels free