Saturday, November 18, 2017

the professional hitmen

The professional hitmen
They want the money
They want to enjoy
They leave their victims
Sleeping death for eternity
The police will dig up the dirt
Hoping to find clues
Honestly the birds have flown
Once the final payment is made
The victims down in red paint
There is nothing much to say
The usual round of suspects
The full conviction in the drawer
Linking it up will take years
Meanwhile the professional hitmen
They will still ply their trade
Shooting targets for money
As long as they are paid

weak case bad omen

The professional hitmen
They will come for a price
Once the job is done
They will disappear

Leaving the trail of dead persons
Let the police dig up the dirt
Round up the suspects
Force them to make confessions

When the investigations are weak
The culprits will walk free
A judge will not punish them
He finds no reason to do

When it is a murder case
The police must spend time to dig up the truth
The AG must know that he can obtain a right verdict
It doesn't have to be a quick job

When the murderers walk
Others will feel the bad omen
They will feel the heat in their minds
Afraid of the bullets to fly!

play the fair game

Life is a circle
What you do bad today
You will get it back in return
There is no one way street

The little napoleons
Wake up and do it fair
Why curry favors from Amno B?
When the party falls where will you hide?

Don't do the persecution
Today you have your day
Tomorrow you may cry
When a new face governs it

Play the fair game
Don't show favor or fear
Life is a circle
It will return

Friday, November 17, 2017

the corridor of power

The corridor of power
The senses of fear of defeat
It will make the leaders sweat
Even nightmares on the street

The shadows of the past
The misdeeds will haunt them
Though they think they can escape
The long arm of the law

The circle of life
It will come to extract its debts
Once it has arrived
It will be hard to escape

The leaders living the corridor of power
The long shadow will take them down
Do the right things they have forgotten
They let greed take over their lives

The nation cries for change
The tears fall in disgrace
The bad monkeys making waves
Stealing bananas pocketing peanuts

The end of the regime
The cycle of change has arrived
The leaders in the corridor of power
They will feel the heat; they will feet the sweat

a rope in the air

A rope around his neck
He hasn't pleaded his innocence
He thinks he will escape
The harsh punishment

He stands on a high stool
With his toes barely touching it
His hands behind his back
He looks ahead fear nothing

Maybe he says his short prayer
But God isn't listening
He is busy looking at a glow
The sound of devotees praying

The man looks around
Trying his best to stay calm
A black dog suddenly appears
He is afraid the dog will kick the stool

Outside the sky turns dark
The loud thunder hits the ground
The black dog jumps and runs
Accidentally hit the stool

No!” the man feels his weight
Dangling by the rope on the beam
He struggles to get free
It's only his soul manages to escape

The black dog looks up
Sorry man it wasn't me!
It was the thunder causing it
You better slap him when you are there”

The man struggles
The tea lady manages to save him
She puts back the stool
He sighs his relief

What happen to you?
You aren't going to kill yourself are you?”
The man tries to look down at you
Me? I live life lady!
You think you can cut me down?”
Oh I don't know
I am just a tea lady
I am not going to mess in your world”
No no you are good
There is a knife on kitchen table
You go there pick it up and cut me loose
It's that simple!”
The tea lady laughs
Me no offering help mister!
I don't want to get mix up in your world”
She walks to the door
The man shouts back at her
Please don't go!
I give you a million
Just cut me loose!”
The tea lady turns around
I can't take your money
It will make me worst than you
I rather be a tea lady
Not like you hanging there
Money you have
But you can't get yourself free!
I am going out from here”
No! Please don't go!
I know I am wrong
I am the great pretender
Now look at me!
Hanging by a rope
One mistake all it takes
My life will be gone!”

The door closes
He is alone with his fear

raymond koh dead or alive?

Where is Pastor Raymond Khor?
For months the police can't locate him
He was kidnapped in a busy road
A professional execution job

Is he dead or alive?
There is no news
Though police say of leads
Wrapped up in police SOP

His family waits for his news
There is nothing to soothe the pain
The family doesn't know
Is he dead or alive?

There are still no clues
Though Suhakom holds a public enquiry
To find out the truth of his kidnapping
By then he may have disappeared for good

This isn't an ordinary operation job
It was done by experience guys
The perception of a hidden force
Called upon to execute a delicate project

Thursday, November 16, 2017

a birthday wish

The day of the life
It is good to remember
The sunshine still shines
Busking in the sights
Moving on the footprints
Branding of new ways

The memories still play
In the circle of the mind
It is good to touch the base
Of the years gone away
It is the sum which makes the life
Living in it and sharing the joy

As the candles light and glow
Filtering of light by the wind
Listening to the birthday song
It rings a cheerful note
Another memory in the box

playing strip poker with the old man?

Amno B leaders playing strip poker with the Old Man?
In case these leaders forget he was their boss
They bowed down to him and listened to his words
Now these Amno B leaders have forgotten
They think they have new clothes and can talk big
Support in kind by their paid keyboard warriors
Heating up the internet world accumulating their sinsbe
Don't they realize it will be the end soon?

The flow of funds can't be forever
It has to stop to get refilled and moved on
During those stops the change will happen
The general election is one of the events
The people will decide the nation's fate
As they can't live with the knowledge
The debts are piling high
And we indebted for the coming generations
They will curse the present ones for being stupid!

The Amno B leaders want to play strip poker
The Old Man will tear them apart in his way
He knows all about the present Amno B leaders
He has his collections in his black books
The nation will wait but not for long
The change will come to this nation
The bad will spend time in Bamboo River
Singing their love songs of one way ticket

The Amno B leaders better get ready
So are their keyboard warriors living in sins
The truth warriors will raid into their lives
They can't live easy they have to look behind
The sinners will face the music in Bamboo River
They will start counting the days of their regrets
For lies will have to be paid in the circle of life

the luck had died a long time ago

The secrets will stay
If we don't kick out the ruling regime
The lies keep digging holes
Though it is overflowing with water

How many more lies to keep us entertain?
How many dark moons will we live in it?
See the image in the mirror
It will tell the sad story

It is the political way of saying
Other countries leaders play their games
It is the trade to be had
It has nothing to do with respect

The childish games of the mind
The running out of ideas and time
The luck had died a long time ago
It is the end of the cycle

Let a new face come
It will set the nation free
The secrets will be opened
The bad will face the end

it is better to break free

In the pitch darkness
The eyes can't see a thing
The walk in circle
The feeling of a no way

Once it is in the grip
The crying will not help
In the pitch darkness
Nobody will see

It's only the voices
Shouting hard for help
When it is walled up
The help will be a long time

Don't live in fear
Don't live afraid of change
It is better to break free
The horizon much to see

the fishermen afraid of the sea

The fishermen afraid of the sea
The unpredictable weather hammers them
So they stay back on shore
Why take chances knowing the weather?

Now the market talk of rising fish price
It will go up when demand is high
When the supply is insufficient
This is the simple economic

But what happen to fish farming?
It doesn't affect by the bad weather
It is the commercial producing fishes
So the cost of a fish shouldn't be high!

The businessmen of all types
They will want to harvest the high
Once they smell there is a shortage
They will hike up the price

Once the ministry officials know about it
They should have put a ceiling on the price
Go on the ground and catch the bad guys
They shouldn't profit from a bad weather

the ruling regime will fall

They say it is mission impossible
To unseat the ruling regime
It has all the weapons at its disposal
They see no reason to bring it down

Even long ago in history
They said Roman Empire would flourish
The empire committed many crimes
Its leaders would all escape

In the end the empire fell
Within its own crimes it did
It brought it down to its knees
Disappeare for good only in history

Even Great Russia
Once it was formidable but it declined
The unity broke up into different states
The war raged on different groups came

Now Russia has lost its shine
The breakaway states will stay
It isn't great anymore
It has once but not now

The Manchu Empire in China
It conquered all the warring states
Every one had to bow to the Manchus
They ruled for a few hundred years

In the end it collapsed
By greed and corruption
By the internal implosion
By the harsh rule and taxation

So anything different here?
The ruling regime will fall
It's cycle has run its course