Sunday, March 26, 2017

it takes a wrong passionate move

In the night of the rocky mountain
The lovers will not see the sharp edges
The deep ravines the soft holding steps
It takes a wrong passionate move
The months of agony and shame
The raging hormones; the lusts to bridge it
When the wake up called is made
Who will get the blame?

The religious bodies of men
They will point the fingers to the women
They will say the women are causing pain
They will never say the sins apply to all
It takes two to tango on the floor
The lustful men the children every year
Who will get the blame?

In the night of the rocky mountain
The wind will blow with seductive echo
The moments of the right time and place
Nothing will stop the bridge to be made
The caution will be thrown to the wind
The raging hormones will sing its loudest voice
Let the bird fly in the echo of the heartbeats

Now who will get the blame?
When point of sale is executed?
The ringing of lusts in the minds
Blame it on the rocky mountain?
Blame it on the easy laid?
Blame it on the passionate moments?
Every excuse but the shame will come
In the moments will sin take flight?

don't fall for satan promises

The lake of fire
Many tend not to remember
They think they don't go there
It is real in the mind

We are born for a reason
To test our faith on a fixed time
Learn it well before it is called home
Where we have to account for our actions

The lake of fire
It is for those who failed
They need to be cleaned and washed
For how many sins they have

Some may take years
The heavy load of sins
But there is always a hope
They will make good in time

The lake of fire
The fear is melting of skin
To the bare bones
The scream with dancing fire

It is best don't go there
Stay on the true way of life
The lake of fire
Don't let Satan make you cry

every mind must be innovative

Malaysia must move
The borderless world will not wait
Every cycle much to be made
Don't let race and religion blockade

A small nation we must push harder
The weak minds will not make the grade
The innovative minds will fly
To every corner to seek fortunes

The old ways must go
The promotion and prevent type of rule
It should be discarded to absorb a new
We can't be living under division and fear

Malaysia must move
The old horses must go
Every mind must be innovative
The world is huge for trade

the affordable homes

The affordable homes
You can't find it in the city
The developers will want huge profits
They blame the land costs too high

The every layer to get a cut
Every one wants to earn a living
As a result the housing woes in the city
The house buyers can't afford to get it
Open up to the foreign buyers
These people will eager to buy
The exchange of monies make it low
The foreign buyers have no issues

The affordable homes
The locals have to wait
Let someone like the case of Sultan of Johore
He makes it possible by his caring ways

For most of the local buyers
The affordable homes will be a long dream
It is the cycle of profit margins
The horizon of light a long while to wait

Saturday, March 25, 2017

let pas dream on its moon

Pas behaves arrogantly
The green moon flying on trees
Its leaders think they are on the moon
Feeling the greatness but self defeat

Pas broke its promises
An Islamic party got sins
The Trojan horse in the circle
Its leaders behave as if to rule

Now Amno baru crafted a dance routine
Pas leaders fell into its hold
The Syariah Law amendment a trap to a fall
Pas fell for the entrapment dreaming of the moon

Pakatan Harpan leaders don't waste time and energy
Pas isn't your cup of tea and hope
Pas isn't the party to bring change
It is the party into the ancient world of dead

gone were the days

Gone were the days
When we were young
We had our freedom
Though pockets were empty

The young minds couldn't see
A stone throw from the house
We could see the empty field
We could pass our times there

But we didn'think so far ahead
What our lives would be
We let time slipped away
We buried ourselves in games

The innocent lives couldn't stay forever
Growing up years and moving to live independently
The struggling to fill up the pockets
The woes of living to stay alive

Now the eyes could see far ahead
The mind could imagine and plan
Some could make it others would fall
The fighting for survival was everyone skill

When the day was done
We could be the same
Decayed and returned to the soil
Rich or poor didn't matter at all

the terror plot

The terror plot
The evil minds will keep pushing
Believing in the paradise magic
The terrorists will forget the fall

Once they feel the fire
Dancing through their minds
It will be too late to U-turn
Death will surely come to claim

Who will benefit it?
Satan will sing his rock and roll
The dancing fire will take the souls
Burning like hell there is no paradise

The police special unit will hunt the bad
Take them to prison let them rot in time
They will see and learn there is no paradise
Where they are going is the lake of fire!

don't sing on the race and religion

A new road a new vision
The nation needs to succeed
The old ways have to dismantle
Bite the bullets make it happens

We need all to come on board
Don't draw race and religion into it
We are Malaysians better stick on the idea
This is the march to forge a new face

In forging ahead treat everyone has a right
To carve a contribution to advance the nation
Don't let the old ways impede progress
Don't sing the divisional card of race and religion!

Malaysia will be 54 years soon
The forging of ties should be grounded well
It is now to look for a new face
A new road a new vision

Friday, March 24, 2017

don't be afraid to walk a new road

Bee Anne can be dethroned
Destroy the fixed deposits
In the rural folks and East Malaysians
Give them hope in their empty pockets

The costs are rising
The taxes become a heavy load
The daily expenses will not go down
The rural folks will have to pay

Tell them dare to change
Don't be afraid to walk a new road
Don't stuck in the old ways
It's time to stand up and be counted

Bee Anne leaders are afraid
The seat of power will be lost
Don't dream of the wagon train
It will be the thing of the past

pkr time to cut the rope

PKR time to cut the rope
You don't have to hang there
Believing Pas will still have you
It's leaders have no values

Don't your remember PKR?
Pas stabbed your leader behind her back
Playing the male dominated role
Saying a woman can't rule

PKR why still dreaming on Pas?
You better let Pas go for good
Pas has played its part to derail plan
Now they are cooperating with Amno baru

PKR don't dream of the past
Time has changed the values turned
Anwar in prison time to step up gear
Get the opposition pact together

Pas has fallen on its own folly
The party will be sunk in the sea
The sea of people will let it know
There is no place of its ancient view

high on drugs

High on drugs
Don't walk or drive
Do yourself a favour
Go some where to sleep out

High on drugs
You will never know
The right or wrong
You are highly floating

To realize the consequences
Running through the time
Once you are stopped by the police
The noose will be laughing at you

High on drugs
You will fall from grace
Better kick the habit
You will have a chance to live

the localized attackers

The localized attackers
Causing knee jerk fear in London
A few died on the spot
The 7 Muslim attackers were apprehended

The atonement of sins
Not in the way to cause pain and sorrow
These Islamic militants should read again
The Holy Book guiding their lives

Here we have the same operations
The locals are used to operate it
The police special unit is kept busy
Hunting the bad elements in our society

These militants think they can go to heaven
They should wake up and realize it
In the lake of fire they will be buried
Don't dream of paradise and virgin brides!