Monday, October 20, 2014

the superbikers

The superbikers
They speed like the devil
Hogging the highway
Without thinking of their peril

The sound of superbikers
Revving it up on the highway
Speeding it like the wind
Tailgating wishing for death rides

Once the machines lose control
The superbikers will realize too late
Lives can be lost with that speed
On the highway the lost souls

The highways of superbikers
The riders think they are the kings
Speeding along the highway
The dark angel smiles with glee

ebola virus

Ebola virus
Once you take home
Chances are you will be gone
The life of bloody rain

The surviving rate of the inflicted
They will know the lives just go away
The eyes will recognize the hole
Digging deep for the Ebola

Burning the dead bodies
Stopping the spread of the virus
Once you take home
You don't have to hide

Ebola virus
The short span of life
You don't have to cry
Pray and hope for a miracle

There is no cure
Once you take home
You better prepared for the worst
Ebola will just take lives

police to catch police

Police to catch police
It isn't anything new
The badge looks no difference
Independence still a question

Why spend so much money?
The integrity is still hard to believe
The force image has to maintain
Too much adverse publicity will be bad

Police to catch police
The song will be heard in the low chart
Maybe the DJ will spin once a while
The familiar story of the song

Maybe I am wrong
The police will clean up the bad
Within the force who are on the take
Let the blue shine in our eyes

the picture of the memory

On the road
The cool wind on faces
Smiling on the show
The sun shining glow

The sea waves carpeting the sea
The creeping ripples to the coast
Splashing in windy roar
Please don't let me stay behind”

Nobody pays to the sea
The photographer standing still
Are you all ready?
Now say cheese!”

The picture of the memory
The place they have stood and remembered
The sea of blue with white rolling waves
The cool windy bristles marking the faces

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Money, Money
It never get you bored
Wake up in the morning
Go back to sleep

Every waking hour
Count the money
What to buy and invest?
How much in the end?

Money. Money
The homeless can't say
The waking hour finding food and shelter
The tomorrow they hardly want to know

Businessmen talk
Opportunities and money
The quick profits and luxuries
The downtrends they don't want to know

Money, Money
All day long it comes
The mind think of it
The hungry souls run

the river after the rain

The river after the rain
The rushing down of unwanted debris
Floating it down towards the river mouth
Why must we go?”

The cycle of flushes
It has to come to clean it up
Else the blockage and diseases
Waiting to make its claim

The river after the rain
The long queue waiting
The unwanted materials floating
The way of humans discarding

Nature keep telling
Sending signals through floods
Causing landslides on hillslopes
Do we learn at all?”

Yet there are people
They want just to be pushed down
Running for the crumbs
For get there are so much to be had

The river after the rain
The polluted water and rubbish
The people have to wake up
The people must change their minds

on line crooks

The man made security features
He can't guarantee its fullest measures
As long as it is man made inventions
Somebody will crack his codes

It may take years to happen
Once it is breached the losses huge
On the on line banking systems
The customers may not know in advance

By then the transactions have been made
The culprits have gone to enjoy the ill-gotten gains
By the time monthly statements are sent
The discrepancies will be found too late

Now who will bear the losses?
The endless arguments and putting blame
The circle will go round and round
The crooks laughing enjoying life

down on your luck

Down on your luck
It doesn't say it is the end
You still have a life
There is still a chance to make it

You can cry all day
Screaming out in your mind
Why it has to happen?
Why it is so unfair?

Life isn't always a straight line
Sometimes the potholes come alive
Sometimes pebble stones crack the windscreens
It makes life the rolling waves

The decisions floating away
Once it is done it is hard to halt it
Until the next station stops
It can be good; it can be bad

Down on your luck
It isn't the end of your life
There are still many ways to endure
Put aside and stay focus instead

Saturday, October 18, 2014

they say anwar ibrahim

They say Anwar Ibrahim
Time for him to retire
Time for him to take a back seat
The years ahead without him

Sure he is facing his deja vu
One more similar case came along
Fighting for his freedom
Bee Anne wants him locked up

Amno baru popping out champagne
Waiting for the verdict seemed so arranged
Put the cat in the cage
The shadow walks no more

They forget the footprints
They forget the history of struggles
Anwar can be gone in the scene
The shadow of footprints will stay

Bee Anne on the last flight
The end of prophecy on the line
So many contracts on OSA
There are fools who still don't see

Anwar Ibrahim can go to jail
Maybe it is fate he has to go again
With it the scene of change will happen
The fall of a giant long time out of shell life

why give out brim?

Why give out BRIM?
It is just sweets
It will dissolve easily
In the current costs rising

It makes the eligible ones
A bit of happy smile
But how long it will stay?
When toothaches hit the mind?

It is better to build
Affordable houses
The billions dishing out
It will make the smile last a life time

Don't give them the small fishes
It will not fill their hunger
It is better to use the money
The affordable houses for them

don't fall for isis

Isis spreads its wings
Into our shore its ideology stinks
Branding religion as its root
Reaching out to the gullible ones

Sacrifice lives to heavens
When nobody has seen
Telling gullible ones
It is worth their souls

It grips the uprooted ones
Living on sand thinking its the world
The unbelievables must be extinguished
Playing it up into the minds

Isis never tell
We come from the same family tree
The source of our existence
The God who watches us

the woman in cloaked

The woman in cloaked appearance
She stands at the jetty eyes wondering to sea
The longing of the years ago
The fairy tales stories all disappear

The sea breezes watching her
Rolling waves splashing to the concrete walls
The high hissing sound of waves
Don't you try to forget?”

The cloaked woman only stares
Eyes lining to the sea waves
Watching its playful dancing
She has nothing to say

The ship has sailed years ago
It never sail back here anymore
You are left on this island
For the days and years and nights”

No! I don't believe that!
My man will sail back to me
Maybe he has forgotten the route”
Maybe he has somebody new”

The woman in cloaked
Teary eyes watching the waves
Come home to me my dear
It is a long day I am waiting”