Saturday, April 18, 2015

when we aged in our lives

When we aged in our lives
Many options have gone away
We have limited physical attributes
As our limbs and bodies close down

Many elderly couples are left alone
The children have no time to look after them
Some are by choice without children
Living their sunset lives as much as they can

Some may commit crimes
The easy way to live for free
With wardens to look after them
What's there to worry in their old age?

It may happen as a trend
Old folk homes are full
Some request money to stay
Not every home is on charity

So it is better to stay in prison
Commit a crime stay for a few months
Release from prison maybe try again
For those old people who have no home to stay

the tale from the hill

This was a story
I heard it long ago
Staying up on the hill
On a campfire of dancing souls

The man I knew
He came to share his tales
One of those stories
We young adults glued into it

I drive downhill
One day going to KKB town
Along the meandering road
I see a Malay girl wanting a lift

I stop my old car winding down the window
She comes over ask if she could thumb a ride
I say yes since I am on my way to KKB town
Along the drive I start a conversation

You want to earn extra money?”
She looks at me and asks what it is
I say you know what to do don't you
I pay you $50 for the ride home”

The Malay girl never declines
She wants it so do I
Along the side I drive in
There in the car we have our frolics

I never know her name
I never see her again
It is exciting while it lasts
I just hope to see her
But I never have the chance”

Up on the hill
Of the cool climate of burning souls
There are many tales to be told
Of ghosts, love interest, sex with dog and one night stand
And many interesting characters registered on the hill

let the leaders fight

Let the leaders fight
Dig up the dirt for all to read
Why worry about economy?
We haven't progressed as we wanted

The sitting pm taking up legal recourse
Hitting his opponents thinking he is smart
The truth will slap on his face when he is in court
So let the leaders fight we will watch

The Old Man still on the hunt
The sitting pm keeps in silence
Even when he was on air
He hardly explained himself

Nobody as yet dare to sue the Old Man
For what we know he may have something in his sleeve
This is the reason why the sitting pm kept his silence
Ignoring his former boss he thinks he plays smart

He forgets he is the last of the prophecy
The implosion will come in many ways
He better checks his walls around himself
The cheering of support is just superficial

people who are greedy

People who are greedy
They will always fall for any tricks
If there is money to be made quickly
They will walk right in

They think early birds catch the worms
Quickly before others take off the news
They want to hit the pile of money
If only they know where it is

This is where the tricksters play
The old ways rake in the monies
Now we have the internet scammers
They will the same old stories

Yesterday news of police raid
The scammers were caught in the act
Police believed they raked in over $20 million
People who are greedy where they fell

Do we ever learn our mistakes?
Nay...I think a new group and new players
The same old greed will make them fools
Losing monies what they will know

when the power is gone

When the power is gone
The cold treatment will be the norm
Once a person forgets power is just a while
Don't misuse it for the cycle will return

Every one has to go up
Every one has to come down
What you do while going up
It will happen what you do going down

A leader should remember
Be humble and recognize the weaknesses
For power is just a time to use it
It can't stay forever

The bad leaders will get their just dessert
They feel the cold shoulders as they seek help
They will be ignored when they offer advice

They will realize the game has turned around

we are the hosts of our souls

We are the hosts of our souls
We feed them to live for the duration
While they are there to help us grow
Learning and experimenting in our lives
When the time comes for them to go
The souls will leave the hosts
There we will become the empty shells
In no time our bodies will decay and die

We may think we have a place to go
It is our souls who will travel far ahead
Carrying with them our deeds of good and bad
What will happen we will never get to know
Our bodies become ashes
Leaving its mark on the ground
Return to the cycle for another to grow

Some will say and believe
Our souls will go to heaven or hell
We will never know
Nobody has returned to make the tale
We are as dead as the ashes
For we are the hosts to our souls
We will become nothing
When our part have been fulfilled

i join politics to get rich

I join politics to get rich
I work my butt out for it
Nobody says it is an easy job
Helping the voters of many backgrounds

With my low income how to survive?
I have to find ways to supplement it
So you understand I join politics to get rich
Before my time is over and done with

Within a few years people say
How a politician make it to the rich list
There must be something on the black roll
The ringing bell I join politics to get rich

Who want to investigate?
Even if it is done
On a superficial flow
It is just a show

I join politics to get rich
Look at the politicians in power grid
How they can afford the luxuries?
Anti-corruption agency just passes by

Friday, April 17, 2015

restrict alcohol and cigarettes sale

Indonesia banned alcohol
The small retailers aren't allowed to sell
Of course the industry players will cry foul
Let the people decide to drink or not

Indonesia should banned cigarettes too
Let no retailers allowed to sell
Let the industry players know the truth
It causes lung and throat cancer

It is just a self gratification
Some may turn violent
Some may turn drunkard
It is better to stop production

Cigarettes too
It doesn't bring benefit to the smokers
Even passive smokers aren't spared
The health hazard inhaling the cigarette smoke

It is time Malaysia follow
Restrict alcohol sale in big towns and cities
Don't let it be sold in small retailers shops
Even with cigarettes too

let the corrupted face the law

Bee Anne leaders who are corrupted
They shouldn't be allowed to escape the law

The civil servants who are corrupted
They shouldn't be allowed to get away

The agencies leaders too
When they failed in their duty

Even opposition leaders
They shouldn't be allowed to hide away

A new government
A new page to write

No witch hunting
Let an independent committee find the guilty

Let the law rope the bad hats
Let the jail cage them in

Thursday, April 16, 2015

fierce but no bites

The black dogs on the road
Eyes and ears in full alert
Watching for the bad hats
Running into them

The black dogs stand in full
Upright snarling white teeth
Don't come messing around
In our turf you will get the bite”

The cats and roosters and hens
They know about the black dogs
They just pretend to do their work
They are afraid to be cooked

So the black dogs play safe
In a pack they look fierce
Out alone the public know
The black dog has no bite

The public offer meat
The black dogs just eat
What if it is poison?
The black dogs never care

the lies in the air

The lies in the air
The words just come and go
Plainly denying it
There's nothing we can do

The fine comb
It was investigated
But how true it was?
Unless it published its result

Putting it behind
Close the doors and forget
But will the victims let go?
There is the cycle of truth

Nothing will come out
Unless we change ourselves
Don't be slaves in our lives
With laws hammering us in

It is time we take measures
Untie the knots squeezing us in
We have to make it for the nation
Let a new party new leaders run the show

the 60 something woman

In the ward of 308-8
There was this 60 something woman
With a sling on her arm she sat
Telling the nurse where was her fried rice

She used to talk a lot
In her local dialect
Telling all who could hear
I don't drink water
It is against my religion”

So we were thinking
What happened she choked while eating?
When the nurse brought her fried rice
She ate the rice quickly

When her stomach was full
She didn't take any water
She lied down on her bed
She went to sleep

the mental problem man

The 20 something man
He drives to his parent's home
When he alights from his car
He starts to shout without reason

Outwardly he looks normal
Every one will think he is
But by his action we know
He has mental problem

He will stand at the house
Shouting at his top of his voice
Telling half past six grievances
He doesn't feel a thing

The parents have got used to his antics
Shouting in the house or compound
When he is driving he seems normal
When he is in public places he behaves

the old house

The old house
Stayed on by the road
Among the row of houses
The ringing voices since disappeared

It was a house I knew
I stayed there for a while
Leaving it when I left school
In search of my wealth

Every year of the past
We would return to the house
When my mother was still alive
The voices filtered on the walls

Now my mother had gone
The old house just stands there
I hardly step into it
It is just the memory

I only Googled it
There it showed he house
The emptiness I saw
The old house still stands

The old house
I remember in my mind
I don't know when I will return
It is only the memory I heard

the desire of change has to come

The drum beats on the rise
The party members pretend
Lending support for a reason
The gravy train on the last run

The veteran leaders spoke
Of a time it would happen
The current crop of leaders
They will bring the curtains down

The last of the prophecy
The final call has been done
The party members try to rally
They can't beat the clock anyway

The decades they didn't learn
It has become a pain in the neck
The way they behave
As if they rule forever

They forget it is the people
They are the ones decide the future
It isn't the political leaders
The people have enough of it

The drum beats of change
It echoes deep into the night
The minds will keep on burning
The desire of change has to come

it is the crazy love

A man in China
He is afraid to lose his girlfriend
A pretty one to other men
So he feeds her with food and drinks
The woman sure chow chow down
Until she put on weight to 90kg
Doesn't she realize it?
Maybe she likes the good food and drinks
With a boyfriend who is willing to pay
With that weight on the woman
The boyfriend proposed to her
We will grow fat together
Then we leave this world”
Of course she accepted his proposal
What else would she be thinking?
Good food and drinking!