Wednesday, September 17, 2014

the drive way falls

Once we had king of ISA
Every worthwhile opponents in jail
Even the critics too didn't get away
The Kah Moon Thing hotel locked in

For decades it was the way
Many had served in Kah Moon Thing
Walking the lonely corridors and forecourt
Hours spent in reading and meditation

The families prayed and hoped
Finally the answered came
The king of ISA finally locked away
Leaving us a sour taste

We thought it could be the end
Then it came the old aged law
The Colonial law still in the statute book
The Sedition lord comes back to life!

Now we have the catching spree
The king of Sedition walks the rope
Every worthwhile opponents are charged
Even critics and bloggers and tweeters face its wrath

The men in blue drive in
Catch them on any excuse
Hauled to court and out on bail
The Sedition law promised to give away

The end is coming soon
The way we have seen
The shaking ground of the leaders
The deep hole the drive way falls

the walls

The walls in our minds
The erection constantly stand
Through the lives in eternity
Unless we make the change

The social intercourse
The fabric of our beings
The walls which stitched in our eyes
The peaks and valleys we can only dream

The snaking laws
Putting poison in selective modes
The worst it can cause
The fear of being left alone

The erected walls
The laws say it is good for us
The caged in we will be chained
The breakout we surely need

the shadows watched

On the beach
The night sandy ground
The footprints reflected
By the dim road lamps

The shadows of many
Lingering watching the sea
The reflecting images
The singing wind

On the rattan chairs
The shadows watched the sea
Seeping long cool drinks
Sometimes cold beers

The lashing on the beach coast
The clapping sound lingering on
The ripples flowed in the night scene
The black rocks blending with trees

The lovers walked
Holding each other dearly
The shadows watched
Salute to the wild!”

when love comes

When love comes
Will you be there?
With work and stress
Many have gone unnoticed

When love comes
Will time stop for a while?
Letting the busy men and women
A time to get into it?

The day of rain and shine
Everyone tries not to get wet
Everyone tries not to get sun burn
Cook it up in the mind of its own

When love comes
Many will miss its scent
Leaving a footprint a while to return
Of men and women so worked up in life

enjoy the day

Friends will sing
Family members send wishes
On this day the light came
Shouting to the world

A cake and candles
Glowing bright in the eyes
The song of “Happy Birthday”
Ringing loud in the air

A year of a new page
Writing out the next assignment
What you will bring to enrich your moments
In the changing environment

Enjoy the day
The life riches wait for nobody
A bit wiser some experiences
Stay happy and light your candles

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the old ship

The old ship
Battle misshaped now
The battles fought on the sea
The sailors were tired and grumpy

The years on the sail
Battle fought and lost
The captain kept it on
Cutting into the sea

The quartered wind blew
The white saliva rippled the sea
The sailors just wished it was over
As the sound splashed on the deck

The captain stared ahead
The overhead sky of cloudy cry
The old ship sailed into port
The changes had begun

words of support

The traffic is green
There is still no go
The motorists bewildered
Horning cars and watching

No driver wants to drive through
Suddenly they know why
The traffic is green
The give way traffic flow

Nobody wants to drive through
They watch the parade on the streets
The big bands clapping loudly
The sound echo in the air

The placards and banners
Words of support for a cause
The equality must be in deeds and words
The big bands hit the loud notes

the dark lord threats

The dark lord growls
In his dark castle he walks
The knights feel his raw threats
They stand still trembling in their minds

The sweeping reforms
The tenants and subjects fly
Living under his protection
He only taxes more and more

What to these people want?
In this dark wall they live in peace
No outsiders dare to break through
They will be crushed before they reach here!”

Holding the booklet of demands
His eyes turning red and in fury
They want democracy?
In my kingdom and protection?!”

The dark lord peeps
High on his dark castle he stands
The valley of the settlers
You are the ungrateful lot!”

The people listen
Passing words around
He is losing his ground
We have to stand united!”

The morning sun
Parading the gloomy clouds
The patches of white and blue
The dark lord feeling gloomy

His knights in full armour
Assembled at the forecourt
Lances and horses all ready to march
What the hell are you all doing?”

The dark lord growls
The knights stand still
Return to your post
And close the big gate now!”

malaysia day

It's Malaysia Day
The diversity of the nation
The culture pots and religions
Blending into multi-colours

The harmony prevails
Though there are hiccups too
Let us share our mix bags
Living together as one

This is the land
Across the sea sharing ties
The formation of Malaysia
Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak

Let us respect our diversity
Let nobody try to break it up
Let us pray together
The peace and harmony we share

It's Malaysia Day
Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak
Let us share our mix bags
Living together as one

howling of the sick minds

The howling of the sick minds
In the day in the night
It makes no difference
Everyday in our lives

Once on the streets
Once in the malls
Every minute must stay alert
Do not fall for the false security

Uniformed guards patrolling
They are humans as well as the howling beasts
When the attack comes along
It will be hard to decide

The crimes statistics
The reports from crimes
It is always the lapse of alertness
There lies the fall of many

The police can't be around
There are loopholes in the time
This is where the beast of men and women
The window of opportunities

Monday, September 15, 2014

living is a chess game

The crimes creep
Out of the shadows of immobile objects
Silently it moves
The haunted faces of possession

The unlucky few
The many of them in statistics
In the files in the archives
Of dead people the slow paces

The blues will get blocked
The minds can't fathom deeply
They are good at catching the rats
The maze of crimes they take a long time

Every where in the world
Crimes will be exploded
The picking up pieces
The long way to get redemption

Living is still a chess game
Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose
Only there is hardly a second chance
One wrong move it's end of the road

the walk just begins

The circle of blue
The radiant colour bloom
On the beach of white sheets
The ripples on the water

The sound of the wind
Carrying the music of the time
Clapping it in the sky
The colour of white and blue

Down on the footwork
The prints of thousand pages
The words are just simple
The circle of blue

The book of scriptures
The priest will say it loud
The stars will shine in the sky
The pocket of rays splashing bright

The pockets of roses, blue and white
Dancing with the wind slowly falling with smile
Of the radiant colour the impression in the minds
The walk just begins the miles to write

the stable doors still locked

Why take so long?
Trying ways to pull the horses?
In the stable of hay, wheat and water
Nothing new to keep waiting

The open field
The horses can smell it
The hungry look yet keep low
The stable doors still locked

The horse trainer takes so long
Busy with his calls and rendezvous
Delaying his job hoping for the best offer
Out in the open he listens in his smart-phone

The horses getting impatient
The hooves knocking at the stable doors
Let us out you slime ball!
Don't you know it is our free gallop?”

The horse trainer ignores
He is smiling at a joke
On the line in his smart-phone
Can you just wait for a while?”

Then the rain
The horses have no way to go
The horse trainer runs to his office
That's that for the horses