Thursday, May 26, 2016

the enforcement is weak

The brown patches on the land
It tells of something bad to the area
The natural way of life in the forest
It has been culled by the greedy farmers

The barren patches expose
The farmers want to cultivate illegally
No need to pay but get higher returns
Destroying the environment that feeds them

Don't talk about our enforcement officers
They only go out when reports are made
When it is highlighted in the newspapers
Showing how much clearing had been done

Only then they spring into action
They will talk and find ways to remedy the area
For a while there will be a hive of activities
Slowly the routine will creep in once again

everyone dreams

Everyone dreams
The fantasy in the mind
The world of paradise
Floating up in space

The wishful thinking
It has its place in our minds
Though some will say
Why waste the time?

Things can happen
Through dreams in our minds
Some dreams releasing tension
Some dreams turn into reality

Don't run away from dreams
Let the imagination run in our heads
It takes one best dream
The rest they say will be history!

use live feeds to patrol

The illegal farmers
They don't care about environment
They only think for themselves
As long as they can earn a living

Besides there are the syndicates
These strong arm tactics guys will enforce
By all the crooked means to get the wealth
Bringing in the illegal workers for it

We have the culture of “it is none of my business”
This is why the illegal farmers thrive in secrets
Encouraged by the syndicate members
Destroying the environment without regrets

We have the sitting office enforcement officers
They don't go out to track and find the source
With Google maps into live feeds
Why don't they use it to catch the culprits?

We know the reason why
It could be the greasy palms along the way
Maybe they too are afraid of higher up authority
They don't want to step on toes

Now the police going out to catch
Another operation another code name
Why can't they do on a continuous basis?

Catch the illegals and syndicate members

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

the game of change

Let GE14
Be the game of change
Let the old party bite the dust
It has cause so much pain

The scandals trying to cover up
The apple polishers writing bad sentences
They think they sit on the peacock throne
Throwing up feathers to the ground

Let GE14
Be the Waterloo of change
The come together to save our nation
Else we better stay at homes

Forget about democracy
Forget about the bleeding nation
Forget about the rampant corruption
Forget about the wastage of our funds

Let GE14
The call of change
Let the old party bite the dust
It has cause so much pain

Maybe you will say
It sounds impossible
History will tell us
It can happen all the times

the cards are falling

The cards are falling
The stand will not last long
The weight takes its toll
It is a matter of time

The liars can sing
Set up campfire too
Dance in the light shadows
The cards are falling

Crimes do not pay
You can hide for a while
When the shield is gone
What will you find?

Once a lie has been said
It can't be forgotten so easily
The pot-hole on a straight road
No use praying you will fall

The cards are falling
The shaky ground wilting under pressures
The sound beats of the people praying
It is a matter of time

look in the mirror

Don't put a stop
You will not win
You think you can
Better look in the mirror

What do you see?
The fear get into you?
The way you treat others
It will haunt you

Maybe you think you will
The power in your hands
You sit on the powerful chair
You feel you are untouchable

Why not look around?
The forces of good have arrived
Marshalling to take over from the bad
Don't you see it in your eyes?

So don't put a stop
The walls will not stay
Even amendments to laws
It will reflect badly

Don't put a stop
You will not win
The walls will not stay
Don't you see it in your eyes?

the ruling chart is falling

The ruling chart is falling
There is no doubt about it
The ripples have gone
The tsunai will hit the shore

Though Sarawakians voted
The same old story told
They got the crumbs
They thought it was gold

The opposition pact should stay strong
Different approaches different brooms
They better get their acts together
PKR should forget about Pas

The twin by elections
It holds no significant tag
Win or lose bears no big deal
Just go and say about country's wealth

Tell the rural folks about the scandals
Let them sink into their heads and know
They will suffer if they forget to learn
The sins of the past they will have to pay in full

No doubt we wish for a change
The ill wind has blown its course
Now it is just a matter of fork tuning
The sound of different vibrations

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

we are easily tricked

We are generous
We are easily conned
Our monies go
We are too greedy

The educated or illiterate
When they come to think of wealth
They forget about precautions
They blow the wind away

The quick way to gain wealth
The easy way to get hold of it
The smooth talkers trick into their minds
They easily give their monies

Some say they are charmed
By the black art of magic
Maybe it is true
What else to say when the money is gone?

The crying will not help
The tricksters take the money and run away
Leaving the sorrow and pain in the victims' minds
Who is at fault the greed of more money?

We are generous
We are easily conned
We still haven't learned
We still fall prey

when the maids are gone

No maid today
The domestic bliss unglow
Every household getting used
When the maids are gone

The family starts searching
The huge fees to be paid
There is no guarantee of a good maid
Some come with mental illness

It is better to employ locals
Offer them a higher salary
With terms and conditions agree
With weekly rest and public holidays

You can find them
Living in villages or interior
You can scout in Sabah and Sarawak
Why let the locals stay unemployed?

It is always the payment
The hours of work and terms and conditions
You are willing to pay huge agent's fee
Why not pay to the local maids?

Day care centres will help
Though the fee will be less
The children will mingle
Nothing wrong but breed harmony

The working parents have a choice
You want to have children there is a price to pay
The children costs aren't cheap in their upbringing

So what will it be the parents have to decide

working life is boring

The working life is boring
You will do the routines all over
It is the same template
High or low there is no much difference

The only difference you will see
Is how much you get in your employment
There is the disparity of income
There is the truth in it

But work is boring
It will be in a pressured cooker
The early week or end of the month
You will see the surge of energy

Doing the same old routines
You can close your eyes and imagine it
The busy bees running all around
But you smile seeing the money

Work is boring
There is nothing much you could do
You have to see it differently
It helps you to pay your bills

You just have to change
Around yourself and your work
Learn something new like helping colleagues
Do something new to enrich yourself

Work is boring
It is the truth
But it helps you stay afloat

It helps you to pay your bills