Monday, May 22, 2017

the people must win

The blue eye
Look at reality
Anwar still in jail
Without a seat
Nothing is but a dream
It is better to see the truth
Anwar will be away long after GE14
Get a prominent person
Maybe get a young person to the fore
There are many in your ranks
Who are capable national leaders
Tap into these politicians
They will make the difference
Though the placards inked his name
Don't build on sentiments alone
Face reality and fight the battles
Without a general on the scene
Everything will be hit and run
You want Putrajaya?
Ink your strength
Work hard on it
This is the battle
The people must win!

blame it on unsatisfied sex

In the night of silence
A wife gets into the groove
With a man not her husband
They play the putting golf game

Why she has to do it?
Sex is the game
When she isn't satisfied
Why blame her affairs?

A wife gets no satisfaction
It isn't just hit and bang
Finish it off within minutes
A woman needs are different

A man should recognize it
It isn't putting the golf hole
Once you put the ball in
The game is over

A woman has a different scale
Learn it to make her stay
Likewise the same for a woman
Learn the needs of her man

The husband and his village friends
They find the man and pour hot water
Taking the law into their own hands
Now they are under police custody

If the adulterer dies
Murder will be the charge sheet
Don't blame the woman or wife

Blame it on unsatisfied sex

why sex affairs

Wives get into affairs
Who is to blame?
The husbands at fault?
The sex life isn't hot?

Husbands have mistresses
Husbands have girlfriends
Who is to blame?
Wives aren't good in bed?

Sex is the foundation of a marriage
Once each person recognizes it
The marriage will be secured
They will work on it

Many have failed to recognize it
They think sex is part of the married licence
It isn't the basic foundation to grow
Sex is the root cause of many troubles!

Don't fool yourself
Learn how to putt in golf
You think you are great
You need knowledge and practice

the old and infirmed

The old and infirmed
Most are left to stay alone
In the homes of welfare
Counting the days to go

Who is to blame?
When old age comes calling
When a major disease knocks the door
Who will be listening?

The children will ignore
The relatives will hide
They all pretend
Nothing is wrong

Now it is left to good outsiders
They have the belief to lend a hand
Providing a shelter and meal
Let the old know there is a place

There are many cases of abandoned parents
The children forget to take care of them
They will say of lack of time and money
They leave the parents to seek a home

Many die of broken heart
They can't believe the children do this way
How they have sacrifice for their children
And yet in the end they are abandoned

Who is to blame?
Maybe planning and discipline
Maybe it is God's way of punishment
The sins we carry in our lives

Sunday, May 21, 2017

you still have to create your wealth

Education can make you read and write
Maybe help you to reason and respond
On a text book way of getting it through
Education doesn't give you the experience

Even in the battleground of war or fight
It is the exposure to the art or war
It helps you to prepare to face it
It is about life and death episode

Education doesn't give your the practices
You have to find it out the hard way
Even in martial art the exponents need to fight
On a friendly terms to enrich their combat skills

Education doesn't give you the passport to riches
You need to learn all over of how to create wealth
Finding wealth isn't through education of degrees
It is through opportunities and willing to fail

Education makes the hardship shorter
It is still hard work to make the spot
Don't ever forget it is back to ground level
You still have to create your wealth

it's sad using bad character

It's sad using bad character
As a motivator for youth
The manner and uncouth words
What will the youth learn?

When a leader forgets to reprimand
He shows he will accept the bad
Down the line this is what we saw
The bad guys marching on

We have ministers too
They don't give clear messages
When we read their statements
It is always sounded hollow

The day of truth and honesty
It is going down the drain
Up on the board the bad and the lies
The curry favours forgetting principles

just playing a game?

The low players are always caught
Take them for parade put them in custody
The newspapers and TV news will splash it
Telling the audience what it is in store

Like this one in front page
$850k shock for a low official!
Who was caught by MACC
But it is the right headline?

The $2.6 billion in low key
Even the spending of $42 million
Though he screamed donation
But he didn't say in the first instant!

It is playing games
Afraid to offend and want to curry favours
The big whales will always go swimming
Splashing its might in the open seas

Macc when will be the big whales?
Are you still on the drawing board?
Designing a suitable fishing net?
Maybe you are afraid to fall in the ocean?

The parade of the small crooks
It will not bring the honesty pool
At best the people will say
They are just playing a game

Saturday, May 20, 2017

the rich poor schemes

The rich poor schemes
The eyes of the rich
The poor will push in
Dreaming of the Neverland

But dreams will die
When greed plays its game
The greedy will hang to dry
Losing monies crying in vain

The team will take flight
Collect all the monies
Giving part in returns
Slowly siphoned off

They will say
All the excuses in the world
Now the police investigates
Where have all the monies gone?

The rich poor schemes
Don't fall for the lucrative returns
It is only a trick to take your money
Once you give away don't cry in vain

a rat nation

A rat nation
It wants to irritate
The powerful leaders
He thinks he has the capability
As if he is the only person
In the world
He brags a lot
A day will come
He will face his sins
Maybe his time is coming up
He rants nonsense these days
Doing bad to his people
Cultivating fear and bully
It will not be long
When God takes him down
In the dark hole of burning fire
There he can scream in his eternity!

the beats in the night

The beats in the night
The echo flashes in the mind
Listening to the radio
It plays the songs and dance

On the soft carpet of grass
The stars shining in energetic blinks
The sound of echo hitting the notes
The circle in the groove

The chords on the beats
It takes away every breath
The ringing in the head
The energy flows out to the wind

The light lingers
The back drop of shadows
The silhouettes of the past
It feels good; it feels free

Friday, May 19, 2017

no questions for a pm

No questions for a PM
He doesn't want to answer
He is afraid of the script
He wants to live in his dream castle

You hear it right!
No questions for a PM
Don't try to push it
An idiot will slap you

Even in Parliament
He doesn't attend
For questions flowing in
He sends in his written replies

No questions for a PM
Don't try to push it
An idiot will slap you
For injustice has flown in

the internet stealers

The internet stealers
Of data and monies
The modern day thieves
In the comfort of their dwelling

There is the huge market
The internet thieves can play
Once they get through your files
Nothing will be safe

The transfer of monies
By a click and password
Once the internet robbers get in
The wealth on their feet!

The "Wannacry virus"
It hits in 150 countries
The accounts are compromised
They asked for small ransom

Maybe these crooks are playing
Testing their systems for bigger fishes
Once they perfect it
They haul in the billions

the anger on the rise

The anger on the rise
The perception of the fear
Afraid to lose the supremacy
Afraid to wake up of the truth

There is no such way
Of a superior race
All are made equal
In the eyes of our God

It is only the bad
They will invent and pursue
Telling the audience of a race
We are the best!”

Once fools are in the bag
The escape will be hard
The spoon feed into addiction
They get angry when pointed the wrong

So they will see
Every shadow to steal their meals
They will shout and bully
They bring shame to themselves

Don't fall for the bad
Don't get hooked to the wrong
There is the ladder to the fire
It isn't honey or gold or paradise

Don't get angry
When the trick closes the eyes
The mind doesn't see
Don't strike in the blind

macc on the hunt

Macc on the hunt
It never wants to lose it shine
Everyone must be on his toes
Don't make the wrong move

Maybe it is running
It wants to count on its hunt
Once its popularity down
Now it seems to wake up

No matter what it wants to do
The big sharks or whales must be caught
This will bring its reputation high
Else it is just a show before the steam dies

Macc get it cracking
The big sharks are living beyond their means
You don't need to wait for reports
You have to go in

But wait a minute?
We can't catch the big sharks
Look at our fishing nets
The big sharks will bite it through”

It is the big sharks
The people know
Do you aware of it?
Maybe you are afraid to go in

turn the pages of the holy book

The anger rising
A race can't stand the heat
It takes it as a confusion
It can't differentiate

The respect is earned
The harmony is cultivated
The peace is by mutual cooperation
Believing the bright star sharing a vision

But one race has forgotten
Everyday praying it can't see
God must be very angry
Let it see the black star

The mismanagement on anger
A race shouts and bullies
Using religion as an excuse
But it gets the wrong stick

God has moved quietly
A race can't see the wrong
Though praying everyday
It walks on the wrong road

It is better they turn the pages
On the Holy Book to study in open mind
Listen to the words as it is written
Else Lucifer will wait to take your soul!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

what crisis in selangor?

What crisis in Selangor?
Pas can leave the state administration
Pakatan Harapan will not collapse
Though it has a slim majority of 2 seats

The Bee Anne mouth organs will play the games
The newspapers are good at the rounding tales
Why don't the editors print about Perak?
The silver state has a slim majority too

The Pas state assembly persons
If they have the maturity and vision
They should join up with Amanah
Pas is going down the slippery rope

Alternatively Pakatan Harapan can dissolve the assembly
Calling for the snap election is a way to get a new mandate
Do not wait for too long to do it
For the cash of millions will be dangling carrots

Don't let deja vue hit it again
It happened in Perak in 2009
Through back door
and they said millions changed hands

lack of faith

Lack of faith
It will make a person confuse
In everything he sees or reads
He will pray but he will fail

Lack of faith
It will make everything evil
The signs or sentences or visuals
The confusion will make its day

Lack of faith
It will bring misery
The mind will get clogged up
He sees only the bad signs

Lack of faith
It brings no joy
He stands to shiver
Listening the calls

Lack of faith
It is easily used by Lucifer
He collects souls for his salvation
If only we understand each other faith

the truth will be free

The valley of gold
Many will fall
Some even forget to eat
They jump to get

The glitter lights up
It paints the sky in golden rays
Many in the valley
Fighting for the gold

Nothing in their hands
They see empty shells
The see dust of yellow
It will disapper with water

The tricks of life
The greedy will fall
The corrupted will hide
The truth will be free

the frogs stay quiet

The hot weather
The dry up places
The hot wind singing
Jump up the bill

The frogs will stay quiet
One or two will jump out to say
It's always on race and religion
The confusion of its own

The call of prayers
It beats out loud and clear
The other faiths aren't confused
They walk on with their faith

A faith will not make a confusion
It is the faithful who have failed
In a religious faith nothing is confusing
It is the faithful who forget

God is loving and compassionate
He doesn't create divide and rule
He doesn't need spokespersons
He has his angels to do his bidding

But the frogs always forget
They think they are the best
When the testing of faith looms
They croak they are confused!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

the sound of change

The sound of change
It is ringing far and wide
The nation has cried many times
Watching her wealth gone in seconds!

The wealth of the nation
Bless in many ways
But with the mismanagement of funds
The nation can't sleep economically

She keeps hearing the bad vibes
Running through her mind
The wealth of the nation
It disappears like water

The big crooks are walking free
The agencies task to protect her wealth
All have fallen on the wrong side
The wrong deeds are there but they ignore

The sound of change
The people will hear the call
It is in their power to execute it
Change course before it is too late!

a new horse will gallop to the field

The green moon is dreaming
High up in the sky touching no reality
The brand its leaders trying to promote
It never touches the ground

The green moon has given its chances
Running a state with so much ills
Economically it is in a poor state
Even in floods God sent His message

But the green moon leaders
They didn't see it in their plan
They still try to make it worst
Even chances were given to them

Now the green moon thinks big
Even the small it can't hang on
The blunders its leaders make
There is no satisfaction on the ground

The red and white leaders will laugh
They will make the green moon look like fool
Doing the hard work thinking it can jam in
The beats will come out differently

The cycle is complete
A new horse will gallop to the field
No matter what it is said and done
A new chapter will begin

wake up addicts

Wake up addicts
You can't by sleeping the whole day!
There is bright light out there
You just move your lazy butt

You shouldn't allow your life going nowhere
Living from handouts until the day you die?
Living in the miserable conditions of a life?
No...addicts you better wake up to live!

The party you support
You believe it will fly you to the moon
Instead you are shackled into life of addiction
How to fly when you have nothing to show?

The party leaders enjoy paradise
They don't think of you in the addiction
They will say privately you are a fool
Believing in everything they tell you

Now wake up and see
Fight your addiction and be free
There is a whole world out there
You shouldn't be spoon fed to addiction!

the easy life on the menu

Everyone wants to be rich
The dreams and wishes and dreams
The easy life on the menu
Check the list which way the quickest?

Many will fall for the scams
Believing it is the holy grail to easy living
Many pawned their saving
But it is greed destroying a life

Still the scams keep growing
There are new generations coming in
They too think of the easy life
They will go the same way of the past

Everyone wants to be rich
Work hard and smart in the back burner
One failure doesn't mean it is the end
For some it may spell the dead dreams

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

the ashes in the sky

The ashes in the sky
The smoke screen of white
It isn't a mist
It could be the volcano ash

It tells a story
Why God is angry?
The angels brewing ashes
Ignite the active volcanoes

The white blanket in our eyes
The ashes will fall into our homes
The minute particles will fly in
Its marks will be on the floor tiles

Is it a warning?
The neighbouring country should see
Wake up before it turns out bad
For us is the king cobra slithering in c-ash

If our snake catchers fail to rope in
We will suffer for our poor selection
We know what will be the consequences
We mustn't let the snake hissing fear into us

the staring at the door

The king cobra dances
On the soft grass of paradise
Sipping off his rich quick wealth
Surrounding himself with his flock

No agency dares to knock in
The staring of the door only
It is just for formality
Show the badge walk away

Nobody wants to get poison
Hit on the face and eyes
Knock the door will be a long time
Until the day the king cobra is caught

Now the snake catchers linger on
They will wait for an opportunity
The king cobra knows his day
When his power is gone

rope in the crocodiles

The german cockroaches
So easy to catch them
Once they are surrounded
Surrender its the way

The news will splash
One agency will stand proud
Once the pledges go
The german cockroaches on parade

That's the easy game
The land crocodiles what now?
These animals are walking free
The jaws are always open

The german cockroaches
It runs in every corner and nook
The small part in a big colony
The land crocodiles what now?

These animals must be pulled in
They shouldn't be allowed to walk free
The public cry out for the action
There shouldn't be a double standard!


Politics has no shame
Once you are in it
The unwritten rule applies
The lies will keeping fly

You can make enemies
You can sell your opponents to jail
Once you fall on the shame list
Nothing is forgiven; it's the same fate

Politics is hard to tell the truth
Every politician will try to wriggle it through
The smart words to say and preach
Underneath it the dripping keep falling

Politics is neither friend or enemy
It is the power game to sit on the chair
It is the wealth and sparkling bright lights
If it isn't said it loud it's in the eyes!

Monday, May 15, 2017

the babies dumpling

The babies dumpling
It never goes away
We hear it often
In the public places

The male will always escape
He plants his seed and he frogs away
Leaving the poor woman to carry
The unwanted pregnancy
The joy in the heat
The glow blends into beats
The good vibes hitting chords
When the music dies the headaches begin

It is always the women
They will carry the burden of shame
The authorities will pursue them
While the men always go free

The babies dumpling
It's a sad story every time
Teach them family planning
Tell them of morning after pill

Take the pill
No pregnancy no shame
It has nothing to do with religions
It's your life enjoy it free

let it go free it's their lives

The bad of sex
STI and babies dumping
Who's to blame?
When it is banned!

The education and religions
It should tell the consequences
Of a day of sexual flow
The unwanted pregnancies rise

There must be something wrong
The weak mind, body and soul
The wrong approach to a life
The downside of its fall

The religious policing
It makes the game to play
The hunter and the hunted
In the ever circle of sex

The religious offices should be disbanded
It never plays its role to teach the young
It is just a waste of taxpayers monies
Making the highly charged youth play the game

The hunter and the hunted
Cruising the circuit playing the chords of sex
Too much control too many sins
Let it go free it's their lives

don't walk to the dark

The green moon will sink
Into its world of ancient times
The way it was before the new
The old is in memory

The old has its run
The war it had done
By the sword it bled
Satan always smile

Now the old tries to rise
The dominant factor in its rule
The compassion it has forgotten
The old bad feeling returns

The blue eye forgets
Trying to blow its own steam
Do not go to the dark side
It will never help in the cause

The foundation is Secular
Every soul should know it
Don't forget the sacrifices
Our forefathers put in place

Do not fall into the political religion
It never brings good cheers to the nation
It will bring discord and disharmony
It is the hidden agenda of power game