Monday, May 29, 2017

read the holy books

The last stand
In the city of Malawi
The Islamic militants
They will face death

The soldiers marching in
With guns, helicopters and jets

The city of Malawi
The smoke and thunder in the sky

The soldiers will not give way
No second chance for the militants
They have cause enough pain and misery
It's time they too face death

The Philippines soldiers
They will shoot one by one
Over 100 militants will die
Going to heaven a pipe dream

Other militants may rush in
Hoping to help the trapped comrades
It will be a futile exercise
Death can be on the sea

Back home the police napped a few
The Isis militants going to jail
They should read the Holy Quran
It has the answers all the times!

We mustn't stay asleep
We must recognize the threats in our lives
The Islamic militants are the crazy lost souls
They forget to read the Holy Quran

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