Monday, May 22, 2017

blame it on unsatisfied sex

In the night of silence
A wife gets into the groove
With a man not her husband
They play the putting golf game

Why she has to do it?
Sex is the game
When she isn't satisfied
Why blame her affairs?

A wife gets no satisfaction
It isn't just hit and bang
Finish it off within minutes
A woman needs are different

A man should recognize it
It isn't putting the golf hole
Once you put the ball in
The game is over

A woman has a different scale
Learn it to make her stay
Likewise the same for a woman
Learn the needs of her man

The husband and his village friends
They find the man and pour hot water
Taking the law into their own hands
Now they are under police custody

If the adulterer dies
Murder will be the charge sheet
Don't blame the woman or wife

Blame it on unsatisfied sex

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