Tuesday, May 09, 2017

the zombie man 5

The cracked mind man
The everyday shouting spinning tales
Yelling to his parents using abusive words
Every neighbour doesn't want to say

Today at the porch he still do
Now he shows his stance of hitting his father
The old man doesn't say a word
His son shows him 3 times his hitting stance

He shouts to his father
I hit you till you die!
You understand me?
I hit you till you die!”

The old man isn't feeling good
He is sick walking with his stick
Standing by the porch near the gate
He takes it all keeping his silence

His wife never makes a sound
Maybe she doesn't want to sound alarm
Her son is totally out of normalcy
She hasn't accepted her fate of her son

Though she keeps telling her sister
About her useless son in the telephone
The voice can be heard quite a distance
If only she realizes her son is a mental case

They better send him to a mental institution
Maybe the doctors there can stabilize him
Now the old man can't walk properly
He has to use a walking stick

The neighbours show empathy
The old couple and their mad son
When will they realize it?
They have to send their son away

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