Thursday, May 11, 2017

talent corporation

Talent Corporation
The company should close shop
It is a waste of taxpayers monies
Calling home Malaysians working abroad

It is the policy back home
It creates the split why talent go overseas
Take out the shackles and quota system
Give us the fair deal and opportunities

As it is now
The racists keep shouting
They don't contribute much
They create chaos in our minds

Even English language
These racists are against it
Why are they so afraid?
When they are schooled overseas?

They want to suppress it
So they can think they are the lords
Talent Corp should change the policy
Look inward first change the way

We have the talent at home
Why let them go and work overseas?
Something is wrong in the homeland
Talent Corp care to change the policy?

Nurture the best talent on our soil
Give them the benefits and freedom to pursue
Give them the equal opportunities
Don't talk of one sided policy

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