Tuesday, November 21, 2017

gst hurt our pockets

GST hurt our pockets
It lets the Bee Anne to fill up the pot holes
The many we have seen in our eyes
As they try to cover it up nicely

The pot holes are the never ending story
It is always there no matter how much is gone
The people can complain and poke angrily
Yet if they don't want to change it stays

It is the poor management of nation's affairs
They think they are running in airs
Everything can appear and disappear
They forget it hurts the people most

Bee Anne doesn't audit how they spend
Look at the high rentals they pay
The government departments renting spaces
Like IRB Kuantan paying $680,000/- per month

Macc should swing into action
Find out who owns the building
Why IRB doesn't build their own?
It spends over $8 million a year!

GST hurt the people
It's only Bee Anne says it helps the government
Though they don't want to plug the pot holes
The job done is to sink in again

It is time the people change
Don't fall for the lies
GST will make us cry

Let Bee Anne go it is better for our days

the persian cat finds a mate

The persian cat keeps on disappearing
Come evening he will jump over the walled fence
Say his goodbye and run the night
Though at one time he meowed he couldn't

I put up flower pots act as barrier
Somehow he watches what to do
Observing the other stray cats jump
That gives him his cue

The garden he doesn't stay
He thinks outside is much better
So I follow him one day
I find he has a female cat

Though I talk to him
He shyly walks back home
Every now and then he turns to look at me
As I take my own leisure walk

That's only part of his pretending
Once he gets his meal he starts to jump again
Out he will go to meet his mate
Ignore the dogs watching them

It is advice to keep persian cats at home
Do not allow them to roam
They will attract fleas and ticks
The scratching and grooming will be non-stopping

I believe in free movement
I don't think I will cage the cat
He makes his choice to stay or run

The consequences he has to bear with it

showing respect in the fake faces

The power game
Once you lose it
The perks will be gone
You can only dream

Of the time disappears
Once the other leaders will bow
Showing respect in the fake faces
Hoping one day you will fall

When the musical chair changes
Another leader takes over the chair
The past leaders will not be entertained
They were the bosses once now they aren't

The past leaders will feel the heat
Of the knife cuts into its mind
Once the past leaders become opponents
The respect will not be shown

The current leaders will snub them
Pushing them around to the lower ranks
They will forget it will happen to them
Once the power is taken away

the satan's trap

It is the ball carriers
They will get the promotions
The clever and hardworking ones
They will be ignored

When we are in a pool of fools
We will become one of them
They say if we can't beat them
Join the group and enjoy the benefits

When we are in the pool of scholars
The fools will tend to behave like them
Outwardly worldly wise and clever
Many will seem surprise

We are told of birds of the same feathers
They will protect and fly together
They will not see anything wrong with it
They will lie for each other

Satan always look for the weak souls
He will encourage them to do his bidding
He will promise paradise and virgins
Lots of monies and life on the beach

But we all know
It is a mirage in our eyes
Once we fall to Satan's trap
We will burn in the lake of fire

Monday, November 20, 2017

if the change never comes

If the change never comes
The darkness will descend on us
We can only complain on our woes
When we dare not venture beyond

When the minds are weak
Satan will descend on it
Once he takes control
We will lose our souls

The lure of wealth and power
It will make many fall to their deaths
It will not let them live a peaceful life
There are always nightmares

If change never comes
We can't see ourselves free
We can't walk with our heads high
We will have shame on our foreheads

No Sirs enough of the crooks
It is time to kick them into Bamboo River
Let them play their own monopoly in it
We need to be free and get back our dignity

the headscarf a diversion tactic

Now headscarf is a hot issue
Amno B leaders start to jump
Displaying a half past six mentality
Waging into the headscarf debate

Follow the rules of a company
It is the company dress code
When an employee is employed
Religion shouldn't be brought to the work place

It should stay as a personal affair
While a person works he has to follow orders
There is no reason of defying its rules
Big companies aren't cowed by threats!

Our Constitution isn't Islamic
It is a Secular nation with Islam as its religion
The whole structure of the Constitution
Gears towards a Secular nation

The Muslim women should wake up
They are working majority force
They should speak up and unite
Do not be cowed by the extremists

play the anwar game

Play the Anwar game
Visit him in hospital
The Amno B leaders do
Take pictures smile on camera

The game of publicity begins
To woo the village folks
To tell them stories
Of the snakes and ladder

Throw your dice
Pick your choice
The good will knock
The bad will fall

The Amno B leaders
They are facing defeat
Don't even say of its coalition partners
They will be wiped out crying in shame

Though these leaders speak arrogantly
Forgetting who put them there
They talk down on the people
Respect they forget to forge ahead

Play the Anwar game
Hopefully to win
But it has been decided
Since the scandal on 1MDB

milking the potted holes

Look at the street
The potholes are covered up
Telling the people
They don't have to worry

Many have fallen
Believing the trick
Once they are in the book
They find they can't think straight

The potted holes will stay
Once the heavy rainfall
The tar will slowly reopens
Leaving the work undone

It is the old story
Milking out from the potted holes
Many times the people don't realize
Until the storm arrives

Near to the general election
The busy road repairs
Spending it to show
That the Bee Anne cares

But don't fall for the trick
It will be back to the old system
When Bee Anne gets into its way
The crying pain will start again!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

don't let the crooks take away the loot

Don't think of short term gains
It will not help the future generations
The present generations should wake up
Don't let the soul of the nation disappear

The dignity she has
It has gone down the drain
She feels ashamed of what has been done
Her image has been red painted

In the world stage she is a butt of joke
Once she could walk tall giving sage advice
Now even the backward countries laugh
On her discomfort walking on the world's stage

Back home she still hears
The old generations can't think straight
They think of the physical units
They can't think of the softwares

It is best these people woke up
Learn and read the theft of the nation
Get rid of the addiction crowded their minds
See the bigger picture and strike free!

There is still hope
In the coming GE14
Don't let the crooks take away the loot
Stop them send them to Bamboo Boot

politics in schools

Politics in schools
The Amno B can't take it
It's only them they show
Nothing will happen to the school

When it is the opposition
The Amno B leaders will make noise
The school principle will be transferred
Without explanation or choice

The double standards rear its head
The perception of any institution
It has been compromise
What else is new really?

It is to let Bee Anne go
It is time to let it stay in the dust
Let it taste its own mite
Only then will it remember its root

The nation is still crying
Reaching out for the new
She is waiting for her new life

Breaking free and see the world

the hackers

The data hacked
For over 3 years kept quiet
By then the data sold
Nothing about the Act to apply

Since 2014 it was
Nobody knew the watch dog too
Until it was thrown open last quarter of the year
Finally everyone woke up to realize it

The personal data sold in the market
The police came to investigate
The telcos never issue details
But the subscribers got mails

So far no losses have been reported
Of the false accounts used by any syndicates
The police say they have found the culprits
Better hooked them now to see what's the damage

Maybe the huge subscribers should take class action
On the telcos keeping quiet about the whole theft
The subscribers aren't informed from the beginning
MCMC too hasn't known it then

What now for the subcribers?
Wait for the red to drop by?
Wait for the nightmares to begin?
And see who will take up class action?

Most of us will listen
What advice the professionals will explore
Letting us make our choices
Though the hackers had done their job

the last race

The last race
A bitter saga will run
Telling the fear
Engulfing the nation
If the people vote for change

This is the game
On the field kicking the ball
Too much floating around
The players will yell
Kick the ball!”

The one track religion
The country doesn't need
There must be two way traffic
Engage and debate
To fulfill the soul needs

The people have a choice
Let it happen or curse themselves
Live with the addiction and shadows
Forever they are talked down
Which one will it be?

The fear of losing
The leaders can't sleep well
They always hear the sound
The last race has run
The end is near!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

the dirty game in GE14

Before Anwar can step out of prison
Amno B leaders are talking of sodomy 3
What's wrong with these half baked leaders?
Emptying the coffers they should talk!
But they have sex in their minds
The sins they do they dare not say
They wrap it up under the bedsheets

A former finance minister says
Once he quit his post citing 1MDB scandals
Now it is said he might have been compromised
So now he came out with sodomy 3
Before Anwar walks out of prison

The rural folks better wake up
Don't believe a word Amno B says
You are fed into addiction
You can't determine right or wrong
It is time to wake up and see

You don't need a sarung
You don't need a cow
You don't need the essential goods
If you work hard and free!
You don't have to be addicted

Amno B leaders want to divert
The scandals affecting their leader
They want to create a diversion
Using sodomy 3 as a weapon
They forget the cycle has completed
It's time for them to bite the dust
Leave the stage and wait on the line

the professional hitmen

The professional hitmen
They want the money
They want to enjoy
They leave their victims
Sleeping death for eternity
The police will dig up the dirt
Hoping to find clues
Honestly the birds have flown
Once the final payment is made
The victims down in red paint
There is nothing much to say
The usual round of suspects
The full conviction in the drawer
Linking it up will take years
Meanwhile the professional hitmen
They will still ply their trade
Shooting targets for money
As long as they are paid

weak case bad omen

The professional hitmen
They will come for a price
Once the job is done
They will disappear

Leaving the trail of dead persons
Let the police dig up the dirt
Round up the suspects
Force them to make confessions

When the investigations are weak
The culprits will walk free
A judge will not punish them
He finds no reason to do

When it is a murder case
The police must spend time to dig up the truth
The AG must know that he can obtain a right verdict
It doesn't have to be a quick job

When the murderers walk
Others will feel the bad omen
They will feel the heat in their minds
Afraid of the bullets to fly!

play the fair game

Life is a circle
What you do bad today
You will get it back in return
There is no one way street

The little napoleons
Wake up and do it fair
Why curry favors from Amno B?
When the party falls where will you hide?

Don't do the persecution
Today you have your day
Tomorrow you may cry
When a new face governs it

Play the fair game
Don't show favor or fear
Life is a circle
It will return

Friday, November 17, 2017

the corridor of power

The corridor of power
The senses of fear of defeat
It will make the leaders sweat
Even nightmares on the street

The shadows of the past
The misdeeds will haunt them
Though they think they can escape
The long arm of the law

The circle of life
It will come to extract its debts
Once it has arrived
It will be hard to escape

The leaders living the corridor of power
The long shadow will take them down
Do the right things they have forgotten
They let greed take over their lives

The nation cries for change
The tears fall in disgrace
The bad monkeys making waves
Stealing bananas pocketing peanuts

The end of the regime
The cycle of change has arrived
The leaders in the corridor of power
They will feel the heat; they will feet the sweat

a rope in the air

A rope around his neck
He hasn't pleaded his innocence
He thinks he will escape
The harsh punishment

He stands on a high stool
With his toes barely touching it
His hands behind his back
He looks ahead fear nothing

Maybe he says his short prayer
But God isn't listening
He is busy looking at a glow
The sound of devotees praying

The man looks around
Trying his best to stay calm
A black dog suddenly appears
He is afraid the dog will kick the stool

Outside the sky turns dark
The loud thunder hits the ground
The black dog jumps and runs
Accidentally hit the stool

No!” the man feels his weight
Dangling by the rope on the beam
He struggles to get free
It's only his soul manages to escape

The black dog looks up
Sorry man it wasn't me!
It was the thunder causing it
You better slap him when you are there”

The man struggles
The tea lady manages to save him
She puts back the stool
He sighs his relief

What happen to you?
You aren't going to kill yourself are you?”
The man tries to look down at you
Me? I live life lady!
You think you can cut me down?”
Oh I don't know
I am just a tea lady
I am not going to mess in your world”
No no you are good
There is a knife on kitchen table
You go there pick it up and cut me loose
It's that simple!”
The tea lady laughs
Me no offering help mister!
I don't want to get mix up in your world”
She walks to the door
The man shouts back at her
Please don't go!
I give you a million
Just cut me loose!”
The tea lady turns around
I can't take your money
It will make me worst than you
I rather be a tea lady
Not like you hanging there
Money you have
But you can't get yourself free!
I am going out from here”
No! Please don't go!
I know I am wrong
I am the great pretender
Now look at me!
Hanging by a rope
One mistake all it takes
My life will be gone!”

The door closes
He is alone with his fear

raymond koh dead or alive?

Where is Pastor Raymond Khor?
For months the police can't locate him
He was kidnapped in a busy road
A professional execution job

Is he dead or alive?
There is no news
Though police say of leads
Wrapped up in police SOP

His family waits for his news
There is nothing to soothe the pain
The family doesn't know
Is he dead or alive?

There are still no clues
Though Suhakom holds a public enquiry
To find out the truth of his kidnapping
By then he may have disappeared for good

This isn't an ordinary operation job
It was done by experience guys
The perception of a hidden force
Called upon to execute a delicate project

Thursday, November 16, 2017

a birthday wish

The day of the life
It is good to remember
The sunshine still shines
Busking in the sights
Moving on the footprints
Branding of new ways

The memories still play
In the circle of the mind
It is good to touch the base
Of the years gone away
It is the sum which makes the life
Living in it and sharing the joy

As the candles light and glow
Filtering of light by the wind
Listening to the birthday song
It rings a cheerful note
Another memory in the box