Friday, May 26, 2017

catch the big sharks

The bad police
The name of shame
It isn't something new
It is always there

The bad officers
They will face the law
They will face jail
Time they will learn

The protection rackets
The gambling dens and illegals
The easy money to exchange
Living on the expensive lane

The dishonesty will not last
It will be a short gain
Once the lid is blown away
The rain will soak it through

But Macc where are the big fishes?
The small fishes will stay
They are the easy pick
It's the big sharks in your radar

The silence in the book
When will Macc spring into it?
The big sharks are swimming free
Shouting their good fortunes
And we have to keep quiet
Let Macc do its job?
Look how it drag its feet
The sins of the nation

We are still crying!

once we had the garden of eden

Once we had the Garden of Eden
Everything was for free to enjoy
Then everything was changed
We made our sins we got kicked out
Into the land we have to work and die
The history of our existence
The archives of our pain and sorrow
It never goes away from us

The World Wars fought and died
The stories of misery and death
Though good triumphed over evil
It was a cost of our lives

Even the Crusades
The Crusaders thought sins could be forgiven
Inherited the paradise of their sacrifices
It was a lie asking them to fight for the Holy Land
For years many fought and died
Holding on to a lie of paradise!

Now we have the Islamic militants
These wayward souls thinking of paradise
They cause havoc, chaos and death
They think they do God's work
They will inherit Eden for their lives
How a lie can be so powerful?
You will go to heaven when you die
By doing God's work bringing death!”
Though they pray but they are led astray
Surrendering their lives for a worthless cause
Using God's name in vain
Don't test God for their selfish ways

Let us leave in peace
Show our hands of harmony
Living together for better days
We share the same world
Let us all pray together
For God will decide our fate!

the cat will fly

Bee Anne representatives in Penang
Are you sure walking right?
Telling the folks CAT is dead?
Unless you sink your head in the sand

Maybe you guys are jealous
You don't get the riches anymore
Even contracts must be on merit
No more direct to you

Though the Federal government ignores
The funding to the State
Pakatan Harapan still flourishes
By doing what is best in availability

Why not you guys go to Putrajaya?
Show your placard on $2.6 billion?
Why still no documents to show?
Still saying it is a donation?

You have your chance
For decades you had it good
Now you can only dream
The CAT will fly

we should stay awake

Now we should stay awake
We shouldn't forget
The tragedy once we had
We will face another
If we don't take a firm stand
The religious extremists will do
Harping on a race and its religion
Trying to crawl into its realm
Though certain amendments passed
They still aren't satisfied
They want it all at any costs
These group of people
They don't believe in the Secular Nation
They want a religion to rule supreme
All others must adhere to its rule
Again it is boiled down to the weak leaders
They only think of power
They only think of their pockets
They only think what they can benefit
Leaving a vacuum for the a religious extremists
They will exploit it to their interests
So we must stay awake
We shouldn't allow a bad group to take
Our freedom and interests away
In the name of its race and religion
No Sir, our Secular Nation must stay

Thursday, May 25, 2017

the bad will burn

The lone wolves
They will strike
When the time is right
When the police aren't alert

With the false pretense of security
The lone wolves will make it
They will look for crowded public places
They will want to make an impact

It is best to go back to basic
The religious schools challenging young minds
The religious teachers who will guide the young
It is here where the seeds will be implanted

It takes years to nurture
Until the police find a source
This can be as good as any
The young minds can be easily manipulated

The wayward believers
They think they go to paradise
Sacrificing their lives for a cause
It never brings a gain to anyone

They will get roasted in the lake of fire
Every circle they will scream of their sin
The fire will burn them alive many times
As the circle will keep turning around!

The lone wolves
Don't be so foolish
Sacrificing yourself
There is no heaven

no need to wait, macc

The small fishes can wait
They can't swim far away
They will be around when the net throws in
They will be caught in low tide

It is the big sharks
We want them trawled in
They can't be allowed to splash around
Giving us a bad name

No Macc, patience has its limit
There are the physical assets to show
Just use your common sense to know
Over 2000 officers but the big sharks go

And yet the big sharks swim free
There is no net or condone off areas
There is no warning of sharks in the sea
It is as usual of normal business

No Macc, patience is for knowledge
Corruption mustn't allow to go free
Do the mathematics you will see
The big sharks always spin the tales

the bad angels

The bad angels
They have become
The evil bleeding on Earth
They use humans
To sacrifice for their evil plan
Destroy all the good and innocence
Let Earth be populated by the demons
If only the humans understand
Why they are born in the first place?
It isn't to destroy God's creations
It isn't to turn evil to do bad things
It isn't to turn around and kill or maim
It is to do good to return to Eden
A place once promised to our forefathers
Until sins forced them to lose it all
Eden and the immortality
Now hell on Earth!
We haven't learned
First we had the Crusaders
On the wrong journey of salvation
So many died and blood buried in the ground
Then we had the World Wars
The deaths, maimed, suffering and crying
Now we have Islamic militants
They don't learn from history
They will repeat all the mistakes again
Hell on Earth, the deaths, pain, misery and crying
There will be no paradise or virgin brides
It is in the lake of fire!
Think about it change ways
Before it is all too late
For some they will cry
Soaking in the fire of hell
Don't test God
We will lose everything!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

the cry of pain in manchester

The night of lights
The neon blinks the smiling faces
The fans marching into a concert
To soak up the atmosphere

Every religion, colour and race
They share the same interests
Flocking to the concert to watch
The singer of their choice

The chanting atmosphere
The ringing chords of music
It floats into the arena
The fans scream into the night

But the bomb of fire
The broken pieces and nails
Flying everywhere like the wind
The shouts; the scream; the crying

The pain of the injured
The struggling to get out
The human traffic jam in the concert
When a homemade bomb blasted

The 22 dead on the ground
With over 58 injured
Is this the way to solve issues?
Killing or to be killed?

There is no paradise
The evil doers will not go
In the lake of fire
The likely way to soak and scream!

The cry of pain in Manchester
Warning and warning and warning
Yet the lame exercise of it all
A bad demon makes it count

the funds from 1mdb

On the quiet
Slowly it becomes
A sin in the palm
As it is written

The friends turn foes
In the ruling elites
The funds from 1MDB
It slowly creeps in the open

Though Ap Water cools it down
Without showing evidence in his reason
It begs the question of his integrity and honesty
His sin will be revealed once the change is done

The crooks can't hide for long
The justice will take its course
As we all know crimes don't pay
It will be known in time

The jittery leaders
They are finding it hard to keep it cool
The hot weather will make them sweat profusely
Once the change takes shape

don't run into extremism

The Taliban concept
It mustn't allow to spread
It seems the authority doesn't see it
It has taken its root in the civil service

The civil service is paid by the taxpayers
With it they should perform their tasks to the public
They shouldn't impose any dress code to the people
Though the Cabinet had rescinded it yet it still continues

Even in education the policy seems slanted
We read about PTAs highlighted in the press
This shouldn't have happened in our Secular Nation
We mustn't allow the Taliban concept to creep in

Leave one's religion at home
It shouldn't be used in the public
Don't condemn other faiths
Let's leave it to God who will decide

Even in politics we hear
The Taliban concept shooting arrows
The politicians always blame the women
For their sins painted in their minds!

Don't let Taliban concept cloud the mind
It is a brand for the evil doers to live in hell
It will not bring paradise or the virgin brides
It's a lie by Lucifer who wants your soul

Live in harmony
Live in peace
Share your likes and dislikes
Don't live in chaos or troubles

afraid the landscape will change

The big fishes
They always know
The escape route
When the heat is high

The authorities will not pursue
It is always lacking evidence
Some officials turn a blind eye
See no evil so no case to fight

Even billions in private account
One person isn't charged or remanded
He is allowed to walk free
The authority sees no evil

The keepers of the nation's wealth rules
They seem to swim with the big fishes
They don't want to make the splashes
They see no evil of the matters

The big fishes
They swim freely in the seas
Sometimes they feel the ripples
Afraid the landscape will change

the wild women

The wild women
They don't take relationships
They want to kick up a storm
Let their names be called

The wild women
They drop men like potatoes
They dare to step over
They want to be known

The wild women
The men will dare to go
The catch of the day
The men will sing praises

The wild women
They make the men wait on line
They have the power of beauty
They can demand and command

The wild women
They make their presence
They play on the needs of men
They know how to play the ball

The wild women
They make the police run
In the city, in town, in everywhere
On faith when they say they retire

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

don't let the crooks get away

Don't let the crooks get away
They must be in chords, riffs and blues
Let them see the inside walls
The ringing tones banging their heads

Don't let the crooks get away
They must be in chained and caned
Let them feel the pain
Let them cry like falling rain

Don't let the crooks get away
They must be in remand listening to the bell
Let them feel the ringing echo
Let them feel the effect of tinnitus

Don't let the crooks get away
They must be in tow on parade
Let them feel the shame in public
Let them feel the fear in their eyes

Don't let the crooks get away
They must be punished sent to jail
Let them feel angry in a cage
Let them fight it out in disgrace

Don't let the crooks get away
They must be in chords, riffs and blues
Let them see the inside walls
The ringing tones banging their heads

the fall from grace

The fall from grace
It will happen in our times
Everything or events we read and hear
It signals the decaying regime

The history of rulers and emperors
The decaying souls and bad administration
The flow of greed and corruption
The flow of inhuman treatment

Don't forget the bad taxes
The costs of living keep going up
It benefits the higher ups
It makes the poor angry

When the ground is rising
The unpopular policies and laws
The benefits slanted to a race and religion
It is always a receipe of the fall

History has all the records
It is a good way to read and know
Of why it still keeps happening
The division of race and religion

The fall from grace
It will happen in our times
The crying of the changing wind
The signal of a new way

the bad thing

The bad thing
Everybody will try to do
Bring it into the mind
Let it flow into a life

The dark night
The bad will rise
They bring the bad apples
Rolling out in the open

In the darkness
Who will see the bad?
It is only the shadows
By the dim light

The cry of sorrow
It hit the narrow lane
The land of the bad
No rules will make the play

The bad thing
Everybody will try to do
Bring it into the mind
Let it flow into a life

don't let the bad rise

The weak leader
He doesn't see the bad
He makes many holes
He can't cover it all

Using religion and race
Pushing the hidden agenda
Hitting on the wrong gong
It will not make the nation great

It will make her bad
The world will laugh at her
For breeding the crooks
In the lamb skin

There is no supremacy
It is just an illusion
In the political game
Don't the nation have enough?

The bad keep pushing
They don't see the walls crack
Using religion of a race
It draws the bad line

The nation will not stand idly by
The people who live in harmony
They will not allow the bad to creep in
The peace of the nation must stand

It's the Secular Nation
This is the foundation
No bad agenda should rise
It will bring falsehood!

Monday, May 22, 2017

the people must win

The blue eye
Look at reality
Anwar still in jail
Without a seat
Nothing is but a dream
It is better to see the truth
Anwar will be away long after GE14
Get a prominent person
Maybe get a young person to the fore
There are many in your ranks
Who are capable national leaders
Tap into these politicians
They will make the difference
Though the placards inked his name
Don't build on sentiments alone
Face reality and fight the battles
Without a general on the scene
Everything will be hit and run
You want Putrajaya?
Ink your strength
Work hard on it
This is the battle
The people must win!

blame it on unsatisfied sex

In the night of silence
A wife gets into the groove
With a man not her husband
They play the putting golf game

Why she has to do it?
Sex is the game
When she isn't satisfied
Why blame her affairs?

A wife gets no satisfaction
It isn't just hit and bang
Finish it off within minutes
A woman needs are different

A man should recognize it
It isn't putting the golf hole
Once you put the ball in
The game is over

A woman has a different scale
Learn it to make her stay
Likewise the same for a woman
Learn the needs of her man

The husband and his village friends
They find the man and pour hot water
Taking the law into their own hands
Now they are under police custody

If the adulterer dies
Murder will be the charge sheet
Don't blame the woman or wife

Blame it on unsatisfied sex

why sex affairs

Wives get into affairs
Who is to blame?
The husbands at fault?
The sex life isn't hot?

Husbands have mistresses
Husbands have girlfriends
Who is to blame?
Wives aren't good in bed?

Sex is the foundation of a marriage
Once each person recognizes it
The marriage will be secured
They will work on it

Many have failed to recognize it
They think sex is part of the married licence
It isn't the basic foundation to grow
Sex is the root cause of many troubles!

Don't fool yourself
Learn how to putt in golf
You think you are great
You need knowledge and practice

the old and infirm

The old and infirm
Most are left to stay alone
In the homes of welfare
Counting the days to go

Who is to blame?
When old age comes calling
When a major disease knocks the door
Who will be listening?

The children will ignore
The relatives will hide
They all pretend
Nothing is wrong

Now it is left to good outsiders
They have the belief to lend a hand
Providing a shelter and meal
Let the old know there is a place

There are many cases of abandoned parents
The children forget to take care of them
They will say of lack of time and money
They leave the parents to seek a home

Many die of broken heart
They can't believe the children do this way
How they have sacrifice for their children
And yet in the end they are abandoned

Who is to blame?
Maybe planning and discipline
Maybe it is God's way of punishment
The sins we carry in our lives

Sunday, May 21, 2017

you still have to create your wealth

Education can make you read and write
Maybe help you to reason and respond
On a text book way of getting it through
Education doesn't give you the experience

Even in the battleground of war or fight
It is the exposure to the art or war
It helps you to prepare to face it
It is about life and death episode

Education doesn't give your the practices
You have to find it out the hard way
Even in martial art the exponents need to fight
On a friendly terms to enrich their combat skills

Education doesn't give you the passport to riches
You need to learn all over of how to create wealth
Finding wealth isn't through education of degrees
It is through opportunities and willing to fail

Education makes the hardship shorter
It is still hard work to make the spot
Don't ever forget it is back to ground level
You still have to create your wealth

it's sad using bad character

It's sad using bad character
As a motivator for youth
The manner and uncouth words
What will the youth learn?

When a leader forgets to reprimand
He shows he will accept the bad
Down the line this is what we saw
The bad guys marching on

We have ministers too
They don't give clear messages
When we read their statements
It is always sounded hollow

The day of truth and honesty
It is going down the drain
Up on the board the bad and the lies
The curry favours forgetting principles

just playing a game?

The low players are always caught
Take them for parade put them in custody
The newspapers and TV news will splash it
Telling the audience what it is in store

Like this one in front page
$850k shock for a low official!
Who was caught by MACC
But it is the right headline?

The $2.6 billion in low key
Even the spending of $42 million
Though he screamed donation
But he didn't say in the first instant!

It is playing games
Afraid to offend and want to curry favours
The big whales will always go swimming
Splashing its might in the open seas

Macc when will be the big whales?
Are you still on the drawing board?
Designing a suitable fishing net?
Maybe you are afraid to fall in the ocean?

The parade of the small crooks
It will not bring the honesty pool
At best the people will say
They are just playing a game

Saturday, May 20, 2017

the rich poor schemes

The rich poor schemes
The eyes of the rich
The poor will push in
Dreaming of the Neverland

But dreams will die
When greed plays its game
The greedy will hang to dry
Losing monies crying in vain

The team will take flight
Collect all the monies
Giving part in returns
Slowly siphoned off

They will say
All the excuses in the world
Now the police investigates
Where have all the monies gone?

The rich poor schemes
Don't fall for the lucrative returns
It is only a trick to take your money
Once you give away don't cry in vain

a rat nation

A rat nation
It wants to irritate
The powerful leaders
He thinks he has the capability
As if he is the only person
In the world
He brags a lot
A day will come
He will face his sins
Maybe his time is coming up
He rants nonsense these days
Doing bad to his people
Cultivating fear and bully
It will not be long
When God takes him down
In the dark hole of burning fire
There he can scream in his eternity!

the beats in the night

The beats in the night
The echo flashes in the mind
Listening to the radio
It plays the songs and dance

On the soft carpet of grass
The stars shining in energetic blinks
The sound of echo hitting the notes
The circle in the groove

The chords on the beats
It takes away every breath
The ringing in the head
The energy flows out to the wind

The light lingers
The back drop of shadows
The silhouettes of the past
It feels good; it feels free