Wednesday, September 20, 2017

the light of hope

I see the light
The lies may disappear
The truth will blow it away
The darkness will be gone

The rejoice and smile
The unity will stand and shine
As a nation of many colors
We will bury our prejudices

I see the smile
The way the life changes
The economy will take shape
There is no more cronyism

The past mistakes and corruption
These will be a burden on the shoulders
Together as one people we will make it
Collectively we will carry our burden

The crooks can hide and run
The shadow hunters will take them down
Put them in Bamboo River
This is where they belong

I see the light
The lies will disappear
The truth will blow it away
The economy will take shape

let them answer for their sins

The excessive drinking
Of the drunkard nature
It will cause misery
Sometimes causing death
It will cause less focus in the mind

Though every religion has its say
Drinking moderately will not harm the mind
It is the excessive drinking which will
Promoting beer event for the Non-Muslims
The Muslim community shouldn't feel offended

This is the right of the Non-Muslims
Under the Constitution it is their lives
Don't use religion to push the hidden agenda
As the other faiths will not make the same noise

The nation is Secular
But the little napoleons upstage it
They should read and understand the Constitution
Don't try to play the police when it isn't a crime

the cat thinking of his mistress

The cat runs away
In the drizzling rain
He refuses to eat
Tasted the fried chicken
The same meal he eats everyday

He looks normal
He behaves the familiar pattern
Sleep; wake up; lick his skin
Stare at the motor vehicles
Scratching the tires
Then he will fall asleep

But in the drizzling rain
He runs to the house he stayed once before
His mistress had abandoned him
He hasn't known yet
He still yearns for it

Only hunger he drops by
For months he scavanges his food
Maybe God guide the cat to my home
He stays here eversince....

But at night he will disappear
Maybe still looking for his mistress
In the house once he stayed
Now empty and recently renovated
Once it is occupied the cat would go
Believing his mistress has come home

Currently feeding a few Ronin cats
These cats have become friendly in the garden
Some do stay over at night waiting for breakfast
When the door is open they will wait for their meal

kick out the racist leaders

The racist leaders
Let them bite the dust
They shouldn't be allowed
Standing on the stage and shout

The opportunities must be equal
Everyone can get a share and progress
Even the benefits mustn't be lopsided
It will bring bad image to the nation

The decades of addiction
It doesn't help any race at all
It will bring us down to our knees
As the best isn't coming

No Sir the racist leaders must go
They bring a bad name to all of us
The nation of colorful people
We are banded together to progress

Let us kick out the racist leaders
Let them bite the dust and fade away
We don't need them to rule and divide
The nation wants her people to progress

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Change don't run away
Don't get hooked on money
It will make you look bad
When the light shines on you

You can't hide your face
The mark of money
If you take and run away
You will live in misery

The chanting of curses
Change think before you say
It is better to lose the dignity stay
You still have your values walking tall with it

Change there are many you can achieve
Don't fall prey on cash is king
It will take away everything you have
Leaving you sad and misery in the park

Change don't run away
Don't get hooked on money
Don't fall prey on cash is king
It will take away everything you have

it's time to get out of addiction to race

The rolling stock
The jumping Jack
It doesn't say
The opposition losing steam

These are the shallow leaders
They have no patience
They have own agendas
Fighting for their own kind

In our nation of colorful people
It has to be for all irrespective of race
This is the nation everyone must bundle together
Carry her to the lofty height

The racist leaders and views or policies
They will not survive in the game of marching forward
Living in backward a sign of fear of the future
It's time to get out of the addiction of race

money can't stop change

The Mike T
To the ring he wants to stay
He forgets time has passed him by
He has nothing to give

The applause of a dominant party
It doesn't mean a thing to the people
The ship is slowly sinking
Somebody has to hold on the rope

The rising tides of change
It will make its way
No matter what these leaders want to say
The cycle has completed its time

Money can do a lot of things
It can't stop change
Even leaders can splash it
The order of change has to come to pass

the young addicts

The young drug addicts
Where is the wrong?
What happen to education?
What happen to religious schools?

Is this way to paradise?
Leaving the mind deep in drugs
The colorful sights and sound
The young addicts floating illusion

The parents are to blame
Let the young adults roaming free
The Mat Rempits and Bicycle Rempits
Leaving them living in dangerous games

But is the drug on the young
The young minds will be controlled by addiction
In time they will be the time bomb
Who are to blame if chaos hit the street?

Monday, September 18, 2017

it's time for a new page

Wake up people
Don't fall for the lies
The dominant party will say
As long as its leaders can cling to power
They will say anything for their own benefits
Leaving us holding the straws of debts in our hands

We have to read year in year out
The Auditor General's Report to know why
No minister will be held accountable
Even the lower ranks know it too

We have been told countless times
How our tax monies are gone to waste
Until there is no way out but to increase taxes
Cut away the subsidies causing goods to jump up

And who will hold the straws of debts?
The taxpayers will have to honor it
It's a disgrace letting bad managers escape
It seems they have different set of laws

Let GE14 be the clarion call
Let the change come for us all
The cycle has completed its run
It's time for a new dawn and a new page

the ronin cats 2

The Ronin cats
The animals will come and go
Leaving behind their calling cards
Let you feel the blue

Read in the internet
How to stop them from poo and urine
Treat them the cat food
It will stop them conducting business

For over a month the experiment runs
It isn't a full proof guarantee
Though the poo is less but the urine flows
On the garden pots or structures

But the Ronin cats still arrive
Become friendly become tame to touch
Sometimes they sleep around the porch
On the shoe's rack or the patio

One has called it home
He will stay most of the time
He is a different breed of cat
His mistress left him behind

I heard she left in midnight
Packed her things and left
The story of her man infidelity
She left her beautiful cat behind

Though now he stays
Maybe waiting to see his mistress returns
Every business he conducts he goes elswhere
He knows the rules and he behaves

The other Ronin cats
Give me the food or else?”
It seems the message in their eyes
As there are less calling cards now

the old horse

The old horse
Running wild at one time
Galloping to one then another
Then he decides to return
Back to the old stable

Is that news at all?
The branding of the worst
Learn some tactics of the opponents
But he wasn't in the league

Maybe he find he can't fill in
He still has the old DNA
Back to the old ship
He thinks he can pluck the leak

He is just an old horse
The best part of his years have gone
Nobody will listen to him
He has his time

together the nation will fly

They are afraid of their own shadows
Everyday in their waking hours they see
They can't understand the logic of it
They can only understand their own kind

They are given so many stops
Take a break; breathe the air; and carry on
The system never breaks though they keep asking more
Saying they don't the prime cuts in their lives

They have taken most of the things
The positions and institutions in their lives
Yet they aren't confident walking on the road
They are afraid of their own shadows

They keep harping on their lack of benefits
The many NGOs keeping the flags flying
They are truly afraid they might lose it all
They should have faith in themselves

They shouldn't live on silver spoons
They should stand on their feet and be counted
Challenge the world what they can do
Whining and crying will not help the cause

The racist living will not help anyone
It only makes the matter worst in life
It is the sharing of goods to benefit all
Together the nation will fly

Sunday, September 17, 2017

the pieces of blades

The storm rising
The tides in our eyes
Branding its kind of swords
The pieces of blades shining light

Piercing through the tides
Cutting into our minds
Let the fear touch our hearts
Let there be no mistake

The bad we do
We can't escape
Though we may smile
Standing on the stage

We think nobody will see
What we do behind close curtains
Yet when the truth falls into place
We are stripped naked facing the truth

The storm rising
Only the truth will let us go free
The pieces of blades shining light
Let the fear sinking in our eyes

there is no short term game

The political leaders
Short term dreams can't be fulfilled
They want it on a fast track
It isn't to satisfy a self imposed ego

In politics leaders must be prepared
The time and self sacrifice to the nation
The personal satisfaction is secondary
If they can't take the drawbacks, stay away

The political leaders
They want the accolades
They want to get on stage
They can't stomach pain

Once they do
Many will quit in a huff
They will give all kind of excuses
When they think they can't get their dreams

In reality the people don't need them
It is better to fade away in sunset
Watching the sun going down in reflections
Nobody will remember such leaders

The political leaders must believe
The fight for the common causes
It isn't to get fulfillment of personal satisfaction
It is for the nation and her colorful people

the golden fire never retreat

The cry in the heat
The golden fire never retreat
It sees the burning of prey
It will swallow them in grilled chops

The smell of smoke
Bellowing out through the windows
The crying and stomping of feet
The angel of death never says a word

He takes them all
Into his bag to store
In his world to process
Once the dead are gone

The men in blue
Walk in to investigate
Poking on the ashes
Trying to find clues

The family members will cry
In day in years in memories
Of the loved ones perished in the fire
The golden shower of burning ashes

The solemn prayers will be held
Praying for the lost souls who perished
For a while it will stay on the loss
Soon reality bites; back to usual routines

don't expect a return

Don't expect a return
There will be none maybe a little
Feeding the goons to get the borders
Shouting slogans putting up placards

This is the publicity stunt
It could be used to fool the villagers
How great a leader he was
But truth a leader can't say it loud

The paid writers will prop up
Like a stage putting the blow of patterns
With colorful dim lights to hide the spots
Hit the light buttons show to the crowd

But the pages will get no further
The people will understand its content
Again the new writers try to get notice
The publicity to arrest the rise of truth

They too will fall on the wayside
Selling their souls for the silver coins
The truth will flourish anywhere
A leader can't hide and run

Saturday, September 16, 2017

don't wait for tragedy to happen

The fire
The good and bad angel
It is how we played in it
Once we forget
We will face death
There is no two way
Live with it
The black angel or the white dove
It is our carelessness on security
Beefing it up trapped us in
When the fire blossom around the building
There is no escape route to run
We make our own hanging rope
Tightening around our necks!
The fire in our eyes
Once the days passed
We will forget
The lessons will be forgotten
Until the next tragedy
Do we need it again?
Will the authorities spring into focus?
Go and check every semester
It will help others to stay on the alert
Don't wait for tragedy to happen
By then it is too late

the joke falls on us

The joke falls on us
We make ourselves look so low
Our leaders don't see our fall
It looks like we slap ourselves

A 3rd nation wants to help
The superpower of a nation
By offering to strengthened her economy
Back home our leaders don't help

This tainted leader
Trying to shake away the wolves
But he must remember
He can't hide forever

A time will come
He will face the truth
Today he thinks he can change
But he will tumble when the brick falls on him

why so afraid ah moi?

Why so afraid to show accounts?
If Ah Moi claims there is nothing to hide
Allow it to publish in the public domain
In this way it will kill off the negatives perception

Yet Ah Moi will try every move to block it
The feeling of above the law nobody can touch
The billions going to the private account numbers
It should be stayed behind closed door.....

DOJ has put it on record of its filing
The money came from 1MDB
Through a web of overseas accounts
A long circle to hit into the private accounts

One minister had on record claimed he met the donor
All the way to an Arab nation yet the accounts remain secret
Ah Moi will file the blocking to publish the accounts
Ah Moi can't fool the people all the times!

Ah Moi better run
So are the long list of barking dogs
The time will change it soon
Run or face Bamboo River

The shadow hunters
By now have collected all the evidences
Put it in file for the next course of action
The rule of law must come to pass

nature imbalance

The butterfly
The eyes see glory
The beautiful colors
The bewitching light

The green in flight
The way life should be
The natural way
Nothing to worry

Then the profit evil arrives
Dig up nature destroy its environment
Leaving the barren ground
The butterfly has no home to stay

The fight of survival
Every specis will be
Even humans too
When we forget

the tsunami of voters

The tsunami of voters
Once the election is over
The dominant party will get the shock
It will scramble to get out

The publicity machines in disarray
The dominant machines lay waste
Let the wind and rain take it away
Leaving nothing behind but poor taste

Its leaders will go and hide
They dare not see the light
In their ears the ringing of Bamboo River
Drumming deep into their consciousness

The bootlickers will run
They know their time is done
The tsunami of voters
They crush the bad in the pit

The nation will smile
The light will return
The eyes will light
Seeing a new dawn to write

Friday, September 15, 2017

we must reject racist politicians

The racist politicians
They are the dinosaurs
Time they will return
In the pit of their own kind

The brand will not gel in
The nation isn't for it
She has enough troubles
She doesn't need racism

The nation has colorful people
With many kind of religions
This is what made her great in arsenal
But racist politicians will destroy

The nation of people
Stand up and reject this brand
These politicians never bring good harmony
They bring the toxic politics

Though we will live through
The racist politicians will be discarded
By the changes in our political landscape
The nation needs it to progress

the cry of the children

The cry of the children
Caught up in the storey
With fire unkind blazing heat
It laughed in its burning snarl

The words couldn't flow
The children stared at the evil fire
Blossoming with heat of claiming lives
It dance in full naked heated blow

The screams in the fire
The smoke of wood and flesh
The screaming of death in the air
As the evil fire played on its deathly riffs

When the evil deed was done
When the heat was gone
When the fire had died down
It left behind the charred remains

The sadness of lives gone
There was no escape staircase
The windows were grilled up
Perished of lives mistakes made

will we ever learn from our tragedies?

Why don't the authorities learn?
The years of fires taking lives
Why don't the people learn?
The years of free advice

The tragedy of lives
Burned to death in blocked exit doors
The stair case no free flow
There are no fire proofing doors

It is time to have exit staircase
On buildings less than 5 storey high
In this way there will be a fire escape route
Lives can be saved!

The recent lost of lives
The children and teachers in a shopping lot
There was no escape route
Death staring at their eyes

Now the authorities want to check
Every time when tragedy strikes
After a while it will be back to routine
Nothing will be said until the next tragedy

It is time for change
Let a new party get it done
The old wooden logs must be replace
Let new ideas come into the working place

Thursday, September 14, 2017

don't get shy of 3 cornered fights

Pakatan Harapan
Don't get shy on 3 cornered fights
Let the ball roll on the field
We will know when it is scored

In football there are 22 players
We will see them chasing a ball
Who will score a goal?
The players can't tell you straight

I say let Pas go
God will wash its face
It will see blind
The sins will bring it down

Let the Malays heartland know
Why they should support Pakatan Harapan
Why Bee Anne must bite the dust
The cycle is complete

the hands of poker

The smiling faces
On the front page news
One gets the cake
The other gets nothing

A short poker game
Quickly draw one party loses
The billions in economic package
Helping an advanced nation

The 3rd world countries
The bullying in economy
Pushing the fear factor
Its leaders afraid to see

The might of superpowers
It will bear down on the weak nations
The demands in subtle messages
Bringing the economy to the advanced nations

maybe the currying of favors

US got billions
Malaysia got zero
Is it fair for spending time?
Currying favors?

The first world nations
The economy swallows us
Yet MO1 doesn't know
The trade off for the nation

The curry favors
It sounds quite logical
Bearing in mind of the baggage
He can't shoulder it

It has dragged down his administration
Though the publicity machines painted new
Pushing him up to the sky
When he falls he will realize its impact

US engines of growth
Malaysia gets nothing in return
It is the currying of favors
Of the scandals back at home

the man and his 4 wives

Men have the advantage
In pursuing of women

Even when men aged
They still can pick the cream of women

In the market of the men picking
The choices are plenty to choose

Men can keep mistresses
The women need the power and wealth

Women will sell their bodies
Let the aged men have the filled

In it the women enjoy life
The materialism plays in their eyes

Some will file divorce
Let the old wives go

The men will marry young wives
Running on the trophy beds

The Muslim men can marry 4 wives
Provided he shares equally with them

But the story of Buddha
Of his narration of man with 4 wives

The men should read it
It will help them to realize

Old is golden
Somehow men forget

But women too
They have young men on tow

The plastic surgery on women
They become young on stage

Beauty will be gone
The ravages of time spell it clearly