Wednesday, April 26, 2017

once a thief...

Once a thief
It is hard to change
When he can't find money
He will go back to his trade

Once a thief is not caught
He will think he can try again
It is a natural progression
He just wants to be caught

A thief will spin his lies
Once he is caught he would cry
He will spin his tales of sorrow
He just wants to escape

It can be low life thief
It can be highly educated one
As long as they aren't caught
They will try to do it again

the python in the drain

The python in the drain
The heavy rain causing it to appear
It came out from its hiding place
Searching for food

An old woman passed through
In the eating stalls in old town
She screamed and other people arrived
Someone called the Fire Brigade

The firemen searched and trapped it
The python was large somebody said
The firemen took the python away
Maybe releasing in the secondary forest

A stall owner said to me
There is another one hiding in the drain
The firemen failed to trap the python
As I left the stall the firemen had gone

we have to unshackled our chains

Let Bee Anne hit bottom
Let the party feel the heat
Without amenities and servants
So what the party leaders will say

The party leaders have stayed too long
They think it is their rule to stay
Over 60 years of its rule
It is time to let them go

Bee Anne plays the rule
Of race and division
The eunuchs in the party coalition
They can't make so much noise

Let Bee Anne hit bottom
Let the party leaders learn their lessons
They stay too high for too long
They thumbed down the voters

If we want to really progress
We have to say goodbye to Bee Anne
We have to unshackled our chains
Our freedom our prosperity

the green moon in fantasy land

The green moon in fantasy land
Its leaders sleep and dream
The hudud law and its implications
Using religion for its political needs

Every time it is said
The hudud law never escapes
Its leaders still forget
This is a Secular Nation

The green moon fantasy
The clerics will dance its tune
Lucifer will come with his bag
The capturing of wayward souls

The religion is a private matter
It shouldn't be used as a political tool
Lucifer will gladly make it there
In his bag the wayward souls

The green moon dreams
Sitting on the power chair
It will dance by the electric shock
Shocking reality running away

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

the unequal benefits

The fishing of votes
It has finally geared up
The transformation programmes
Bee Anne has taken its programmes ahead

The crafting of the programmes
It benefits the majority and minority
The Middle kingdom inhabitants where?
Maybe in the Yellow River

The unequal benefits
It never spells good for the nation
Throw a few worms to catch fishes
Where is the benefits be?

The whole idea is to kick out the crooks
They don't have the honesty to tell the truth
The leaders are jittery on losing their chairs
They can't sleep well thinking of shadow wagons

It is better to stay clean
It's no use getting into addiction
The cold turkey treatment is bad
Go for clean and efficient distributions

bamboo river

Bamboo River
Take them home
They aren't right in their minds
They shout nonsense

They run the show
The seeds of bad faith grows
They keep on twisting
Every turn and corner

Come on Bamboo River!
Flood your gates with these clowns
They haven't seen the inside of you
Take them home will you?

You don't have to pretend
The ills these men parade
Take them home Bamboo River
They serve better with you

Bamboo River
Take them home
They aren't right in their minds
They serve better with you

hey potholes

Hey potholes!
You never want to go away
Every raining day
The potholes will appear

The town council will patch up
Filled it up with black tar
In 2 weeks or a month
The potholes will break free

Hey potholes!
You pose danger to the motorists
The town council engineers never walk about
They wait for complaints

The raining season the potholes
The town council will tar it
It never stays for long
It will break free

Monday, April 24, 2017

let us take a new road

Everything going up
Nothing seems to go down
Wake up in the morning
The headline screams

When petrol price goes down
The retailers never discount
Even the hawkers stalls will say
Prices going up!”

There is a man I read
He says he earns $15,000/-
Yet he finds it difficult to manage
It tells us what has gone out

The painted pictures
It never tells the truth
We are fed everyday
But the costs are up!

Enough of Bee Anne
Enough of the political eunuchs
Let us sign it off in the end
Let us take a new road

satan likes the fire

It has been written centuries ago
Of the make believe prophets or preachers
They will come claiming every right and left
Delivering their speeches on cut and paste

The audience will be spellbound
Listening to the speeches make believe
Wooling it over their minds
The audience of the same faith

The wolves in sheep skins
They will cause division and hate
Even spreading the ill feeling
It is the cause of bad faith

Men of letters jump the wagon
Years of study they think they cut it
But what they say it seems shallow
This is why we have many religions

No religion is superior or inferior
It is a free religion to practise and pray
The basic rule is to live in harmony
With the different faiths and colours of faithfuls

Satan always likes to interfere
Jacked up the facts twist it around
It is the souls he wanted to collect
Many have fallen victims going the wrong way

time on the walls

The years may have gone
The silence in the mind
The time may have recorded
The good thing is memory
It never fails to reconnect
Wiring up the brain to recall
The time when it was there

The circle that was gone
Turn to pieces go separate way
Into the life each would call its own
No strings attached no sad stories
But the good thing is memory
It recalls what it is.....

The walls on the circle
There will be pasted notes and guides
Staying there for years and times
The silence claims its own life
In the vast void sometimes the echo whirring
Linking the memory of times gone by

The whirring wind
The notes will flutter
Racing to fly away leaving the walls
But it stays stuck with glue for ages gone

The virtual world
The windows of the mind
Once a name to remember
It comes into memory

the world of circle

The world of circle
Time will meet
It may take years
It will return

The lamp posts
The signs stand tall
The lights to guide
The lost souls

Every guide
Along the way
The lights will not fail
The darkness will be gone

The world of circle
Loneliness isn't the way
Open the windows of the mind
The players can be found

the traffic offences

The traffic offences
The drivers will ignore
They know how it work
The discount will knock

Now with the demerit system
The points earned will cause licence suspension
When it reaches the maximum point
Yet the drivers pick up summons

The drivers should realize it
The discount may be given
But the points will not run
It will show in the records

Again the drivers know
Who will check all the times?
With threats coming from the extremists
The police will have it full

JPJ will have the points in system
When the drivers renew their licences
The suspension can take effect
But will the drivers just walk away?

The enforcement is the key
Else everything will come to nothing
Quoting overseas demerit systems
We are Asians not Caucasions

Sunday, April 23, 2017

a mufti once we thought...

A mufti once we thought
He could be the moderate voice
Amongst the lot of fanatics
In the multi-racial and religious society

Now he paints his true colour
He sings a different song
The days of his moderate views
It has gone to waste

A fugitive Indian Muslim preacher
Wanted by his home country he escapes
Now residing here with the perks and protection
He is afraid to face off his sins

This mufti has responded
He supports the Indian Muslim preacher
It is sad he hasn't notice the red alert by Interpol
A man wanted by his home country

Many countries have barred him
He brands his message of division
Inciting hatred instead of peace and compromise
It is bad when we have Muslims don't see it is wrong

Every religion is a path of peace
It encourages every faith to live in harmony
It encourages every faith to compromise in relationships
Of views, interactions and agree to disagree

We have enough problems here
We don't need another scandal to besiege our minds
This preacher should be deported back to India
Let him face his music; let him plead his case

the heat is on

The heat is on
The stakes are high
The blues go on
Taking off the opposition

The lies will spin
The tales will begin
Start with “transformation”
The piling of debts don't say

Giving the figures of employment
The inflation hits a high
The costs aren't going down
We feel the punch on our pockets

The hit on the opposition
The gutter politics gaining steam
The lies will spin
The paid cybertroopers will sing

Many are off-keys
Yet they are smiling
They still get paid
Writing rubbish to publish

We must stay focus
The change of a new way
Everything considered
There will be a chance to make it

the gang of brotherhood

The gangsters in schools
It runs across racial barrier
The youth on the wrong path
The students who have nothing to do

The teachers and parents
They close one eye to the ill
Maybe they are afraid of bodily harm
The demons always feed on fear!

The gangsters feed on it
Giving support to the weak
In unity there is the bond
Nothing will stand their way

The teachers and parents
They must realize it will not go away
The ill will not disappear
The gangsterism will stay

Tell the students what it is like
Ask the police officers to give talks
Let them see the bad ways of gangsterism
Many have gone to jail or die young

The weak and poor students
They harbour to belong and needs
In gang of brotherhood
They find it quickly

mo1 sues

MO1 sues
In the local he dares
Now it will become intrigue
Will he come to court to testify?

MO1 will try to say
To the villagers and his members
He isn't running away
He bares his teeth

Will he chicken out?
He seems to run away
The Sarawak Report and WSJ
Across the border a few sent to jail

What credibility he has?
He just wants to say
I will see your in court!”
The public will wait and see

There are few cases on MO1
The day in court hasn't arrived
We will watch what the court will say
Will MO1 run away?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

the painted souls

The painted souls
They will hide in the darkness
They can't be expose
They don't like the celebrity ring

They want to hide
Looting behind the doors
Let nobody see or feel them
They work best by themselves

The painted souls
The Devil will wait for them
The souls he can collect
When the time is up

The MO1 and the sidekicks
They can say and evade the issues
Even the cybertroopers sing the praises
When expose in the light they will cry

They will feel naked
They will feel the shame
The truth has finally come home
The Devil wants their souls

The painted souls
Live while they can
The time is running low
The Devil is waiting tomorrow

let religion stay at home

The progressive nations
Its leaders will think far ahead
They will not be living in the caves
Trying to implement outdated laws!

The nations which progress
The love and compassion grow
Leaving the hatred and upmanship behind
It doesn't need the outdated laws

It was meant for that century
As every law has to evolved
Once people forget to live
Dreaming of the past glory

The nations will suffer
The people will feel the pain
The Middle Eastern countries will testify
The demons run amok to divide

So we don't need the green moon
We don't need the red and white too
We don't need the political eunuchs
We need leaders who can sit and listen!

The backwards laws
It has its days now time to change
Let religion stay at home
It has no place in the political game

the green moon has fallen

The green moon has fallen
Its leaders haven't seen it
The floods in their heads
A warning they should heed

The green moon leaders
They still harp on religion and race
This is wrong in their flooded heads
Like the red and white singing the same tune

The greed and power flow
It will corrupt any one in its path
Once they have fallen into its paw
Nothing will save their souls

RUU355 will be the downfall
The green moon will feel its bitterness
The red and white will bite the dust
The wind will blow them away

If you want to play politics
Leave religion at home
Don't bring it into the political game
You will suffer for God never likes it

the power game

The power game
The blues going out to make news
Let the people read and know
The owned newspapers and televisions
The reporters will have to write
The newscasters will read the news
The fight on crimes will not stop
The government will go all out to eradicate it
The bad hats must be caged and put in jail
The police will not compromise
The bad people must face the law

Years the crooks harvested gains
They make on the addicts misery and pain
They make on the poor people who need aids
Once they fail to pay the rain of red and knocking doors
The crooks aren't going to let it go
They will come for the pound of flesh
Sometimes it isn't enough to satisfy them
The police take its own sweet time
Waking up from its slumber to find the evil grow
Now the blues going out to make the crooks disappear
In Bamboo River or exiled to neighbouring countries
The heat is rising; the crooks aren't feel safe

The power game
It sounds of election is coming
The coalition wants to look impressive
The launching of race projects
The mantra has launched
The writing flourished in prints
But the jittery in their heads
They see the waning power
They will feel afraid
Hearing the beats
The Bamboo River sings
Come to me
You painted souls!”

Friday, April 21, 2017

we have to change to make a new way

60 years time to change
We can't be sitting on the same bench
We don't get to see a new wave
It has been waving at us

Are we afraid to get it?
The fear of reprisals in our heads?
Bee Anne has become complacent
Its leaders think they owned us and the nation

Don't forget the scandals
The shame of its crooked leaders
They make us covered our faces
We seem to lose our pride and dignity

60 years time to taste a new menu
Bee Anne will try to feed with transformations
Throwing goods and cash to the community
A lopsided way leaving others empty

Don't let religion crawl into politics
It will make the worst decision for everybody
Religion is a private matter with God
It shouldn't be running in the mix

We don't need this type of management
Dividing through politics and affiliations
Even granting of projects through divisional links
We have to change to make a new way

the greed

The greed of wealth
The fall of many in history
Once isn't enough to satisfy ego
Many times in need to feed

The political leaders too
Once they taste the power
They know they can get the wealth
The crooked leaders will plunder

Leaving the nation in poor shape
Stashed their ill-gotten wealth
They will escape when the fall is great
They will hide and spend in luxury

The greed in inner circles
Once these leaders can't get it
They will show displeasure and resign
They don't have the spirit of the nation

Lucifer will always be there
Bringing his bag to collect souls
He knows it is the season
The loads will be heavy and he likes it

Like the earthworms
After a heavy down pour of rain
The worms will crawl out to see
They will get stucked, dried and died

we are living in a Secular Nation

The hidden agenda
The Islamization of all people
This is the work of Talibanism
Rearing its ugly head

The religious clerics are playing gods
They think they have the rights to say and do
Years of study makes them good
So they think they walk on sinless road

They forget God never sanctions anyone
The last prophet came and gone
Leaving behind the Holy Books for all
Leaving the seeds of goodwill and compassion

Somehow Lucifer plays his game
Playing a different scale to confuse the people
Even the learned scholars can't escape his claws
The 7 sins hitting hard for all of us

The ruling government has failed
It has led to this scale of discontent
Hades has come to the shore
The cold winter he doesn't want to go home

The political eunuchs in the coalition
They sink into the sin of pit and sorrow
Once they are indebted they can't escape
The cash is king will tumble and fall

If the people aren't awakened
The Islamization will ring true
The extremists will dance on the street
Beating drums singing their own songs

We are living in a Secular nation
No religious laws should override it
This is our founding fathers decree
Let no political party run amok

Thursday, April 20, 2017

a fugitive from India

A fugitive from India
Bee Ann gives him shelter
He should be deported back
The nation doesn't need him

Here we have enough scandals
Do we need to harbour a fugitive?
It is best let the Indian officials deal with him
The man has to return to face his sins

He dares to preach
He must be dare to face his trial
He mustn't run away
He mustn't be afraid

Even Jesus went through with it
He has his conviction; he believes what he says
He faces his hardship, tortures and death
But this man runs crying baby!

Bee Anne shouldn't give him refuge
He must return home to face his crimes
He can say what he wants but go home
He must face his trial in his homeland

The country doesn't need him
He only shows his seeds of division
Now he seems to get involved in our politics
This man must be deported back to India

the jittery leaders

The jittery leaders
They see the fall in their eyes
The fear they will make
Issuing uncalled for directives

On one hand we hear the race issue
The pampering still walks the corridor
Spoon feed over addiction and more
This race better wake up before it becomes too late

When the plug is pulled out
What will they become over their addiction?
It is better they learned the lessons now
Get up and fight for your own

The six decades of learning
Learn the ropes be a better race
But the addiction causes the laziness
Sweat a little crying back home

The jittery leaders
Some stay quiet; some want to play
The game of politics of division and wealth
Forgetting the nation is crying all day long

Let us stay together
Fight the injustice for a better growth
Let the arrogant party bite the dust
We have a better alternative to run the show

once you are high

Once you are high
You think you can't do no wrong
You can enjoy the perks of life
Everyone will stand by for your call

Once the power gets into your head
You think you are god riding high
You can give command everyone will run
You have their lives of live or die

Nobody dares to question you
The directives you ordered to be issued
You get the satisfaction of creating fear
It's an illusion you make it your own

Now you are riding high
The standing ovation you smile
Once you fall from grace
Nothing from the crowd

the game of golf

The game of golf
On the flight to the green
The balls fall hitting it hard
Rolling nearer to the hole

The agencies will hit
The swinging clubs in the air
The corrupted officials and runners
Hit them hard on the green

The par holes on the cards
The agencies relish it to the press
Pointing out how they do it
The thorough investigations

These are the small balls
Easy to roll easy to hit
Rolling into the hole
A sound of triumph or selling souls?

The big balls roll
The agencies run and hide
No par holes to hit
No investigations to pursue

But it is the game of golf
Aiming high landing on the green
The wind take the balls rolling
It never goes to the hole