Tuesday, August 22, 2017

the coalition of blue

The coalition of blue
Running into panic mode
The right or wrong
All tumble down the steps

RCI to pin on one man
When every cabinet member was involved
By the virtue to agree those times ago
Unless they have forgotten it

Even the village chief of chief
Blasted his horn to attack one man
When the real culprit he hides in his head
It tells how the rot has set in!

The current issues he dares not say
Maybe he can't understand economics
With so many zeros his mind is blank
A sad case for the chief of village chief

The coalition of blue
The cracks have gone through
The cycle is fulfilled
Now it is the changing of guards

in the dark pit

In the dark pit
The twin snakes will fall
In the darkness they see nothing
This is where they belong

Though now it strikes fear
The integrity all have lost
For a little while longer
They can run their brand

Once the tenure is over
The twin snakes fate will be decided
Once the dark pit claims them
It will be the hissing of a long time

Surround by iron bars
The gong on a fixed time
Though they may try to escape
Every loop hole has been welded

For a little while longer
They can run their brand
Once the tenure is over
The dark pit will claim them

the music of bamboo river

The leaders of a dominant party
The ghosts of the past still haunt them
They want to use it to discredit a former PM
Of the incidents happened decades ago

Its leaders feel they are trapped
With the current scandals and corruption
They want to divert attention on themselves
By using the old incidents to justify it

The current scandals they try to hide
Giving lies to polish the crooks
They want to fool the village folks
But the city slickers they will fail

Every agency has been compromise
The Constitution blatantly ignored
It is the sign of the falling down
The steps are uneven the screws missing

There is no way for them to reshape
It is down on the steps they would fall
Into the pit to stay for a long time
Until they face the music of Bamboo River

the blues of affairs

The blues of affairs
It will never bring cheers
It will bring sadness and sorrow
The trust has broken

The sweet moon of light
It will be hard to smile
The infidelity breaks the heart
The sleepless nights of headaches

Why or why?
The ring of the bell
The truth is hard to tell
When lust spreads its bad spell

The blues of affairs
The parties will try to hide
When the secrets are expose
They try to damage control

The trust will be gone
It will take a long while to restore
Maybe divorce will be filed
Leaving a bitter taste of memories

Monday, August 21, 2017

the milking of donation

The old beggar stands near a shade
On his hand he carries his walking stick
He stands there to beg for alms
He wishes many will donate freely

But days of hardship in our lives
Donation will be dried up
The ringgit has dropped its value
The costs of goods have roped our necks

The old beggar will not understand
The economy of the nation and people's hardship
He wishes many will donate to him
To help live another day of his miserable life

But the people aren't going to give freely
They have learned of syndicate groups
They use old people and children to milk the public
So the old beggar caught in the loop

the old man Mahathir

The Old Man Mahathir
He will come alive in politics
He can't retire from the challenge
Now he is going to destroy Amno baru
A party he formed during the old Amno crisis
He got registered one day when the court ruled
So Amno baru was born he was the founder president
Decades on the road he left the party
When the current leader brings shame and scandals
The people have suffered in pockets of holes
The Old Man can't stay quiet he has to gallop in
The battle he will face to right the wrong
He has his mission to atone of his mistakes

The Old Man Mahathir
He has as sharp as ever
He is still a racist to protect his race
But now Amno baru attacking his identity
The leaders have bankrupt of ideas
Using his background to shame him
But Constitution recognizes as a Malay
In its definition as in its law
He may have its fallout
But the people don't suffer badly
Now the current leader will pawn the nation
He doesn't bring in foreign capital but huge debts
He brings in the Red Dragon
The breath of fire the people have to pay!
So the Old Man can't stay quiet
He has his mission to bring it down
The master architect to the rescue

Anwar in prison
He can't do much then
On a similar charge before
He can watch the events unfold
Now the Old Man Mahathir
He gallops into action
He can be the person to dismantle Amno baru
Now the current leaders feel the fear
Of power will be gone so is the wagon loads

a domestic cat came to stay

Now the mistress of the cats
She is gone for over a month
She doesn't come back to the house
The cats can't wait but look around

The cats will find a place to stay
Finding a good home to hang around
The domesticated cats hang on
One fine day one cat came to the house

I feed the stray cats
They come to the house
Every morning and evening
The stray cats make house calls

So this domesticated cat came
He was studying the home
I saw him walking in the back lane
I saw him trying to find a way in

Finally he followed the stray cats
They jumped from neighbor's house
Crossed over wall fence to the feeding zone
That cat finally came in

He hardly goes away
He stays around every day
Lazing around at the porch or patio
He dares walk to the garden

Maybe her mistress told him so
He will stay at the border line
Watching me watering the plants
He will just look or lick his furs

Trying to call him names
What his mistres will call him
Finally he responded with “Comel”
He looked up and meowed

So I guess that is his name
Comel hangs around the house
He tends to eat every now and then
He is still underweight

the lust of men

The Muslim men
One woman isn't the final stop
They always think they have the gratifications
To take more than one wife

The Muslim men
They shouldn't think of themselves
They should think of the wives
How will they feel sharing husbands?

Though some men will say
They have wives living under one roof
There is no enmity but goodwill
Sharing the loads of husband and households

But honestly will wives share their husbands?
Will the husbands share their wives?
I doubt every husband and wife will agree
If out of love let go the first wife

I heard from neighbor
A wife left in the late of night
She heard argument
Of her husband infidelity

The states don't help the first wife
The men passed laws to get more wives
The men don't need permission to satisfy their lusts
The first wives will be in the dark

A new government should study it
Don't let Muslim men use it for their own lusts
Think of the feeling of first wives and economic status
No sane woman will want to share her husband!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

the children will leave the nest

All the children will grow up
In the years they will leave the nest
Once they do the world they will meet
One wrong move they may land in diferent zone

The parents are always worried
Learning the children have grown
They know they have to let go
The children are the young adults now

They have to seek their future
They have to make their own lives
Out side the homes they must learn
Everything has a price to pay

The choices they have to make
In the world they will meet many kind of people
In colleges, in universities, in public places
The parents can't say much but only pray

The children will make the right decision
In the society they will meet and integrate
Outside the homes and parental guidance
One wrong move they may land in different zone

there must be change

There must be change
The light is burning
The darkness can't hold
The light will shine

The bad will be shown
As clearly as the day itself
The changes have to come
When the crooks will be gone

The desperate measures
Holding RCI to black mark a person
It had happened decades ago
The Cabinet had said and done

The taxes will come
The need to fill the coffers
Cut down on the civil servants
Let all on contracts should go

Trim down on the Cabinet
Too many wasting monies
The fat will be heavy
The work will be slow

The change must be done
The light will show the way
The people have seen it
They will not stomach quietly

don't run down on race

Don't run down on race
It will never help in the cause of it
It will cause hardship to everyone
When leaders can't think straight

A dominant party leaders
The years in the trade
They will always sink that low
Race and religion below the belt

As if the other races aren't Citizens
They have sweat tears to build this nation
They contribute their time, efforts and wealth
In return they are branded ungrateful?

All the races here are immigrants
They make their home here rain or shine
Don't run down on race
It will cause hardship to everyone

Every race has a role to play
In the progressing the wealth of the nation
It isn't about color of a skin or religion
It is together to shoulder ahead as one nationality

the half truth still fly

The half truth still fly
It wants to make us cry
Say it in a straight face
Let the village folks dance

In the world of addiction
Let them see the rolling crumbs
Up in the air floating downwards
They can't see the truth

The party leaders of half truth
They crafted the lies to make good
Underneath the facade is the deep hole
Once we fall there is no getting up

The rolling calls have been done
The generations to come will pay
They will curse the old generation
Bringing them the curse

Our pockets are full of holes
The party leaders will ignore
They only want for themselves
The luxuries of a short term paradise

And the shame we feel
When the world laugh at us
Do we have balls to make a difference?
We will the opportunity strike!

Saturday, August 19, 2017


I walk to the left
I walk to the right
I still don't get ahead
I see the blockade

The string of A's
The top students smile
Apply for scholarships
They cry in their sleep

What is your skin?
What is your religion?
It seems it is the way
The top students to beg

A group of enterprising students
They grouped together asking for help
Through the internet with their write up
Many supported their calls they got the funds

The lap dogs party
They will show their commitment
Helping students to get the scholarship
Every year the same old story

But the hurt and pain can't get away
Why the policy hasn't changed?
It is the taxpayers monies
It should be given to the deserving ones

We can't be living this way
Set up a fund for all students with grades
Let 5 prominent personality sit on the board
They will decide the scholarship awards

the little napoleons

The little napoleons
Riding high on the chairs
They know they can get away
The political masters one eye heaven

The little napoleons
Running errands for personal interests
Cowing down to the political masters
They forget who pay for their life styles

Remember a certain state mufti
He nearly cause a racial blow
He knew he could escape
The Sedition Act wasn't used!

Ah the little napoleons!
They think they are the little kings
They can make you wait for hours
We can complain but nothing changes

COA judges decision in law
NRD director can ignore
He used fatwa as his reason
But he knows fatwa isn't a law!

Even a minister supported him
It tells how the rot has set in
Do we still wait for it to blow on our faces?
We have to change the leaders of our nation

The little napoleons
They should wake up and serve
Without fear or favor for the nation
Don't drag the country down into the mud

the zombie man 7

The zombie man
He is neither dead or alive
He shouts without time
He talks with no clear cut messages

He shouts at the gate
The clown sometimes he becomes
Laughing to himself
Sometimes top down on his old man

His mother will hide in the house
Maybe she is afraid neighbors will ask
She runs out of excuses
Her son should be in Tanjung Rambutan

Now the zombie man
He has become the humming bird
The bird will tweet non stop
Hopping from tree to tree

The humming bird will announce
I am here right now
I am looking for food don't chase me away”
But the stray cats will watch and wait

Come on little birdie
Fly low to me
I will claw you for my meal”
The stray cats wait patiently

But the humming bird man
He tweets so loudly
Even the police will come
Watch and then go away

One day he will fall
The tension he makes for himself
It is better he goes to Tanjung Rambutan
He will get treated maybe will not shout so loud

make mistakes to learn

Make mistakes to learn
The many you do the smarter you become
There is the truth in it
You progress through mistakes

You can make mistakes
You can fail by it
But it isn't the end
The world is just beginning

Once you learn through it
You will find you build your arsenal
You will craft your potential
You will jam up your way

Learning through mistakes
You will not lose your opportunity
You will craft up your will
Charge ahead with lessons learned

Once you find your licks
There is no stopping you
The rewards will flow in
You will enjoy your bliss

Friday, August 18, 2017

the sins are a heavy load

All the doors are locked
The shouting matches in the air
The publicity machines run
There is no way to hide

Telling lies don't cut it
It will become an expensive game
The holes on every street
The high cost of addiction

It is time to let them go
They will taste their own medicines
Once Bamboo River gets hold of them
They will cry the whole day and years

The sins are a heavy load
The bad can't carry it through
It has to sink into the every hole
This will be the just desserts

Though the party leaders don't see
They think they get the familiar zones
The wolves will be caught in the full moon
The party leaders will be doomed

All the doors are locked
The hammering on the doors
The sound of thunder in the air
The sins are a heavy load

time to let go

Time to let go
60 years enough of one party
By the next election
The change must rule

Don't let fear hit
It is a normal way of life
Like a young primary student
Crying all the way to school

The first few days of change
Touching the raw nerve
This is expected in a new way
In time everything will kick in

Don't let the addiction rule
It will make no value to any man
Like the opium addict
The progress will be nothing

Time to let go
Take charge of our destiny
Let a new party show us the way
We have enough of the old party

the neighbor's story about cats

The story about stray cats
Roaming the streets and alleys
Scavenging for food to stay alive
The Ronin cats without a true master

The story about neighbor
She said of cats who gone to her house
The cats used paws to open sliding door
They went to her bedroom and urinate

The Ronin cats run loose
Going to homes to poo
The houseowners can chase
They Ronin cats will return

I see this old woman
She always chases away a female cat
The cat will keep going back
She can't win this way

It is better to feed the stray cats
They may not do their business in the homes
They will go elsewhere to do it
As long as they have food to stay alive

The days of cats chasing rats
It must be over of time changes
Rats now hide in the underground pipes
The cats will not reach there

The Ronin cats
Don't play hide and seek with them
We can't win in this battle
It is better to feed the strays

the bad way to get cash

The Underworld
The bad hats go
They organize to scam
By using threat with a bullet

They don't target the well known
They go after the lesser souls
It is easy to collect payment
By threatening their lives and loved ones

The Underworld
The gang of scamming thieves
They use the fear tactics
Used by the political elites

Once fear is set
The target is easily turned over
Give me your money
Else you don't live another day!”

Now police have the reports
The affected persons lodged it
They don't take it face down
It may happen to others

The police can trace the callers
Through the handphone companies
The police shouldn't wait
They should go after the bad

Thursday, August 17, 2017

the cat has grown old

The cat has grown old
The decades it has ruled
The areas under his charge
The rats stay indoors

But the moon has set many times
The cat has counted his days
Now he can't run as fast as he can
The time has slowed him down

As he lays down on his soft carpeted mat
He sees the rats running free
He can't run after the rats
He has no speed to match

The rats can make fun of him
They will ignore his laws and instructions
They can go any place they want
The cat will only stare

It is now left to the new owner
To find a replacement to get it going
The cat has served his time in his life
Before the rats become a nuisance in society

the woes have not died yet

The pink diamond
It makes so much talk in circles
It sounds like a gift but it may not
Crafted from 1MDB

DOJ is processing ahead
Filing criminal charges on it
The players will not escape
They have been mentioned in its report

On our land the stop orders
It shouldn't have but it is done
Cleared the culprits of crimes
The nation cries

No agency takes the route
It stays silence in the pigeon hole
Let the darkness rule in it
Hearing nothing seeing no shadows

But one former leader files a suit
On the pink diamond keeps in secret
The person must file in defence
The people will watch how it will turn out

the show of the ruling elites

I can't remember
I face the law
I plead not guilty
I will say I don't know

The remand order will issue
The judge will normally oblige
The custody will be in lockup
I know it is just a show

I see the ruling elites
They will work behind closed doors
I will be the sacrificial lamb
In the public eyes to win election

I know it will be said
The government will not tolerate corruption
It will be a show
I will be out in no time

the unchained wolves

Let the wolves attack
Let the strays be in the mud
Let the stink stay inside
Let it be known a time to pay

The unchained wolves howling
Deep in the minds to find
The deep cuts in the deep forest
Of why the heavy loads of pain

The debts have to pay
The debts piling high
Of the sins of the bad
The wolves will attack

The burden on the shoulders
Many can't take the heavy loads
But the wolves pick the choices
The good ones suffer the consequences

When the moon is high
The brightness shine so bright
The wolves will be easy target
While the stray will trap them

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

kick the habits; kick the addiction

Kick the habits; kick the addiction
Once it is done the darkness will go
Leaving the peace in the mind
It will make a better vision

In the life of no begging of alms
Living free of chains freedom of movements
There is no raw deal in the life
It has to stand on its own to feel its potential

Don't get cowed into a cage
Once it is in the steel bars
It will be a long time to escape
So kick the habits; kick the addiction

Do not fall into a trap
Of easy money doing bad
Once the jail cages in
The solitary confinement

Kick the habits; kick the addiction
Once it is done the darkness will go
The sight of new light will glow
There is a better world

is it a side show?

A former Felda chairman is arrested by Macc
Will it be just a side show on integrity?
Once the ruling elites get into power
Nothing will happen instead?

Though he may bargain his secrets
Macc should get into the bottom pit
Do not close any cases relating to the company
There will be skeletons in the cupboard

This chairman had escaped before
He got slapped on his wrist and got free
Now he may do the familiar tricks
Backed up by his superiors

But he doesn't expect to be arrested
By Macc relating to procurements in Felda
He thinks he will get a similar treatment
Maybe now he has to spill his beans?

The people expect Macc
Catch the big sharks will you?
You stare them on their faces
Yet you can't move an inch!