Thursday, August 10, 2017

the eye specialist hospital

In the eye specialist hospital*
The old Indian guard stands on duty
Sitting on the chair reading his Bible
The pages turn many times in its life

The crowd sit on the chairs
All waiting to get their names called
Some come with families or spouses
They want to check their eyes

I overheard an Indian man said
I can see before sunset
In the night I am blind”
I don't hear that before

There is another Chinese woman
She said she got holes in her eyes
She had to pump in gas into it
She had to lie facewards for 2 weeks

When she could see her vision
The doctor told her she would get catarat
In 6 months she had to get it done
When her vision was clouded

Sometimes the nurses got traffic jam
An old man was calling it inefficient
He said he waited for hours
The nurse tried to pacify him

The payment procedure takes a while
I think it is kind of disease rolling around
Even in other specialist hospitals payment process is slow
The customers have to wait for a long time

I took a whole day
In the eye specialist hospital
I observed the crowd and the antics
It was worth my time out of the house

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