Thursday, August 10, 2017

open your eyes perkasa

Don't make noise Perkasa
You should know the drill by now
Once you are a debtor
You have no choice but to comply
On every request a creditor demands
You right will be suppressed
This is the economic power
Bulldozed down the hill and road
And you want to shout of nationalistic needs?

Open your eyes Perkasa
The glocal kleptocratic man sells
The Red Dragon buys and lands here
They aren't going away anytime soon
They will bring their own team
Mandarin will be spoken among them
Even placards will be in Mandarin
You should ask the town council
Why no Malaysia language on placards?

Open your mind Perkasa
It isn't politics in business
The Red Dragon brings economic power
Your kind can't understand its might
If you do you will go marching in Putrajaya
Demanding rights on our land
It seems our land has been pawned!

Our generation and many more
We will pay for the worst political leadership
It makes us look so bad and in shame
As the Red Dragon sweeps its tail
Bringing it right on our door steps
The red hot fire will not go away
At any time soon Perkasa

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