Wednesday, August 09, 2017

the truth will speak out

The publicity machines
Rolling out to tell the tales
The Bee Anne leaders will say
Some good news covering the bad

The scandals will not be addressed
The bad will be put behind the back doors
It will not be allowed to start a rolling
Bee Anne leaders are so afraid

Behind the back doors
The truth somehow sneaks out
The stories from outside our borders
Bee Anne leaders put a lid on the exposure

The Constitution is waylaid
By the jittery leaders to suit their needs
They are afraid to walk to Bamboo River
They know how they will be remembered

The stinks in the air
They spray artificial scent
The publicity machines will roll in
The keyboard warriors will sing the blues

The liars can smile
The truth will be right behind
The bad will not survive
The on going beats of the light

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