Wednesday, August 09, 2017

the road of shame

The road of shame
Many still don't get it
Don't ask the party leaders
Don't ask the supporters
They are drowned in goods train
Every station it will stop
Unload the goods pick up new recruits
Galloping on the road of fleece

The broadcast will be loud
It wants to lure the crowd
Shame isn't in the vocabulary
They want the goods; be merry
Forget about shame
It's life on the greedy bitch

The addiction of the souls
The many they can be manipulated
It suits the political leaders ambitions
The power and the wealth for the taking
The goalkeepers are caught napping
They don't see the goals hit the nets

This has to change
The road of shame
We mustn't tolerate
We have to take back our dignity
Let the bad caged in Bamboo River
Let them sing their songs of pain and sorrow

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