Tuesday, August 08, 2017

the mighty can fall

The mighty can fall
It can't be there all the times
When the time has come
Don't stay the welcome

Sadly with power crazy leaders
They don't see that way
They always think it is their right
To sit on the power chairs

When the injustice rules
The lopsided laws to benefit a race
It will spell the down trend
Too much addiction many will fall

Too many back doors
The bad decision makes the fall
It isn't an aromatic smell
It smells of decay of the souls

The mighty can fall
The end has come to get the new
The waves of change in the air
The bad leaders will cry in pain

They can cheat; pay money to win
Using runners to write flowering tales
Will the bees come to pollinate?
Sadly they hear the gong of Bamboo River

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