Friday, August 11, 2017

the game of chess

The game of chess
The better planned player will win
The loser will be the one
Aggressively going out to beat his opponent
Leaving his defences porous
Inviting his enemies to attack
By the time he realizes his weaknesses
The game will be over
He has lost his battle on the board

The soldiers will move
Light up the fires every now and then
Leaving their soiled prints on the ground
They march on thinking of the rewards
What's the use when the fall in numbers?
Leaving a trail of bad decision

Occasionally the knights will gallop
Moving in to kill the opponents
But they will face the blockage
The high fence too high to jump over
They stop nearby easy for the target

Don't talk of the apple polishers
They will defend to the last bone
All for the cash and rewards
They don't care what they have done
As long as they get the just payment
As long as they can live an easy life

The fall of the regime
It is written decades ago
Now we see the desperade raids
Wanting to create fear and intimidation
It is the classic example of a falling empire
In history we read and imagine the scenes
The empire fell and the emperor died

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