Thursday, August 10, 2017

the would be rapists

The would be rapists
Learn the new Act enforce
Don't let the animal instincts rule
You will face jail for life sentences
You will get cane for the sexual offences
You think it is worth it for a moment sex
You will spend your whole in jail

You can't play ignorant
You can't say the woman ask for it
You can't say the woman invite you
When the woman makes a case on the act
The police will sweep you to lock up
You will suffer for the pain you make to the woman
It isn't worth the moment sex.....

Besides the normal force of sexual intercourse
Even fingering will land you in hot soup of the law
It doesn't matter your organ hasn't penetrated in
As long as other physical acts are involved
You will be charged by the new Act

Don't play with force sex
Even a married woman can file report
It is better to be willing partners basis
You don't have to face the indignity of investigations
It is better play safe then feel awful sorry in life

The would be rapists
If you can't control your urges
You better pay for the social escorts
You get your release by paying money
With these women every hole has a price

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