Friday, August 11, 2017

the fish head is rotten

The fish head is rotten
All kinds of bad smell stink
We don't have to close our noses
The air will sink into us

The little napoleons will run amok
They know they can practise their brand
They minds are too clouded to understand
They are living in the nation of colors

They forget they are paid by the tax payers
They are tasked to perform their duty in fairness
Follow the rules and law and Constitution
There is no leeway for personal likes and dislikes

Even fatwa shouldn't be used
It isn't a law but a plain opinion
It carries no weight of law
Do not get blinded in religious dogmas

The little napoleons who disobey the law and Constitution
These stock should be released from their posts
Put them away in pasture and tend their gardens
They can talk to themselves nobody will care

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