Monday, August 07, 2017

love makes you run

Love makes you run
You don't see the sun or moon
Your mind is bewitched by a face
You can't live without seeing it

Wake up in the morning
You will see the face
Once you meet your mind plays tricks
You are hooked your mind in remote

Everything can be a go
You can't say no even if you want
You just want to be near
You can't stay away

Until a person comes in
The changing face will decide
The mind wakes up to reality
There is somebody wanted a share

The black and white cat
He finds the truth this morning
The multi-colored cat has a new toy
Sniffing the air he follows her

The black and white cat
He can't be seen near her
He seems to disappear
Once he went no sun or moon

Even humans flow the pattern
Once love is lost the angry face
Nothing to do once it was love
It makes a person run every time

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