Monday, July 24, 2017

educated reeducation

The big signs
The large words
The eyes see
The mind feels small

Education plays a role
The educated mind read and all
Yet when we confront the messages
We feel small and uneducated

The technical names splash on it
We read it but we can't understand
We realize we have become uneducated
When we fall into a different ball game

We see it in finance and economics
We read it in medical journals and articles
We peruse it in law journals and write ups
We turn the pages of music theory

We can't understand the meaning of scriptures
It goes around and around with interpretations of stars
The astrology and palmistry we are seeing shadows
We can't make the connections from a dot to another

And we say we are educated
In reality we have a small role to play
Together it will make the huge difference
In our lives on Mother Earth

fly the flag

Fly the flag
The headline screams
Let us be a nation
On the day we achieved
Our independence

Though we came a long way
The foundation stone laid
By our forefathers sweat and toiled
The freedom the nation seek and told
The races and religions tolerance

It will be 60 years on the road
Along the way we had our bumpy rides
It is always on one race and religion
The ugly truth isn't helping the growth
As a nation of colorful people and religions

One political party has ruled
The decades on the road
We saw the wastage, the scandals
We read about the corruption and greed
It is time the cycle must change

The nation doesn't need the shame
She wants her wealth to be shared
She wants her progress anchors by all
Irrespective of religious faith and cultures
As a nation all should participate equally

Even the Rulers should play their roles
Unite the people as one nation
Do not sign bills if it isn't right
Return it use the 30 days grace period
Let the people know of the royal disapproval

Let this be the call
The nation needs to change
Let the party fall from grace
Enough has been said and done

the zombie man 6

The neighbor called
The police officers arrived
But the zombie man had left his house
He wasn't around when the police came

The police officers talked to the neighbor
He could be the one who called the police
The police didn't go to the zombie's house
His parents stayed indoor quiet as a mouse

I hope the other neighbors will act on it
Let the police know what has transpired every day
The zombie man never stops yelling
Early in the morning, afternoon and evening

Sometimes after 12 midnight
He will still shout with bad words
His sentences repeat or recycle narratives
The neighbors do share their complaints

I had last year went to the police station
I made my complaint and officer told me to call direct
I did and the police came to investigate
I called twice last year but no action till today

Until this morning a neighbor called
The police officers came talked to the neighbor
Nothing was done never called the parents out
It was just a routine investigation without result

Sunday, July 23, 2017

the nation of crooks

The nation of crooks
She can't smile or laugh
She feels the shame
Splashing on her face

The nation of crooks
They walk away free
The agencies playing games
Collect the report put in drawers

The nation of people
Praying hard for the change
Let the nation get up
Spread her wings and fly

But the nation of crooks
They want to rule all the times
They suppress the good
They can't let the episodes appear

The nation of crooks
It's time they are see the light
The gong ringing in their ears
They feel the shiver; they can't hide

the film of our lives

The film of our lives
The archives in our minds

We live with it
We remember the memories

Once we leave
Nothing will be said

The ordinary folks
Just the tombstones to say

The important folks
History will write about it

The crooks who go
The police will have the long episodes

All of us will have
Our report cards to hand over

The day we will meet
In Hades and Paradise

The process will begin
The angels will guide us then

The bad will atone for it
The good will live to enjoy

The film of our lives
This is where it will help

the shape of a life

The shape of a life
It's all in our hands
How we go about doing it?
It will define the times of our lives

Education may help
It isn't to the full
It is still work on the bottom
Rising to the star above

But still many fail
Even with education under their belts
The lives we choose determine our times
Choose the wrong way the wilderness smile

The life on the road
It is always the bumpy rides
With knowledge it may help
But it isn't the defining moment

dap stop the blame game

DAP stop the blame game
It is your own fault to drag it on
Though the party did a reelection in 2013
But it took 4 years for RoS to give its broom

Sad but it is the truth
DAP members who made the back door
Brought the party on the dispute
Though DAP will hold an election under protest

Get it done quickly
Before the sudden dissolving of Parliament
Leaving the party in bad shape
To use its logo or opt it out?

Don't act arrogance
Don't act you can dictate terms
This isn't a time or day
Stay humble the strength it gains

Saturday, July 22, 2017

the bad things are crawling

The bad things are crawling
The mad dogs will turn and run
It is now no more secrets
The laws should open the gate

The Scorpene deals years ago
The French Court found the guilty persons
The deal of corruption landed here
One culprit has to reply

The regime has no answer
The mad dogs will hide away
Afraid of the council dog catchers
With guns to shoot them dead

So many bad scandals
Hades will seal his lips
The keyboard warriors will stay quiet
Sometimes shooting like mad dogs

The bad things are crawling
The regime will say the lies
The mad dogs will turn and run
One culprit has to reply

We must know what to do
Let the bad taste its own medicine
Let them sing in the cage system
Once they were now they fall from grace

the dark shadow on the hill

The dark shadow on hill
The waiting time is nigh
The revenge of a death
It isn't going away

She was C4
In pieces fell to the ground
Buried it there
Under rain and sun

The person who gave the order
The walking free every day and night
But the dark shadow isn't going away
The waiting time is nigh

The years had gone
The closure hasn't done
The main player is still free
Putting all stops on his bad

The dark shadow in the backyard
The time is nigh to get the soul
The closure will be arriving soon

When the walls are knocked down

the old man in the house

The old man in the house
Across the street I watch
Once I heard he fell down
He was in hospital for a while

The weeks passed
He still walks with a walking stick
He isn't the same old man
He has grown thin

Everyday he will stand near his gate
Watching the sun; watching people
Watching the vehicles passing by
Sometimes he smiles at the children

His woman will leave him alone
With his mad son for company
As she goes out of the house
Return late in the evening

Today I see him staring at his wall
Looking tired maybe get scolding from his wife
He stands there for a while
Before he walks away

Sometimes I hear him talking to himself
The same familiar sentence he will say
Though I can't understand the words
I guess he feels his time is nigh

His mad son will scold him
Shouting as usual on top of his voice
His woman will nag at him occasionally
He feels he isn't wanted in his house

But the old man still stands
Everyday near his gate watching
He can stand for hours
Until it is too hot to hang around

the common enemy

The common enemy
The parties will merge together
Though others may not see it
They feel it will not work

The bed of different personalities
Of humans what can we expect?
They aren't angels
They are the next best thing

The common enemy
He makes us look bad
In the eyes of the world
We have lost or compass

Now we have a merged entity
Battle to the forefront to march
This is the battle people must win
Otherwise we will sink to the pit!

A power will make a man insane
He will think he is god without sins
He thinks he can fly to the moon
He doesn't need laws to shackle him

One man folly
A nation will crawl
If we don't wake up soon
We will suffer for our stupidity

Friday, July 21, 2017

dr m will carry on his mission

The ruling elites will say
Dr M has his time
He shouldn't play active in politics
As his age he should retire gracefully

But they are wrong
Dr M has seen too many bad
Too many half past 6
Until its leader can do as he pleases

Dr M has his mission
He wants to get rid of the crooks
As far as he is concerned
He has to get them to fall

Change what he had done
When he was the prime minister
It takes a master to turn over his student
Dr M will take it as his challenge

Now the Amno baru leaders
They are seeing the fall
They are seeing the shadows
Dancing every moment in their eyes

Well....Dr M will carry on
He has to complete his mission
We can't afford to have crooks
Sitting on the power

let a new circle come to play

The silence in the dark
Less in the news better it takes
This is what the crooks wanted
In time people will forget

The wealth of the nation
It has been carted away in decades
Used on the wrong way
The fleecing in creative modes

It's the critics and opposition
Its leaders will make the noises
The battle of the minds begin
Who to believe?

Now the people must realize
The pockets full of holes
The taxes on goods high
GST gives the punches

We shouldn't take it quietly
It's time to make amends
The next round we must change
Let a new circle come to play

the fall on its way

The fall on its way
There will be no escape
Though many will say
The stories of fear

The walls they want to put up
They are afraid of the rising tides
The roar of the justice will ride
Far into the night

The crooks can fleece it
Everyday of their lives
When the time of falling
They will cry of pain

It isn't worth a soul
Selling it to gain a foothold
There will be no escape
When the Devil takes home

The fall on its way
The jittery leaders try to smile
But nightmares will be plenty
They will know the score indeed!

hey foxy lady

Hey foxy lady
You walk the way
You think you can escape
The traps of the hunters?

They are sniffing you
All the way to your home
You can shift change
Blame it on your detractors

You can hide away in diamonds
You can camouflage in sparkling jewels
But hey foxy lady you can't hide forever
The hunters are chasing you down

They will wait for the full moon
This is where you will be weak
The romantic illusion you try to seek
The hunters will seek your trails

Hey foxy lady
You walk the way
Better watch for the hunters
They will sniff you out in the crowd

the foreign brides

The Vietnamese brides
The China Dolls
The Malaysian men will go
Spend the monies
Bring home foreign spouses
They become talk in the town

The men think they get a good bargain
Paying the agents to get them brides
Once the celebrations are over
They hope to live happily ever after

As it turns out
Some will cry
Some will feel the misery
When the foreign spouses leave
Without a reason take away jewelries

Why don't they find on home ground?
Don't tell me there aren't eligible women around?
They should go to the villages
They will find many women eager to settle down

But the men want to say
We get foreign brides
They will do what we say”
The truth makes some of them cry

the cycle has completed

Bee Anne fear
The losing grip of power
The signs everywhere
They will plot to stay

Its leaders should realize
The time has come to go
The cycle has completed
It's time to say gooodbye

Every plot to win
It will turn bad inwards
The implosion will hit
The clean up will begin

The empires of history
It takes the familiar story
Heavy taxes, scandals, greed
and corruption and intimidation

Bee Anne fear
The losing grip of power
It has to happen
In the history of the nation

Thursday, July 20, 2017

we don't need the shame

The darkness will fall
If the bad keep piling high
Once there is a freedom
Now it seems a chain installed

We look ahead
What we will see?
A maze of green
We never know where

But the shame we feel
It is right on our door steps
The pile of poo
The smell never runs away

When the wind stirs it
We can feel the darkness ringing
The whoring sound of our blindness
Doing nothing will not make a right

The wrong must be banished
Let the good rays blossom in our eyes
We don't need the bad in our lives
We don't need the shame knock us down

the elephant in the room

The elephant in the room
The shadow seen in the mirror
Every corner he can be seen
If only the sanity comes to pass

The mind addicted to money
The bad doesn't mean a sorry
The crooks will laugh and wine
Laughing to the banks

The life on the beach
The shining stones on the bodies
The women don't ask how and where
They love the new found wealth

The people have to suffer
The crooks of riches don't care a bit
As long as they can take it
They don't read God's creed

The elephant in the room
Like a shadow of a vampire
He can't be seen in the mirror
So the crooks smoke pot and wine

Women and diamonds dancing high
They share a common bond of fleecing
Take the wealth and enjoy life
They forget they will sink in lake of fire

When the light finally breaks through
The agony they will experience and cry
The burning of flesh and the pain in the mind
There is nothing to help but to suffer in misery

There is no short cut to wealth
Do the honest way and stay free
There is much to a life
Don't forget the Paradise

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

1mdb will wake up in ge14

IMDB will not disappear
It will be in the minds of the people
It is about the billions disappeared
We don't want to be the slaves for generations

Go to every State
Every cross section of the people
Maybe there will be some truth
Who want to pay for somebody's corruption?

IMDB will wake up in GE14
It will be used to change the party
Don't forget about Atlantuya
Don't forget about Scorpene submarine deals

The ghost in Putrajaya
She waits for her day
The baby cries for vengeance
The circle has arrived

IMDB will not hide
It will hang around
The crooks will face the music
The Bamboo River sings for it

the common enemy

The common enemy
In the horizon to act
Let the honest people rule
Let the nation blossom

Now there is the bad
RCI on a poor advice
It is a waste of money
It's over 25 years ago

The past Cabinet ministers
They will call to testify
What is the motive?
This was a forex bad luck

It isn't about cheating or corruption
It is about a bad economic decision
Playing forex business has its bad fall
Once when the data isn't correct

The big elephant in the room
The elite leaders don't see him
The common enemy standing tall
He thinks he can get away

But the truth is crushing down the lies
One by one will fall on the way side
The barking dogs will run with tails between legs
Afraid to show their faces scared of rabies

The honest people will survive
Bring the nation to her height
Once the lights flow on her face
The smile will glow the bad will be gone

the deadly strikes

The deadly strikes
On our shores we still pretend
When rabies hit us on our faces
We begin to think of other deadly diseases

We have been warned many times before
Yet we find our authorities walk on the slow
The cases of the deadly strikes hit us now
What will the authorities do giving advice?

TB on the rise
The illegal and foreign workers hide
The profits motivator causing us harm
The companies must be held accountable too

Even leprosy makes a return
A disease eats up our bodies
There is still no alarm?
Maybe we are still playing politics

Don't even talk of STDs
Don't even talk about AIDS/HIVs
We have enough on our plates
Yet we are talking about hudud law

If we don't wake up now
The deadly strikes will make us cry
The recent cases on the rise
Hit the cities then spread wide!

Keep an umbrella before it rains
We don't want to get wet when it falls
Soaking wet even before we reach the shelters
We mustn't wait but take correct measures

nothing is free

Nothing is free
Everything has a price tag

When you say you do it yourself
You don't have to pay

But think ahead
Will you get it free?

Using utility power
On a job somebody has to pay

You can pack it up and go
Who is doing the cleaning up?

Even oxygen we breathe
We think it is free for us

There is a price to pay
When we face our Maker

Do we play our part?
The good deeds and help?

Nothing is free
There is always a price tag somewhere

rabies in perak

Rabies in Perak
The town councils better act
On the stray dogs in the districts
Don't wait for disaster to happen

The officers go round the blocks
Catch the stray dogs before it becomes epidemic
Nip in the bud before it becomes a battle
Rabid dogs must be put down

Though the stray dogs stay quiet
Normally the dogs don't run after people
The dogs wait around for food
Sometimes the dogs dig the garbage tongs

But rabies hit Perak
The town councils must act quickly
Do not wait for it to become serious
Catch the stray dogs before we feel sorry

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

there is no gift to the people

There is no gift to the people
The apple polishers shouldn't say
MRT the people have to pay
There is no free rides anyway

They say it can ease traffic flow
In the city areas to the people
Stopping along the iconic buildings
The tourists can make a beeline for it

The locals will rush to work and back
Maybe they can go home a bit earlier
The transportation still needs to improve
And the cars will keep increasing on the road

The best is banned all vehicles entering the city centre
Allowing only the public transport on the cruise
And the good lorries to cater the business areas
But it will not happen here

So don't say MRT is a gift to the people
There is no such thing but we have to pay
The rides on the MRT to any destination
The apple polishers shouldn't say

throw away the bad

The hardcore corruption
The country doesn't need it
It makes the country looks bad
On economy and administration

Every layer of society
There is always an element of corruption
The creation of circular ways
The fast track people want it done quick

Time they say is precious
So they pay to get the job done
In a way they encourage corruption
Until today we can't get rid of it

It is through change of hands
A new face to tackle the old
Once it is achieved of changing government
The hardcore corruptors will crawl out

When the gravy train is stopped
The hardcore corruptors will realize
The game is open and time to own up
The past issues will come out in the open