Monday, July 17, 2017

the pockets full of holes

The pockets full of holes
It never fills it up
Even if we work day and night
The taxes of goods will smile

Besides, the utility bills will go up
When the election is over it will
Unless we make Bee Anne bite the dust
Else we blame ourselves for being the suckers!

Don't be grateful on BRIM
It shouldn't have happened if we change
BRIM will not last you a life time
It will be gone within a day or two

Look at the grand picture
If Bee Anne wins again
We will lose many more
Our pockets will be thorn

Let the circle complete its course
It has to happen for this nation
Let Bee Anne take a rest
Lick its wounds realize its mistakes

The pockets full of holes
We can't stomach it everyday
Time we make the effort to change
Let Bee Anne bite the dust

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