Monday, July 24, 2017

fly the flag

Fly the flag
The headline screams
Let us be a nation
On the day we achieved
Our independence

Though we came a long way
The foundation stone laid
By our forefathers sweat and toiled
The freedom the nation seek and told
The races and religions tolerance

It will be 60 years on the road
Along the way we had our bumpy rides
It is always on one race and religion
The ugly truth isn't helping the growth
As a nation of colorful people and religions

One political party has ruled
The decades on the road
We saw the wastage, the scandals
We read about the corruption and greed
It is time the cycle must change

The nation doesn't need the shame
She wants her wealth to be shared
She wants her progress anchors by all
Irrespective of religious faith and cultures
As a nation all should participate equally

Even the Rulers should play their roles
Unite the people as one nation
Do not sign bills if it isn't right
Return it use the 30 days grace period
Let the people know of the royal disapproval

Let this be the call
The nation needs to change
Let the party fall from grace
Enough has been said and done

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