Sunday, July 30, 2017

it's the peak now the decline

The cycle has ended
It has come to the full
It doesn't have to spend or bribe
It will never make any headway

It has reached its peak
There it stays committing too many bad ways
The scandals, the greed, the corruption
And feeding the barking boys and girls

The 2 headed snakes on the wall
It will eat each other up and be gone
Once it turns to ashes and blows away
It is the end for the cycle has arrived

It has no way to beat the fall
The death spell has been recorded in time
The regime has to fall to its knees
There they will taste the defeat

The arrogant leaders haven't seen it
They still think they will sit forever
The tsunami of a race will turn the tide
As a whole the nation needs a change!

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