Friday, July 14, 2017

bamboo river

The sign on his forehead
He sees it clearly in his eyes
The sins of his life
Hades will come with laughter
Knowing he has caught a good one
Betraying his race, religion and nation
Hades will want him to stay in his stable
Doing his bidding of sins

The man looks up
His eyes see the sign
He tries to avoid contact
In the mirror he sees
He wants to cry
But tears can't fall
He rubs on his forehead
The ink still stays there
And the words he is afraid
The toll of suffering he will have
The shame and soiled family's name
He stares at the word
He can't believe it has to come this way
Bamboo River”

He walks closer to the mirror
He can't believe he sees the word
He switches off the light
But the word never fades away
He sees it clearly in his eyes
Bamboo River”

Down on his knees
He tries to cry
Shaking on his legs
He finds his power slips away
He hears Hades laughs in his head
You are good for your sins
You have to pay big time

I am here to collect..”

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