Monday, July 24, 2017

educated reeducation

The big signs
The large words
The eyes see
The mind feels small

Education plays a role
The educated mind read and all
Yet when we confront the messages
We feel small and uneducated

The technical names splash on it
We read it but we can't understand
We realize we have become uneducated
When we fall into a different ball game

We see it in finance and economics
We read it in medical journals and articles
We peruse it in law journals and write ups
We turn the pages of music theory

We can't understand the meaning of scriptures
It goes around and around with interpretations of stars
The astrology and palmistry we are seeing shadows
We can't make the connections from a dot to another

And we say we are educated
In reality we have a small role to play
Together it will make the huge difference
In our lives on Mother Earth

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