Tuesday, July 25, 2017

the way of the bad must stop

The time bomb on the political hill
The secrets lay underground afraid of the light
Picking up the guard dogs who are hungry
The meat bones and crunching bites

The secrets afraid to get out
It will spell the doom for the corrupted
There it is hope it stays in hidden sight
Let the guard dogs watch all the times

The time bomb on the political hill
The jittery leaders can't sleep in peace
They always hear the gong of Bamboo River
You still haven't got up yet?”

The galloping of horses
The thundering cry in the smoke
The opposition will march in
The challenge to take the flag

They know the time bomb
They may have records of where to find
It will not be easy to get there
But the light has to shine

When the dust has settled
When the corrupted are put away
The nation can breathe in triumph
The people can celebrate

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