Thursday, July 13, 2017

living life

Life in a third of a day
Living it every moment
The changes around it
The joy and laughter too

In between slaving it away
Of the hours sometimes more
In the dawn driving at night returning
Sometimes releasing it in the bar

See the sun through the glass panels
The reflection penetrating through
The heat isn't covering all
The cool air-conditioned units on

Why some stay single?
Why some never socialize?
Why some have no life?
Wake up in the dawn return in the night

Some will steal the sleeping hours
Rushing for the projects earning the keep
The health issues will hit the head
When we least expected it

One third in the night
The waking hours in the sleep
The pressures of work and related issues
It comes dancing in the corner of the mind

Still we say
We will live our lives
In the dawn in the night
In the bar or driving on the street

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