Thursday, July 20, 2017

the elephant in the room

The elephant in the room
The shadow seen in the mirror
Every corner he can be seen
If only the sanity comes to pass

The mind addicted to money
The bad doesn't mean a sorry
The crooks will laugh and wine
Laughing to the banks

The life on the beach
The shining stones on the bodies
The women don't ask how and where
They love the new found wealth

The people have to suffer
The crooks of riches don't care a bit
As long as they can take it
They don't read God's creed

The elephant in the room
Like a shadow of a vampire
He can't be seen in the mirror
So the crooks smoke pot and wine

Women and diamonds dancing high
They share a common bond of fleecing
Take the wealth and enjoy life
They forget they will sink in lake of fire

When the light finally breaks through
The agony they will experience and cry
The burning of flesh and the pain in the mind
There is nothing to help but to suffer in misery

There is no short cut to wealth
Do the honest way and stay free
There is much to a life
Don't forget the Paradise

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