Monday, July 24, 2017

the zombie man 6

The neighbor called
The police officers arrived
But the zombie man had left his house
He wasn't around when the police came

The police officers talked to the neighbor
He could be the one who called the police
The police didn't go to the zombie's house
His parents stayed indoor quiet as a mouse

I hope the other neighbors will act on it
Let the police know what has transpired every day
The zombie man never stops yelling
Early in the morning, afternoon and evening

Sometimes after 12 midnight
He will still shout with bad words
His sentences repeat or recycle narratives
The neighbors do share their complaints

I had last year went to the police station
I made my complaint and officer told me to call direct
I did and the police came to investigate
I called twice last year but no action till today

Until this morning a neighbor called
The police officers came talked to the neighbor
Nothing was done never called the parents out
It was just a routine investigation without result

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