Friday, July 21, 2017

dr m will carry on his mission

The ruling elites will say
Dr M has his time
He shouldn't play active in politics
As his age he should retire gracefully

But they are wrong
Dr M has seen too many bad
Too many half past 6
Until its leader can do as he pleases

Dr M has his mission
He wants to get rid of the crooks
As far as he is concerned
He has to get them to fall

Change what he had done
When he was the prime minister
It takes a master to turn over his student
Dr M will take it as his challenge

Now the Amno baru leaders
They are seeing the fall
They are seeing the shadows
Dancing every moment in their eyes

Well....Dr M will carry on
He has to complete his mission
We can't afford to have crooks
Sitting on the power

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