Monday, July 17, 2017

walk around the food court

Walk around the food court
In the morning of the windy sky
The early crowd all gathered
Food, drinks and talking

Walk to the hawkers' stalls
The food businesses and fruits
The local pastry on display
Some wok up on the spot

By the time I take my walk
Many items have gone quickly
The morning crowd of people
Some look at the durians

I stop by at the old couple
I buy 2 kilo of garcinia mangostana
I ask about their son in Australia
They say he hardly comes home since

Life seems tough for the couple
They will carry on their trade
They still have to earn their living
Plying their trade on the street

Bicycles parked everywhere
Cars parked without drivers
The town council officers aren't around
Even the police will stay away

In the food court
The usual bantering
As I take my leave
The sun is smiling with its light

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