Sunday, July 16, 2017

a change better for the mind

Bee Anne leaders sing songs
They think they can hit the chart
They don't hear the off key sound
They should be ashamed of themselves

On the stage sharing a common take
The experts come on board to declare
GST is here to stay without giving input
The experts are always wrong anyway

So the Bee Anne publicity unit run along
Pushing the hit songs to the chart
Claiming they have done so many good deeds
They have every right to stay

But the rabid dogs in the cage
Snarling wildly eager to go rampage
Behind the door they are hidden
Until the order is issued

Though Pakatan has its own issues
The broader objective is to take Putrajaya
The chances are there to get the job done
If only they stay united to face the common enemy

The experts will say
Bee Anne will stay
But the people will change
A new party to take us beyond

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