Wednesday, July 19, 2017

the common enemy

The common enemy
In the horizon to act
Let the honest people rule
Let the nation blossom

Now there is the bad
RCI on a poor advice
It is a waste of money
It's over 25 years ago

The past Cabinet ministers
They will call to testify
What is the motive?
This was a forex bad luck

It isn't about cheating or corruption
It is about a bad economic decision
Playing forex business has its bad fall
Once when the data isn't correct

The big elephant in the room
The elite leaders don't see him
The common enemy standing tall
He thinks he can get away

But the truth is crushing down the lies
One by one will fall on the way side
The barking dogs will run with tails between legs
Afraid to show their faces scared of rabies

The honest people will survive
Bring the nation to her height
Once the lights flow on her face
The smile will glow the bad will be gone

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