Friday, July 28, 2017

ah moi days numbered

Ah Moi wants to be a Gladiator
He keeps calling his troops to march forward
Feeding them with addiction and cronies too
On the battle field against the Light troops

Ah Moi stands fiercely barking his orders
His troops stay behind dare not move forward
He watches in dismay as he turns around to see
They are high on the money games

We can't fight
We don't have our strength
We are weak in our heads
We will be high in money games!”

Ah Moi looks on the field
The Light troops marching in
The songs of victory in the air
Ah Moi turns white and runs

All his troops follow behind
Leaving all the equipment on the ground
They run as fast as they can
Ah Moi knows his days are numbered

The nation wakes up to a new light
She smiles seeing the right groups arrive
She hasn't smile for a long time
Now she can hear the songs and dance

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