Saturday, July 08, 2017

when we are begging

When we are begging
We have no choice to make
We depend on the givers
The cash or bread or crumbs

Today in a Chinese restaurant
An open shop lot outlet
I sit there have my lunch
A stray multi-colored cat came

At first I ignored the cat
A little while her paws on my thigh
One paw softly touched my elbow
As if to say “Spare me some food”

I look down at the stray cat
She sits there showing her innocent sleeping face
When I don't pay attention to her request
She does the same routine to me

So I feed her with some food
She will stay quiet for a while
Then she will repeat her routine
She knows she will get her way

When I leave the restaurant
The stray cat stays behind
Maybe she will do the same routine
Spare me some food”

When we are addicted
We will take what comes our way
Even selling our souls to get a fix
Like what we see taking from a gravy train

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