Saturday, July 29, 2017

the school children heavy loads

The school children heavy loads
They carry it all to schools
What are the Education Ministry doing?
It isn't today's issue

Every Education Minister tries to help
Every road changes but the loads increase
The poor children can't complain
They bring it all to schools

Why must it be so?
The schools have libraries to read and learn
They have books all along the shelves
With internet age there shouldn't be books to schools

Keep the texts at home
Tell the children to study
Back in schools bring just the work books
Relevant for the day

The schools should unburden the children
It never helps them to progress in strides
It causes backaches and hunchbacks
It is time to open up the internet age in schools

In this way no need books
Bring the notebooks to schools
Click a topic or worksheet
The answers quick on the click

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