Wednesday, July 26, 2017

a jealous God

A jealous God
Once He is in that mood
Nothing will be safe
The creations will be destroyed

He thundered in His words
I am your God
There is no other but Me
Once you pray to other gods
I will be your jealous God”

The people of the Old Testament
They perished in the Great Flood
They forgot to pay homage to God
They prayed and worshipped idols

We came a long way
The Old Testament story stays
Yet we haven't learned our lessons
We still live in our sins

Pray to God
Let Him stay
Do not anger Him
For He is a jealous Creator

In Christian's World
God has revealed his Revelations
What He will do when we forget?
The 6 horns had sounded and passed

There is one more horn to blow
The 7th horn hasn't been sounded
It is a warning to the people
A jealous God is an angry Maker

Buddhism teaches of Enlightenment
The fateful must always reach His realm
There shouldn't be any statues or deities
It brings back the sins

Once we forget
We will face our own mistakes
God has spoken in His words
Obey Me or perished!”

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