Tuesday, July 11, 2017

paradise or hades?

Paradise and Hades
The worlds apart in our lives
Today we live, walk and play
All kind of games

The sinners will rake in
Take all of it and hide
They think nobody will know
Mind you the angels will

The good will stay
Afraid to rock the boat
They think they do the right way
But alas! They will fall too

In this world
The good will be curse
For the timidity they are expose
Letting the bad take flight

When death occurs
Paradise or Hades?
This will be the question
Pleasure Garden or lake of fire?

Our souls will be processed
On arriving to the gates
What God gives must be returned
So are we when judgement comes

You are believer or you are not
It makes no difference in death
This is where we will return
Back to the Maker who will decide

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