Tuesday, July 25, 2017

the stray dogs

The stray dogs on the streets
Behind the back lanes of homes and shops
Some are unkempt and disease
Some are well fed but staying free

These dogs run in pack
Staying around in unity
Of the same fate of their lives
They don't fight

Though they poo here and there
Leaving its pile of poo on the streets
It can be found on the open field too
Who will be responsible?

The town councils?
The animals welfare groups?
The people who feed the stray dogs?
The previous owners of the dogs?

No one will claim responsible
Every group will say they are stray dogs
They are allowed to roam free
The Ronin of no master to lead

But no cruelty to the animals
The Animal Welfare Act 2015 enforced
Every party will be found guilty
If cruelty to animals is found

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