Wednesday, July 26, 2017

the door of many zones

Body to body masssage
The way it brings the glow
The tensions disappear
The good air circulates

The head to toes
Every part a sexual flow
In the middle too
The zones to ignite the glow

The men should learn
It isn't on the middle zones alone
The women will fake it
Let the men feel the macho

When the men learn the skills
The body to body massage flow
The women will reciprocate
They will want the same men

The doors to the erotic zones
When the men know where to look
The prenuptial rituals will light the fire
The women will be heated up right

Practice makes perfect
It is always the truth
Once the skills are learned
The doors of many zones

But many have failed
They think they have it
A hose to shoot water
The women will live by

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