Wednesday, July 19, 2017

the deadly strikes

The deadly strikes
On our shores we still pretend
When rabies hit us on our faces
We begin to think of other deadly diseases

We have been warned many times before
Yet we find our authorities walk on the slow
The cases of the deadly strikes hit us now
What will the authorities do giving advice?

TB on the rise
The illegal and foreign workers hide
The profits motivator causing us harm
The companies must be held accountable too

Even leprosy makes a return
A disease eats up our bodies
There is still no alarm?
Maybe we are still playing politics

Don't even talk of STDs
Don't even talk about AIDS/HIVs
We have enough on our plates
Yet we are talking about hudud law

If we don't wake up now
The deadly strikes will make us cry
The recent cases on the rise
Hit the cities then spread wide!

Keep an umbrella before it rains
We don't want to get wet when it falls
Soaking wet even before we reach the shelters
We mustn't wait but take correct measures

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