Sunday, July 16, 2017

one Captain many yes men

One Captain with many yes men
Giving instruction nobody wants to question
They steer the ship blindly on the sea
Knowing there is a storm rising in the sky

One Captain barking orders
The sailors never want to question
They steer on blindly cursing under their breath
Knowing there will be no escape

One Captain sipping tea
Eyes looking at the wealth he seeks
In the pigeon hole he should peep
The rising waves from the sea

One Captain hears the loud scream
The angry shout of words in the air
He rushes out to see the tidal waves
Rising high and engulf the ship

What the sea claim
The sinking ship and her crew
One Captain struggling to get afloat
The sharks waiting to bite his life away

And he shouts in the air
More Captains better
We can discuss and plan
Not with so many yes men!”

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