Tuesday, July 25, 2017

the bad in life

The dark lord
Open the gates
Let the peasants arrive
But he also closes
The entrance of escape

He wants to look good
The helper of the weak
He isn't of that kind
He goes by the back door
The glory he thinks he has

He wants to taste blood
Behind the cloak of his life
He doesn't tell the truth
The peasants be his supply
Giving him the long time

The dark lord laughs
In the darkness castle he dwells
The dark shadow walks
The side kicks run along
Afraid to lose it all

But the lord of light
He isn't smiling or laughing
He sends down his bolt of lights
Open the darkness
The dark lord screams and dies

The peasants run out
Screaming loud in the night
Some kneel down to pray
For the lives they escape

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