Sunday, July 30, 2017

the blue ship

The Blue ship
The Captain is sick
Up in his mind
He can't think straight

The waves rising high
His eyes can't make the nigh
Though his many assistants can't say
They keep him out of the loop

The Captain looks at his map
The sailing out of his plan
He tries to reason in his head
He has his headaches

The crew of sailors
They keep sailing the ship
There is no instruction
Though they see the waves

What now?” they ask
Keep sailing you jerk!
You aren't paid to think!”
But the waves?”

The tidal waves kiss the ship
Sending it in a whirlpool
The Captain and his assistants
They run but no place to float

The tidal waves sink the ship
It cuts the ship into halves
Slowly she goes down deep
In the arms of Hades

In the headlines
The Blue ship sinks
Made of steel but rust wasted away
Once the mighty Blue now deep in the sea

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