Sunday, July 30, 2017

run the pole position

The Old Man of 92
He still rocks on the political stage
Though he has retired many years ago
But his former party made the worst cut

He couldn't stomach the bad news
One leader stole billions
Though other countries get into the act
Back home it is business as if nothing has happened

The Old Man left his party
He was the founder now in the bad key
The current leaders mocked him daily
These leaders once his machai

He formed a new party
Let the people know he will right the wrong
Though the past he might have his faults
Today he is on a mission to put it right

Now Pakatan Harapan has a new light
Gearing up to take the pole position
Anwar Ibrahim is still serving his jail sentence
For an offence cooked up in the back door

These are the young galloping horses
They are eager to fight and score
They know the walls have cracked
The season of the fall is imminent

The Old Man of 92
He has a mission to right wrong
Maybe God move in different ways
Now the chance the nation will smile

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