Saturday, July 22, 2017

the old man in the house

The old man in the house
Across the street I watch
Once I heard he fell down
He was in hospital for a while

The weeks passed
He still walks with a walking stick
He isn't the same old man
He has grown thin

Everyday he will stand near his gate
Watching the sun; watching people
Watching the vehicles passing by
Sometimes he smiles at the children

His woman will leave him alone
With his mad son for company
As she goes out of the house
Return late in the evening

Today I see him staring at his wall
Looking tired maybe get scolding from his wife
He stands there for a while
Before he walks away

Sometimes I hear him talking to himself
The same familiar sentence he will say
Though I can't understand the words
I guess he feels his time is nigh

His mad son will scold him
Shouting as usual on top of his voice
His woman will nag at him occasionally
He feels he isn't wanted in his house

But the old man still stands
Everyday near his gate watching
He can stand for hours
Until it is too hot to hang around

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