Monday, July 31, 2017

the red and the blue

Now it will come
In the arena of political fights
Of the Red and Blue
It is good for the people
And the nation calmly wait
The heavy weights in the arena
Once a master once a student
They will engage for the survival
The student needs to get it right
But the scales are stacked against him
Though he is the current prime minister
He thinks he can sit on the chair forever
The scandals surrounding him
PD, Atlantuya and 1MDB
Answers he needs to supply
Staying quiet ignoring questions
It will not help the Blue in the end
The Blue ship is grounded in the deep ocean
The tidal waves will cross its path
The Blue Captain can't think straight
His advisors feeding him the wrong sight
Time to learn his lessons
From the old man of strategies
From a student forgets his master
The fall is always imminent
So the Blue will fall
As the Red will gallop free
Take the flag
The nation and her people will rejoice
Let's integrity, honesty, compassion and freedom sing
And let the Constitution get back its shine

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