Sunday, July 09, 2017

the river of debris

The river of debris
All kind it carries
Floating along deposit some
Reaching out to its final call

The marks on its way
Sometimes it causes soil erosion
Along the banks of the river
Heavy downpour of rain

The houses sitting near to it
The owners don't take notice
As the years of the river flowing through
One day the wall will give way

The local council officers
They hardly move out to survey
There is no proactive routine
They wait for people to complain

But the people's attitude
It isn't my land why should I care?”
I have seen it with my own eyes
My neighbor doesn't care

The pipe burst at his area
He didn't bother to call the authority
For weeks I watched what he would do
Until I got fed up I notified the department

It is better to live in a mixed development areas
Where the races will intermix and play games
It will cultivate the racial harmony and tolerance
I know I used to live in a mixed race village

Until incident happens
Only the affected people will wake up
There the local council officers will arrive in group
To take survey and assess the damages and actions

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