Friday, July 28, 2017

cure cancer naturally

Cancer frightened the rich man
The poor man will say it's God Will
The average man will pray for deliverance
The blind will say “what can I do?”

Once you are diagnosed of cancer
You will feel your world has shut down
You will see how your life will be stopped
In a matter of days or weeks or months

The expensive chemotherapy
It isn't the guaranteed option
It may not kill all the cancer cells
It may make the sufferers weak instead

The world of pharmaceutical companies
The profit margins the companies want
Make the quick buck on the dying souls
There is no sure way to survive

There are cheapest natural cures
If only the cancer patients give a try
The blush berry in Brisbane Australia
Apple, beetroot, carrot and grapes with seeds

The cheapest of the natural cures
It is said of baking soda drink it everyday
It will follow the cancer everywhere
God makes us; He also gives us the cures

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