Friday, July 14, 2017

let good judgement prevail

The public caning in Kelantan Pas
The cave man comes to town
When a law is inconsistent with Constitution
It will become a worthless piece of legislation

Sometimes it is the back door handling
The ruling elites may have cooperated with Pas
Passing the state law amendment in Kelantan
It wants to stay relevant?

All religions have its time of heyday
Every faith has learned the good and bad
It has so many different teaching to learn
One faith trying to take control of every life

The caning should be in prison
As the Federal law rules it
Doing it in public just to satisfy
A religion of men not of God!

If Dr M is still the Prime Minister
He will issue a note of severe reprimand
But he has retired from his post
The current leader is a hopeless son of the land

Do not push aside our Constitution
It is our main stay in the fabric of our nation
Let no fanatic try to pursue his own agenda
Let good judgement prevail

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