Monday, July 10, 2017

let a new child cry of success

The Amno baru leaders
They are drumming up the beats
They hit the gong calling to stay united
To face another round of election

They have the mindset to stay
They think they will stay forever
The scandals and wealth gone
They hardly breathe in the fire

While MCA, Gerakan and MIC
Harping on the upwards spiral
The elephant in the room
The leaders hardly say

These parties will be buried
Into the waste land of used up make up
There they can gamble and play
Until the sun up and sun down

PH better unite it forces
Don't harp who will be PM
It isn't the time to talk
It's the time to take Putrajaya

Get the common logo in
Initiate the common stage
Don't get waylaid on the way
It will spell doom before it begins

The gong in the air
The way of the fall
The way of the rise
Let a new child cry of success

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