Friday, May 26, 2017

once we had the garden of eden

Once we had the Garden of Eden
Everything was for free to enjoy
Then everything was changed
We made our sins we got kicked out
Into the land we have to work and die
The history of our existence
The archives of our pain and sorrow
It never goes away from us

The World Wars fought and died
The stories of misery and death
Though good triumphed over evil
It was a cost of our lives

Even the Crusades
The Crusaders thought sins could be forgiven
Inherited the paradise of their sacrifices
It was a lie asking them to fight for the Holy Land
For years many fought and died
Holding on to a lie of paradise!

Now we have the Islamic militants
These wayward souls thinking of paradise
They cause havoc, chaos and death
They think they do God's work
They will inherit Eden for their lives
How a lie can be so powerful?
You will go to heaven when you die
By doing God's work bringing death!”
Though they pray but they are led astray
Surrendering their lives for a worthless cause
Using God's name in vain
Don't test God for their selfish ways

Let us leave in peace
Show our hands of harmony
Living together for better days
We share the same world
Let us all pray together
For God will decide our fate!

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